Montag, 26. März 2012

@ Tiffany`s

To mark its 175th  anniversary, fine jewellery house Tiffany & Co has released a limited collection in new metal Rubedo.
In honour of its 175th birthday, Tiffany & Co has unveiled Rubedo – a brand new jewellery metal.  Named with the medieval philosophy of alchemy in mind, Rubedo historically was the title given to the very highest stage when matter and spirit fused to create something of rare beauty.
Working with varying alloys, metallurgists experimented over an extensive period to produce a metal with the exact required shade.  Strong yet lightweight, this new alloy has a similar glow to rose gold and flatters any skin tone.
Debuting as part of the Tiffany 1837 collection, pieces have a modern and clean line design and collector pieces feature both the jeweller hallmark and founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, signature.  

This signed launch collection is limited edition will only be available during 2012 in celebration of the anniversary year......

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