Samstag, 29. November 2014

Winter Trend : Hot to wear Denim

Denim, hands down, is one of the most reliable fashion pieces there is. Perfect for all seasons, it is especially ideal for the cold seasons – especially this chilly autumn. If you want to give your denim pieces a chic fashion kick, then here are some ideas that can help you piece dynamic denim ensembles for fall.


As with skirts, playful layering can help you wear your shorts this autumn. Wear it with a leather jacket – a denim jacket even – and you can transform your ragged denim shorts into a blog-worthy fashion piece.


This might be the hardest look to pull off, but with the right styling, you can make this combination drool-worthy. For best results, wear contrasting washes, such as the example below (light and dark.)


Looking for a reason to wear your denim jumpsuit? Well, you are in luck as fall is here and winter is coming. Pulling this off is easy, all you just need is a sweater (or a tank and jacket) and you can parade around town like a trendy kid.


A great thing about fall is it enables you to wear your favorite denim jacket. This piece is so versatile you can virtually wear it with anything. Pair it with a lacey dress (or a simple top and leggings) and still look like a supermodel.

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Trendguide: Fluted Skirts

Fluted skirts are very versatile and they’re universally flattering as well. If you’re looking for a skirt that will give you a shapely silhouette or something that can balance out a rather robust curve then this is something that you should definitely consider adding to your wardrobe. The fluted skirt also goes by a lot of other names including the mermaid skirt, the trumpet skirt and the flared hem skirt. It can be worn to achieve lots of different looks from the 20s flapper look to a simple but flirty modern day look. If you’re thinking of getting your hands on one soon, check out these ideas on how to wear a fluted skirt for inspiration.
1. For the office – one really nice way to wear a fluted skirt is to wear it with either a dressy button up or a blazer and wear it to the office. The fluted skirt makes a really nice alternative to the usual pencil skirt and is perfect on days when you just want to look and feel a little bit more girly than usual and less formal and stuffy. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit more structured to keep the look appropriate for the office instead of looking more casual.

2. With a chunky / heavy top – if you’re trying to achieve that slouchy yet chic look for fall, the fluted skirt is one of the best things that you can wear to get it. Wear a chunky / heavy top like a sweater or a cape and pair it up with your fluted skirt and you have yourself an easy, relaxed and laidback look that’s perfect for lazy days. 

3. Back to basics – lastly, if you’re looking for a way to get the most bang for your buck from purchasing a fluted skirt, I would suggest getting a basic one in a fairly neutral color. This makes it easier for you to mix and match your fluted skirt with anything, no matter what color, style, cut or level of frilliness it may have.

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Freitag, 28. November 2014

Winter hair care

Summer may be over and that hot scorching summer sun may be out of sight right about no w but that doesn’t mean you can just let your hair be and do its thing while we’re out in the cold. Your summer hair care may have saved your hair last season but with new things in store for you and your hair this winter, you need to update it and make it fit for the season. Here are some winter hair care tips that you can incorporate into your routine.

  • DEEP CONDITION ONCE A WEEK – all that dry and warm indoor air you get from the heater and other artificial sources of heat can really dry up your locks so make sure that you do a deep conditioning treatment for your hair at least once every week, even if it’s just a home treatment. If you have the money to splurge, though, go ahead and go for a treatment at the salon. You can use that as your down time / relaxation time for the whole week as well.
  • DAILY CONDITIONER – aside from that deep conditioning treatment once a week, you should also look for a good daily intensive conditioner that will keep your hair soft and well-moisturized. You’ll want as much moisture in your hair as possible during the winter because they tend to get brittle with the cold season. Go ahead and skip shampoo but never conditioner. If your hair tends to dry out pretty quickly, you can switch from daily conditioning to every other day.
  • FIGHT STATIC – static-y hair isn’t very cute but it’s something you can’t help but deal with during winter. To make static hair go away, use a hairbrush with natural bristles as these do a better job at redistributing oil throughout your hair. You can also place a dryer sheet over your brush, natural bristles or not, to help smooth out your hair.
  • TURN ON THE HUMIDIFIER – but, doesn’t humidity cause frizzy hair? Well, yes, but if you have all that heating system giving you dry air indoors, you’ll have to fight the dryness and have some moisture in there and a humidifier is perfect for just that. The humidity will give your hair and skin just the right amount of moisture without frizzing your hair out.
  • DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR WITH HOT WATER – yes, when it’s freezing cold outside, an almost-scalding bath can feel so good and relaxing but it can dry out your skin and if it can dry out your skin, it can dry out your hair too! Instead of using hot water, use lukewarm water to wash your hair (and take a bath). If you can take it, try rinsing your hair in cold water.
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Montag, 24. November 2014

Trendguide: Hats for Winter

With winter quickly approaching, it’s best that you start slowly transitioning your wardrobe from fall to winter. To be honest, transitioning from these two seasons is the easiest because there’s not much to do except add more pieces that are heavier and warmer to get you through the freezing cold winter months. Whatever you have in fall can definitely be used for the earlier winter days as long as you add some accessories to keep you warmer. Speaking of accessories, check out these stylish hats for winter that you can use to keep your noggin warm.

POMPOM KNITTED BEANIE– if you find plain and simple beanies too mainstream, why not go for pompom ones? Those cute and fluffy balls can be sewn on all over your bonnet or just at the very top to add a quirky vibe to your look. Try to get your hands on a pompom bonnet that has one color for the bonnet itself and another (or multiple colors) for the pompoms.

Fake FUR HAT – noggin getting cold too quickly? A fur hat may just be what you need. This one has more of a wintery look and feel to it but you can definitely start wearing it for the later days of fall. Wear it with anything you want to dress up and lend an elegant vibe to. You can even wear it with the roughest, most rugged street style outfit to polish it up a little bit. 

FLOPPY FELT HAT – a floppy felt hat can take your outfit from plain and simple to Hamptonite status in an instant, especially when worn with the right clothes. Floppy felt hats just have that very classy and exquisite look to them that’s sure to make any woman look and feel sophisticated. Wear it with a cute maxi dress and a fur coat or a lux cashmere sweater and leather pants to get the look.

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Best Christmas Movies To Watch

SO exciting! The holiday season has almost officially arrived and while that means loads of fun with holiday parties, gift giving, shopping, baking, cooking and decorating….it also means holiday movie time! Can you really think of any way to get more in the spirit of the season than curling up on the couch with a huge cup of hot cocoa and a DVR full of holiday films? From old school to new school, holiday movie time is so much fun – here’s a list of the best holiday movies out there. Which is first on your list?

Holiday Inn (1942) 
Meet me in St. Louis (1944) 
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) 
Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 
Scrooge (1951) 
White Christmas (1954) 
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) 
A Christmas Story (1983) 
Scrooged (1988) 
Christmas Vacation (1989) 
Home Alone (1990) 
The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
Ben-Hur (1959)
The Ten Commandments ( 1956) 
Three Wishes for Cinderella  ( 1973)


and of course .... Bridget Jones Diary (2001)!!

What’s your favorite christmas movie?

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Samstag, 22. November 2014

How to Wear Suede

Most people think of suede as tacky, but with more and more designers promoting this trend (i.e. Ralph Lauren,) consensus shows that it is one of the hottest styles of today. If you find it hard to glamorize this reverse side of leather, then here are some tips that can help you wear (even rock) suede.


The basic rule of wearing suede is to pair it with contrasting fabrics and textures. If you have the traditional brown suede, wear it with a lighter shade. Another way is to wear it with a different-textured fabric, such as silk or leather.


Pulling off suede on suede can be tricky, but it can be done! As with the golden rule of wearing suede, it is important to match it with contrasting palettes. The light and dark suede fabrics (as shown above) are vital to making the look successful.


While suede is widely available in brown, it comes in a variety of colors. For a safe yet chic look, choose a neutral shade – such as black. Give your work or play outfit a new lease in life by sporting black suede pants (such as above) instead of the usual leggings or slacks.


Feeling adventurous? Then put on a suede dress! The key to pulling this look off is to choose a simple dress. Avoid those with tassels and frou-frous to prevent a tacky, Wild West look. With this plain canvas you can go crazy with the styling and the accessorizing.
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Get a little PUNK ROCK in you

The punk look is something that catches my eye to no end. It’s not something that I wear just because I’m not entirely sure that I can pull it off but I always love seeing the style on women who can carry the look with such style. Even if you’re not a punk girl yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy trying the look out on days when you want to veer away from your usual style and into something new. Check out these tips on how to do the street style punk look.

WEAR A LEATHER JACKET – another easy way to have that punk-ish vibe to your look is to top off your outfit with a cool and edgy leather jacket. A leather jacket is something that you should definitely considered investing in, punk or not, because it’s quite versatile and can be used with a number of other styles and looks as well including really girly ones.

CREATE STARK CONTRAST – if you take a good look at most punk looks, you’ll notice that if it’s not an all black outfit, it’s often a mixture of very light and very dark colors. You can achieve this by wearing combining such colors and making sure there’s perfect balance throughout your outfit. Also, feel free to use more than one color in your look. One of the most popular color combos for the street style punk look includes red, black and white.

GRAPHIC ROCKER SHIRT – don’t feel like going too dark today but still want to get a bit of that hint of punk in your outfit? You can do that by wearing a graphic rocker shirt instead. Go through your older brother’s closet for some vintage rock band shirts or maybe sport one of your own from your favorite band.

PULL IT ALL TOGETHER WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP – lastly, if you really want the full shebang, you should do your hair and makeup punk style. If a lady Mohawk isn’t an option for you, you can go for a fauxhawk instead. Simply dying your hair a rad color would be great, too. Makeup should be light but dark – light on the amount and number of products used but dark on the colors.

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Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Ways to Wear Pastels This Autumn

Pastels are a spring and summer staple and there’s something about them that makes us look forward to the said seasons so we can start wearing them again but this fall, you can wear these soft and feminine hues again because pastel colored everything is one of the biggest trends for the season. This is great news to those of you who aren’t exactly over the moon with dark and warm fall colors and wearing them from head to foot. If you ever find yourself looking for a nice pop of color, you can turn to pastels for that. Check out these cute ways to sport pastels in fall. -

OUTERWEAR – if you find yourself inevitably reaching for dark pieces from head to toe and you want something to lighten up your outfit, just throw on a pastel colored coat , shoes, bag or jacket and you instantly get a softer look.

PRINTS AND PATTERNS – if solid pastels are becoming too plain for you, you can spice it up by going for pastel printed pieces. You’ll find that most of your favorite prints like stripes, plaid and chevron comes in a variety of pastel color combinations. Our favorite pastel print to rock so far is the watercolor print. It’s abstract, yes, which makes it perfect for softening up any dark fall look.

ACCENTS AND ACCESSORIES – if you’re not too sure about wearing pastel colors in fall, you can do your outfit in dark colors in general and then just throw in pops of pastel colors throughout the whole outfit and it will help brighten up your look.

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Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

Bachelorette Party Destinations

SO, your best friend is getting married and it’s your job to plan the ultimate bachelorette party, right? There’s nothing quite as fun as planning the bachelorette party of your friend’s dreams – and why not make it a destination while you’re at it? When it comes to that last bash as a single lady, the bachelorette party is it, and making sure you get the chance to dance your booty off, shop till you drop and indulge in some delicious food and drinks is just the icing on the cake of hanging all weekend with your besties. Keep reading for a look at some awesome bachelorette party destinations and have the time of your life!

Miami Beach: Want to have a little fun in the sun, get your tan on and enjoy checking out all the sights beautiful Miami has to offer? Miami beach offers beautiful people, delicious drinks, wonderful food and some of the world’s hottest night clubs. Hit the beach during the day and shake your booty all night long at exclusive dance clubs that will not disappoint.

Las Vegas! Bachelorette party mecca, Vegas is certainly known as a playground for bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you’re looking for total glamour, the best food and drinks, night clubs of your dreams and even the chance to get your gamble on – then, Vegas baby!

New Orleans: Looking for the music lover’s destination dream come true? NOLA is where it’s at ladies! With music venues on every street corner – and even music in the street – be prepared to dance, dance, dance on this bachelorette party! Don’t forget to check out the gorgeous architecture and delicious food and drinks while you’re at it! 

Have you ever been to any of these destinations? I don´t !  Wouldn’t they all make the perfect spot for the ultimate bachelorette party?


Skinny Mom Secrets

We all know how tough it is to keep our body looking exactly the way we want while also finding the time to manage a household, be a mom and maintain a career. The daily grind of getting the kiddos out of bed and either out the door to school or entertained all day long leaves little time for taking care of yourself. When you see those skinny moms with the body of your dreams, you have to wonder how they do it? What are the tricks to staying so slim?

  1. Go for the healthy options. When you’re fueling your body with healthy foods, your body will continue to crave healthy foods. Go for leafy greens, veggies and other low calorie options that fill your body with good-for-you vitamins and minerals and simply skip the junk.
  2. Portion control is the name of the game. Really, you can enjoy any type of food you like and stay looking your absolute best – how much of that food you consume is what matters. Eating small portions throughout the day means never feeling overly full – and, ultimately helps keep your calories in check.
  3. Embrace your workout. Being a mom means being on-the-go, but squeezing in those workouts is essential for keeping your body in tip top shape. Can fit in a trip to the gym? Pull out the stroller and get walking. Can’t even squeeze that in? Get outside with your kids for a quick game of basketball in the driveway. Whatever you have to do – be sure to get your heart pumping at least once a day.
  4. Eat when you’re hungry, not just for the sake of eating. Eating nourishes the body, so why not save it for those times when you actually feel like you need those vitamins and nutrients? Rather than mindlessly eating empty calories while the kids are doing their homework or getting ready for school, save eating for when you feel like you need to fuel the body.
  5. Skip the diets and embrace an all-encompassing healthy lifestyle. Making your health your priority is the first step to having the body you want.  And, fad dieting isn’t the answer. Taking all these tips into consideration: eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full; everything in moderation; go for the healthy stuff and make exercise part of your daily routine – and you’re on your way understanding the skinny mom secrets after all.
Remember, we are all built differently – some of us will never be what society deems as “skinny”, but you know what – who cares! YOU are you and being your best, most conscientious self is the ultimate goal. Teach your children to embrace their beauty, bodies and minds and remember – they watch everything you do. When you embrace a holistic and healthy lifestyle, they will too.
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Must Have Shoe of the week

Silver Streak - Metallics got an haute makeover this season and we give you a pic of the best shoe to
carry you through the winter 2015!!

My favorite high shine accessories  ....

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Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Christmas Gift Items For Your Family

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are just around the corner! It’s time to start thinking (and budgeting) for gift-giving season. With so many new things out there today, gift-giving can actually become pretty overwhelming. It’s tough to narrow it down and it can be a challenge to make all the gifts you’re after fit within your budget. From mom and dad to your kids, partner and siblings, here’s a list of hot gift items to buy your loved ones for the holidays.

For your artsy son, who’s shown an interest in photography  Nikon D3300


For your father to relax  - Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones


 For your mom, the consummate entertainer  Camille Styles Entertaining

For your super cuddly littlest sister one cozy christmas pj’s

For your best friend, the ultimate DIMITRI candle
What do you have in mind for gift-giving this season?
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Styling Guide: Fall Date Night Outfits

Fall fashion is usually composed of chunky, heavy and bulky clothes so we can keep warm. Around this time, a lot of people would choose comfort over style but that doesn’t mean you can’t do both. Going out on a date with your man is one of the times when you’d really want to look good but also be comfy so you can have a good time so I’ve compiled a list of cute fall date night outfit ideas that you can take inspiration from so you can be stylish and cozy on that special night ..

SWEATER DRESS AND KNEE HIGH BOOTS – if you’re going on a very casual date night with your man, something easy and laidback might just be what you need. A sweater dress is perfect for when you want something really comfy but also cute. You can wear it on its own or with tights underneath and then finish it off with knee high boots to add a bit of a sexy vibe to your look. If you’re worried about a sweater dress looking “too casual”, you can always dress it up with accessories and add a belt.


JUMPSUIT – need something quick and easy? A jumpsuit just might be what you need. If you want to keep the autumn feel of you can opt for a jumpsuit in a darker color but if you don’t mind making a statement, a printed one or one in a fun, bright color is perfect for adding cheer to your night. Rompers are great, too, for when it’s not too cold out. Add a blazer to this outfit if you want it to be more cozy.

FULL SKIRT – for a more ladylike look, you’ll want something dainty, chic and feminine like a full skirt. What’s great about full skirts is that they look great on just about anyone, especially when worn at midi length. You can wear any top with a full skirt, too.
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Montag, 17. November 2014

Falltrend: Tweed

Tweed is such a wonderful fabric to sport during fall. It’s warm, it’s cozy and, with the right styling tricks, it’s chic too. I know lots of women who are afraid wear tweed because it’s a little too chunky and stuffy for them but I think it’s totally fab as long as you know how to style your tweed piece. If you’re looking for something new to add to your fall wardrobe this year, why not try out tweed? Here are some tips and ideas on how to wear tweed and look great in it.


TWEED TRENCH COAT – if you’re looking for an outerwear that’s sure to keep you warm and cozy on a chilly fall nigh out, a tweed trench coat is sure to get the job done for you. Wear it on top of any outfit to lend it a sophisticated vibe. We all know that the trench coat alone is enough to give any look an air of chic but wearing one in tweed is just going to bring it to a whole new level. What’s great about a tweed trench coat is that you can pair it with something dressy and fancy like a sexy evening dress and it will look great with it but you can also wear it with something as simple and as casual as jeans and a shirt and it’d still look totally awesome.

TWEED SUIT – need something new to wear to work to break the monotony of your style cycle? Why not give tweed suits a try? Tweed makes for a great fabric to use on suits because they hold shape and structure well, giving the suit a more polished look. What’s more is that you can always use the pieces included in your suit separately.

TWEED DRESS – another way to wear tweed is to rock a tweed dress. Now, most tweed dresses will come in the form of a sheath dress which is great for the workplace or for whenever you feel like wearing something with a little bit more structure without going too rigid and framed. A sheath dress, especially one in tweed, is also perfect for when you want something simple but not so that it’s shapeless and formless altogether.
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How to Wear Your Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have pretty much taken over the fashion world and I’m pretty sure anyone has at least one pair of these in their closets. I think it’s really not hard to see why skinny jeans are so popular. First of all, they look great on just about anyone then there’s the fact that they’re really versatile so they’re easy to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re a fan of skinny jeans (and I don’t know too many people who aren’t), check out these fresh and fabulous tips on how to style your skinny jeans for any look.


CLASSIC STYLE – of course, if you don’t want anything too bold or too fancy, you can always stick to the basics and do a classic style with your skinny jeans. This means wearing your skinnies straight up with no froufrou whatsoever. To keep your whole look from being boring, though, you can add accessories that would make it more interesting. Picking out a gorgeous top to wear with your skinny jeans would help heaps, too, but know that there’s nothing wrong with going classic all the way as well (read: white top, skinny jeans).

CUTE AND CROPPED – even when you don’t have supermodel status legs like Karlie Kloss, you can still pull off cropped skinny jeans as long as you get a pair in the right length. Ideally, you’ll want your cropped skinny jeans to hit the skinniest part of your legs. At this length, you cropped skinnies will make your legs look longer and more slender. Pair it up with heels to get the most out of the elongating illusion or with flats or sneakers to keep a casual vibe.

CHUNKY BUDDY – got a chunky sweater that makes you look bigger than you like? Or maybe you finally got into the trend and got yourself and oversized cape coat that’s way too big (don’t worry, that’s how they should be anyway)? The best way to look fabulous in any top too big, too thick and too chunky is to keep a slim silhouette on your lower half and that’s what skinny jeans are really good for.
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