Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

Fall 2014 Trends Inspiration

If there’s one thing all fashionistas are excited about with each change of season, it’s the new trends that arise. Keeping up with the hottest and most recent trends is not as easy as you think it is, especially if you don’t know where to get information and inspiration from. Thankfully, we have thousands of resources right at the tip of our fingers, reachable via the Internet. Browsing the newest trends can be a little overwhelming, too. Sometimes, there’s just too much that we get too intimidated. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out these trends you shouldn’t pass up on wearing this fall.
1. Sexy slits – if you’re thinking about how you can look sexy this fall without having to compromise warmth and comfort, here’s a really chic and stylish solution for you: slits. They may have never left the fashion scene but we’ve really missed seeing them regularly, especially on the streets. Wearing a skirt or a dress with a slit is a great way to show off some skin and look sexy without letting yourself freeze out in the cold. If you’re daring enough, you can go for a double slit.
2. Fall florals – another trend you shouldn’t pass up on wearing this fall are florals. Floral printed pieces are not just for spring and summer, especially when they’re dark florals. If you’re looking for a print that can keep your looks feminine this fall, go for florals. To make sure they’re autumn appropriate, go for floral prints with darker or earthier dominant colors. These will also blend in easier with the rest of your fall wardrobe. 
3. Mad for mod – the runways have been brimming with 60s inspired pieces lately and we just can’t wait to see these on the streets. From turtlenecks to boxy cuts and androgynous silhouettes, everything from the 60s is back and in full swing so take this opportunity, sport these trends and pull off a Twiggy! 

4. Pretty pastels – soft and pretty pastels are giving dark, rich and warm colors a run for their money. This year, fall’s not just about looking vampy in dark hues anymore. Pretty pastels are taking over, giving the traditional fall look a lighter and more airy twist. Go all out and don a spring inspired fall outfit with fall essentials in pastel colors or stick to the dark colors and use your pastels as a pop of color instead.

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Falltrend: Olives

We should all wear more green ...

Muted natural shades like olive and khaki suit pretty much every skin tone, including porcelain redheads, so there´s no excuse for not giving it a go.

Best teamed with fierce black accessories and metallic details.....

.... so pass the olives !! xo

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Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Fashion guide: bold trends

When it comes to fashion, we all know that trends come and go so the best thing to do is to enjoy them while they’re hot. Trends are unpredictable. One day an amazing and totally chic trend will come out and the next day an unimaginable, almost-unwearable-for-everyday-looks trend will come out. Of course, it’s always up to you to choose which ones to sport and which ones to ignore. While sticking to your own personal style is always the best way to go, there’s really nothing wrong with wanting to try new trends and styles every now and then and, if you’re bold and brave, going for the daring ones. The challenge, really, is to just make runway trends look wearable in real life. Check out these daring trends for bold fashionistas and tell us which one you would rock in a heartbeat.
Daytime sequins – sequins are super fun to wear during the night because it adds just the right amount of shimmer and shine to your look and it takes the glam factor of your outfit to the next level but are you bold enough to wear it during the day? A lot of women fear that they’ll end up looking like a walking disco ball if they wore sequins in broad day light but there are certainly some tricks you can use to go about doing this daring trend.

Metallic trend – if you’re not worried of looking like you came from the future, why not try doing the metallic trend? Metallic pieces always have that futuristic look about them that, when done wrong, can look oh so horrible. If you’re brave and bold enough, though, I suggest you give it a go. Try starting with smaller pieces like shoes, purses and accessories and work your way through wearing metallic tops, pants and dresses.
Print on print – wearing a fully printed piece can already be overwhelming if your style is mostly on the minimalist side so one fun daring trend to try would be the print on print trend. It may look easy if you think of it as just putting together whatever printed piece you have but the truth is that you have to make sure the prints you wear together in one outfit work well with each other.

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Gingham Style

Gingham print is often confused with other checkered patterns like plain and tartan so before we get on, let’s just be clear with what gingham really is. Gingham is basically a checkered print that consists of white and another bold color such as red, blue or even yellow. Now, gingham has been an iconic print pattern but the looks that made it famous weren’t exactly chic and stylish. Case in point: a summer picnic blanket, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz’s pinafore dress and, of course, Raggedy Andy’s costume. When worn right, though, gingham can easily look super tasteful and chic. Here are some ideas on how to wear gingham, especially this fall.
Wear gingham with denim – denim always has this way of making any print or fabric look so casually chic. Wearing gingham with denim is one good way to get rid of the not-so-pretty and conventional image of gingham. Don’t limit yourself to just a gingham printed shirt and denim jeans. Get more experimental and try out other combos like a denim / chambray shirt and a gingham skirt or maybe even a dress layered on top of a gingham collared top. Also try to really explore your options and try pairing your gingham piece with colored denim instead of the usual blue ones.

Go for unconventional colors – red and white gingham is very reminiscent of the summer picnic blankets and white and blue is very Raggedy Andy-like. If you want to escape these gingham ‘stereotypes’, go for gingham print in an unconventional color like green or pink or yellow. This will make your gingham printed piece look more chic instead of tacky and tasteless.

eep the rest simple – gingham is already a bold statement all on its own so try to keep the rest of your outfit plain and simple. You don’t need any more knickknacks to adorn your outfit with when you already have a gingham printed piece to sport.

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Falltrend: Layering

Now that the temps are starting to drop, you’ll need to start bundling and cozying up as well if you want to survive the outdoor weather comfortably. Aside from wearing chunkier items of clothing, one way to keep warm this fall is to layer. Layering allows you to create different looks, too, and what’s great about it is that you don’t have to especially buy new pieces to layer because you can simply make do with what you already have in your closet – great for those who are already done for their fall shopping. One thing about layering, though, is that it tends to make you look bulky but that’s a fairly easy issue to solve. Here are some tips on layering for fall to help you achieve a warm and chic outfit as well as a nicely balanced silhouette.
  • Limit it to three layers – limiting your layers to three keeps your silhouette looking rational. It’s much more practical, too, especially when the topmost (third) layer is something that can easily be removed when adjusting from outdoor to indoor temps. A typical combo would be a shirt, a jacket then a scarf or a coat. You can also try layering summer dressed with a sweater and then a jacket – the layering combinations are basically endless and just depends on what you have on hand.

Keep it thin – thinner pieces are more ideal for layering. You are going to be piling them on top of each other anyway so that’s sure to keep you warm. If it’s freezing outside and you feel the need to wear something heavy and chunky, wear it as the topmost layer only. This way, your silhouette won’t get as bulky and chunky.

Choose your fabrics wisely – there are fabrics that you can wear that aren’t as thick and heavy and chunky but are just as comfy. Leather, for example, provides great warmth without the chunk plus it gives off a nice, sleek and chic look too. Use these to your advantage and wear them to avoid too many layers and a too-heavy silhouette. 

Keep it interesting – it’s so easy to lean towards going monochromatic when layering outfits and while there’s nothing wrong with that, just make sure that you keep your outfit interesting by adding sophisticated accessories or a pop of color into the mix.

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Fall Jackets Styling

Jackets are one of the things you shouldn’t be without during fall. This piece can add warmth and comfort to your look while you’re out in the cold and it adds to the style and gorgeousness of your overall look, too! With so many jacket styles to pick from, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed – something that you wouldn’t want to feel when you’re on a budget. If you’re looking for jackets worth spending on and adding to your fall wardrobe, check out these jackets to wear with your street style fall look.
  • Denim jacket – denim jackets will always be on the list of must have jackets not just for fall but all year round because it’s chic and versatile at the same time. Wear a denim jacket anytime you want to dress down a rather fancy piece. You can also wear it on days when you just want something simple and classic. Denim jackets are great for layering, too! They’re not too warm yet won’t leave you freezing out in the cold.

Leather jacket – a leather jacket is a classic that, in my opinion, every woman should have. If you love the posh, chic and sleek look, you should definitely own a leather jacket and have it in your closet ready at all times. A leather jacket can give you a really cool and edgy kickass look when worn with pieces in black or leather but you can also get a sweet and sexy look with it when worn with more girly pieces. -

Embellished jacket – too tired to put together a cute outfit? Even the most basic, plain outfit would be a head turner when topped off with a cute embellished jacket. If you’re on a tight budget, you can DIY your own using a few craft supplies and an old jacket of your choice. This is sure to take your fall street style game up a notch instantly. 

Cropped jacket – if you need something to add a bit more structure into your look, go for a cropped jacket. Cropped jackets are also great for emphasizing the curves on your hips since most have a length that fall just right above it and this makes for an insanely sexy silhouette.

Metallic jacket – showstopper by day, ultimate party outfit topper by night – that’s basically what a metallic jacket is and if you’re looking for something that’s sure to give your outfit that much needed ‘oomph’ this is the best way to go.

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Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

SOON - Alexander Wang + H&M Collaboration

Have you heard? The latest collab to hit the racks at H&M is with none other than Alexander Wang. While he was busy designing for his own label and serving as the Creative Director at Balenciaga, the sought-after designer found the time to create a contemporary line for H&M that is to die for. And people are going crazy for it. Of course, it will not even be available unit November 6th, but all the media outlets are abuzz with the latest and maybe greatest partnership H&M has ever had. Here’s some  looks  from l ladies collection. xo

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( credit: L.R. & H&M)

Falltrend: Catwoman

City-Wildkatzen ala Catwoman ist unser neues Idol.

Wildkatzen sind echte Einzelgänger.....

In Sachen Fashion heißt das: Ein einzelnes It-Piece pimpt jeden -Look.

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Falltrend: Pastell liegt in der Luft

Bei Rosé, Eisblau , Vanille .... hat Schlecht Wetter keine Chance !!!

Wie stylt man Winterpastell?

Wichtig ist bei diesem Look die Nuancen müssen kühl und klar sein.

Eine sicher eBank sind Weiss oder Creme als Basis. Wer sich etwas sicherer ist, mogelt dem zarten Look schwarzes Denim und einige Metallic-Accessoires unter.

Der Mut wird mit vielen bewunderten Blicken belohnt ! xo

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Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

RIP - Oscar de la Renta

Within the fashion industry, there are many designers with talent and creativity. But few are as gifted with grace and foresight as the legendary Oscar de la Renta. Last night, the world-renown fashion designer passed away at the age of 82. The Dominican-born artist dressed some of the most recognizable women in the world, including every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy, making him a household name synonymous with glamour, elegance and sophistication. His designs celebrated women in all their beauty. As he often said, “My role as a designer is to make a woman feel her very best.” And that he did. His final project was dressing Amal Alamuddin for her wedding to George Clooney. And today, though I’m deeply saddened to learn of his passing, I’d like to take this opportunity to remember and celebrate his life and achievements. You will be missed, Mr. De la Renta, but what a legacy you leave behind.

Thank you !
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Jeans vs. Jeggings

Jeans have always been a closet staple for many of us, men and women alike, and because it’s so easy to style we tend to choose them over most bottoms we have in our closets. Recently, though, a new hybrid between jeans and leggings has come about and they’re called the jeggings. Jeggings are said to give you the best of both worlds by offering the look of jeans and the feel of leggings. If you’re someone who likes wearing both jeans and leggings all the time, the jeggings just might be right up your alley. If you like sticking to classic staples, though, maybe you’ll find that nothing compares to your favorite pair of jeans. So, jeggings vs. jeans: how do you choose what’s perfect for you? Take a look at these points to consider if you’re torn between jeans and jeggings.

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Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

Fitting rules

We’ve all been there; fitting room drama happens to everyone. For many women, the idea of trying on clothes – particularly if there is a mid-diet situation – can be unnerving. But, even if fitting rooms are one of life’s necessarily evils, the experience doesn’t have to be so anxiety-ridden. With just a few basic tweaks, you can look and feel your best when you step into that little box of mirrors and come out with an outfit that really works. Here’s how you can survive the fitting room and try on clothes with way less stress.


7 Tips for Trying on Clothes
Style yourself up – Do you hair and makeup if you know you’re going to be trying on clothes. It may sound silly, but if you look better, you’ll feel better and go in with a much more positive attitude.
This will also give you a better idea of how the outfit will look when you wear it out for an occasion. Wear proper undergarments – If you’re buying a dress or special outfit that will require shapewear, put it on before you leave the house.
This will help you envision your full look and aid you in proper fit. Be sure you’re wearing a bra that fits properly as well. Wear the right shoes – If you are searching for an outfit that goes with high heels, wear them to try it on. The same goes for flats. If you’re wearing the proper shoes, you can gauge proper length and fit. Move around – Don’s just stand still and look at your reflection.
 Move around, sit down, cross your legs, and do a twirl to see how the outfit really moves. Step outside – Don’t just try the mirror inside the dressing room. Step outside, walk around, and find a dressing room (usually at the end of the hall) with angles and, potentially, a step to help give you a wel-rounded view. Find a different mirror – If at all possible, find another mirror around the store.
Different lighting and angles will help you get a feel for the full look. Take a picture – Don’t go taking selfies for proper outfit angles. Ask a friend or salesperson to take a picture of you wearing the outfit to really see how it will look on you in all possible cases ...
Got any tricks of your own for trying on clothes? How do you deal with dressing room anxiety?
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Office Styling easy

Dressing up for work can sometimes be a bore, especially when you work somewhere where the dress code is strict and corporate. What you wear to work greatly reflects you so you should always make sure that you look, at the very least, decent and fab. Knowing that you look good in what you’re wearing can help boost your performance too since you’ll be more confident about yourself. Your work wardrobe should be stylish, functional and professional looking. Build a work wardrobe like this and you’ll never have to worry about making a good impression on your co-workers, bosses and clients. Don’t know where to start? Check out these tips on how to be the best-dressed employee at the workplace.

1. Wear a blazer – topping off your outfits with a blazer may not seem like much but it makes a huge difference in your look. Adding a blazer to your work outfit gives it a more business-y and professional vibe. You can also use a blazer to dress up a rather casual outfit that you want to wear to the office. If you’ve just started building your work wardrobe, don’t forget to throw a few couple blazers in there. You’ll be glad you did when the time comes and you’re pressed for time but still need to look good for work.

2. Accessorize well – those plastic fancy jewelry may look chic and hip but they have no place in your work wardrobe. When choosing what accessories to wear with your work outfits, make sure that you choose those that are elegant and timeless like pearl earrings or necklaces, diamond stud earrings and dainty bracelets. A nice timepiece would be nice, too. Don’t stack your jewelry. Leave that for casual and street style outfits instead. When accessorizing for the workplace, remember that less is more.

3. Pop of color – bright colors are great but not all of the are exactly workplace friendly. Most women build their work wardrobe with basic and neutral – colored pieces and if that’s how you built yours too, it’s fine. To keep your outfits from looking too monotonous and monochromatic, though, try to add a pop of color here and there. Wear bright – colored shoes, carry a fun and colorful purse or wear a chic printed scarf around your neck – these are just some of the subtle ways you can add a pop of color to your outfit.
4. Don’t forget to wear heels – heels always have the tendency to make you feel good but aside from that, they also give your outfit that ‘oomph’ it needs to look fierce. Finish off your outfit with heels but bring flats along so you can give your feet a break while they’re hidden underneath your desk then just slip into your heels when you need to leave the table.
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Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

Haitrend: Bobble

We felt all thrwoback after seeing Valentino´s multi-bobble ponytails.

I wanted to do something that wasn´t als normal as a braid or pony, said Redken global styling director Guido Palau.

Here ditching conevntion and going back to those carefree playground days took the form of little bubbles along the ponytails.

so... get childish !! xx
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Falltrend: Blazer

It´s become ultimate wardrobe best frien - the go - with-everything jacket.

Anything goes this season, from clasic black and posh-boy-college stripes to pulent golden-eagle motifs.
For a eal fashion injection, replace elbow patches with elbow slits.

It´s a great eveningwear option but nothing says Parisian cool like a blazer , skinny jeans and Chelsea boots...
If you still haven´t got one, what are you waiting for ?

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Falltrend: Dungarees

It´s their versatility that everyone from Cara to Olivia hooked on all-in-ones.

Wear them anyway you like, from black and smart to bonkers Western or cool retro.....

Do it all!!


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Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

Boyish Shoes for Girly Outfits

If you’re a girly girl, you probably already have an extensive collection of shoes that you wear with all your favorite girly outfits and while girly shoes plus girly outfits always make the perfect combo, don’t you sometimes get bored of looking sweet and girly and wish you could change it up a bit without totally giving up your feminine style? Menswear shoes are great if you want to make your girly looks less sweet and feminine. Check out these menswear inspired shoes that are perfect for girly outfits. 

Menswear shoes are great if you want to make your girly looks less sweet and feminine.

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Party Favor Ideas For Your Wedding

So, your wedding is just around the corner and you’re getting pretty excited, but those last few details are still waiting to be finalized, right? Between seating charts and song selections, getting down to the finer points is pretty fun, but you’re also just ready for the big day to arrive. One of the best parts of a wedding is getting to have all your favorite people in the same room, at the same time – and sending those guests home with something special is an excellent way to thank them for making the trip. From sweets to trinkets, here’s a look at some great party favor ideas for your weddings. 

Hot Sauce

Flip Flops

Apple  Pie Filling

Garden seeds

What was the best wedding favor you’ve ever received?

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Planning to travel - The Top 10 Places To Dine In America

There’s no doubt that for many of us, a favorite pastime includes dining out. Experiencing a variety of restaurants both for the food and atmosphere is a fun thing to do. Whether it’s a relaxing evening with friends, an experimental foodie experience or just you and your honey having a romantic night on the town, we all have our favorite restaurants. When new places open their doors it’s exciting and entertaining – there’s nothing like great food and drinks. And, with the restaurant business being pretty cutthroat, failure happens all too often, however the good ones may last for generations. Choosing a favorite restaurant is pretty personal, but Business Insider’s roundup of The Best Restaurants in America is a solid list. Based on a variety of rankings made up of experts, diners and food critics here’s a look at the top ten  ...

  1.       Le Bernardin, Chef Eric Ripert – New York, NY

2.     Eleven Madison Park, Chef Daniel Humm – New York, NY
3.     The French Laundry, Chef Thomas Keller – Yountville, California
4.     Per Se, Chef Thomas Keller – New York, NY
5.     Daniel, Chef Daniel Boulud – New York, NY
6.     Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Chef Dan Barber – Pocantico Hills, New York
7.     Alinea, Chef Grant Achatz – Chicago, Illinois
8.     Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Chef David Chang – New York, NY
9.     Jean-Georges, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten – New York, NY
10.  Bern’s Steak House, Chef Habteab Hamde – Tampa, Florida

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing any of the restaurants on this list? What’s your favorite restaurant for a night out? Let me know !

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Fun Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Halloween is coming up in just a few couple of weeks and while the kids get to have fun roaming around, trick or treating to their hearts’ content, I know all the fashionistas out there are going to have a good time partying in their fierce and fabulous Halloween costumes. Speaking of Halloween costumes, have you thought about what to wear yet? If you already have something in mind and just need something to really make it pop, a cool nail art design may just be what you need to take your Halloween look to the next level. Here are some cool and spooky nail art ideas for Halloween.

Any other ideas ? Post comment!

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Fall Trends To Master Now

I know a lot of you are probably busy trying to stretch summer as far out as you possibly can and while I myself would love for summer to never end, we all know there’s nothing we can do about it. You can keep wearing summer clothes for as long as you can (I do that, too) but don’t forget to start scouring sources for the latest up and coming trends for fall, too, so you’re not caught off guard when the temps drop. To get you started, here are some of fall’s biggest trends to start mastering now.
Sporty look – to all the girls out there who often find themselves reaching for something sweet and feminine, this would make a refreshing change. Wearing something sporty will give you a subtle hint of the tomboy style. If you want your outfit to still lean more towards the girly side, wearing an athletic piece in a nice and bright color will help heaps. A varsity jacket, for example, can still look girly when worn in a striking color like red and along with heels and a girly dress.

Animal prints – animal prints have always been hot for fall but this year, it’s everything so make sure you’re well stocked up! Don’t shy away from animal prints. I know they can look a bit overwhelming at times but the key, really, is to keep a good balance going in your outfit. When wearing animal prints, make sure to choose the classy and grown up print styles. Pink zebra print? Leave that in your niece’s bedroom, please. Go for what looks realistic and then keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral.

Suits – no, not the TV series but rather suit outfits – pant suits, skirt suits, even shorts suits. Thanks to Cara Delevingne and all other celebrities ditching their evening gowns and red carpet dresses for sexy suits, these are now totally happening. Choose a suit that’s not too tailored and boxy if you want to keep your look soft and feminine. If you’re going for a rather tomboyish look, on the other hand, go ahead and get the tailored suits.

And ? Post your comments ....

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Falltrend: How to wear Fringe

Fringes are something we all so easily associate with summer and this may be because of the fact that fringes are so overly abundant during summer music festivals. Just because that’s the case, though, doesn’t mean you can’t wear fringes in colder seasons like fall and winter. Fringes are definitely more of an all-year rounder, if you ask me. You can wear them on anything at any time of the year. If you’re looking for a way to add more detail and movement to your look, adding fringes is definitely the way to go. Here are our favorite ways to wear fringe beyond summer.
1. Fringe boots – fringe boots are definitely fall and winter material. They’re great for accessorizing your look and for keeping your feet warm at the same time. Fringe boots have a rather strong Western appeal to them. These are not usually the kind of boots you’d want to wear with dressy pieces but with more casual and street style pieces instead. When wearing fringe boots, make sure your pants aren’t bulky or chunky as the combo of fringed boots and baggy/bulky/chunky pants tend to blow off body proportions in a major way.

2. Fringe sweater – sweaters are always in every woman’s fall and winter wardrobe and if you want to sport a unique piece that’s both cute and comfy, a fringed sweater is perfect. Choose sweaters with fringes on areas that you want to highlight and not on areas that you want to downplay as this will just draw more attention to the spot.

3. Fringe cardigan – another cute and comfy way to wear fringes beyond summer is to wear fringed cardigans. Just throw them on top of your skirt and jeans and you’re ready to go. Try not to wear anything else with fringes, though. You wouldn’t want to end up in a hot tangled mess at the most inopportune time.

4. Fringe dress – now, this may be taking it a little too far for some but, hey, if you’re up for a little fashion adventure, maybe take a fashion risk or two, then why not. If you can’t find a fringe dress that’s warm enough for fall, you can simply wear a sweater or a jacket over it.

Post a comment! xo

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