Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014


Gerade im Sommer ist dieser Look perfekt, um jede Menge Spass zu haben....sozusagen ein Hauch von Nichts!!

Styling-Tipp: Am Abend sehen coole Oversize-Löcher-Shirt besonders heiss aus, wenn Sie es über bunte Edel-Dessous tragen und dazu am besten Skinny-Jenas und natürlich Hehls!! xo

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Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014


Der überraschende Trend diesen Frühlings- bzw. Sommer: der Culotte:

Sieht aus wie ein Minirock, hat aber zwei Hosenbeine, was nicht nur überaus Praktisch ist, sondern auch noch megaschick in allen Lebenslagen.

Culottes gab es schon im 18. Jahrhundert ( damals Knickerbocker) ..und nun feiert die stylishe Mogelpackung ihr Comeback.

Ob Star-Blogger, Model oder "Normalo" ...ohne der coolsten Täuschung der  Saison gar nichts!!

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Shopping with Damien Hirst

The British Art Provocateur opens the first New York outpost of Other Criteria, the London-based boutique stocked with his own designs , as well as works by artists like Mat Collishaw and jeweler Robert Keith of Hoorsenbuhs - all presented with flourishes of Hirst´s signature cheeky humor.

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Modern day style rules say…wait a second, there’s no such thing! Yea, the fashion rulebook has officially been thrown out the window in this day and age. Since the revelation of not having to wear what society dictates, casual sneakers have made a major comeback!

From off duty models to bloggers to fashion editors alike, now you’ll see them all running around from one fashion show to the next, in none other than their comfy sneaks. And the design labels have quickly caught on, putting out some of the most colorful and fun styles you can imagine.

Sneakers and sequins, sure it works! Anything goes now days, it’s kind of amazing! No more are the cool kicks only for the boys; this time around the girls are rocking the casual, too!

Classic black and white Chuck Taylors are the easiest way to wear this trend. These kicks are transitional between dressed up and casual styles. Teamed with a vintage graphic tee and your favorite denim, you’ll look like a pretty tomboy who knows her trends!

What’s your favorite way to wear this newly resurfaced trend? I’d love to hear the ideas you have for rocking your stylish kicks! Share below in the comments!

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Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014


Shopping for maternity clothes doesn’t have to mean looking through racks of your usual suspects: elastic waisted faux jeans, maxi dresses and pajama pants. You’re a stylish woman and you’re allowed to keep that up, no matter how many changes your body may be going through! While your little bun is baking in the oven, treat yourself to some beautiful clothes that yes, say maternity, but have the brands you’re used to seeing and tons of style to boast!
Instead of just hitting up Target for your household essentials as well as your full wardrobe, take a look at this list to find some new favorites for your growing maternity attire that are chic, stylish and well made.
 ASOS: Affordable + Trendy
If you’re a fashion-forward pregnant woman, then you’ll want to take a glance at the offerings available at ASOS. Luckily they have price points that work with a growing family. Even if you’re saving for a crib and redecorating your office as a nursery; you’ll still have room in the budget to grab a couple trendy pieces for your maternity wardrobe here. Alongside traditional maxi dresses and loose tops you’ll find pieces like ikat bathing suits and hologram tees, just like the rest of the shop.

Shopbop: Not-So-Maternity
While they don’t specialize in maternity clothes, has conviently gathered all their loose fitting tops and dresses, creating a section for expecting moms. If you’re the kind of girl who loves her Alexander Wang and simply has to wear it throughout her pregnancy, then this is the shopping destination for you! xo 

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Cheaper always better ?

Cheaper isn’t always better. Sometimes going the cheap route will cost you more in the long run. Take my advice, sometimes it’s better to splurge on the things that count to avoid having to replace them or get them fixed. You know the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Get it right the first time around and save yourself some cash. 

  1. Shoes – Most of us are on our feet all day and a cheaply made pair of shoes just isn’t going to cut it. Spend more to have a good, comfortable pair that will outlast its cheaper counterpart. The last thing you want to do is torture your feet with a badly made pair. You’ll only toss them and have to replace them for something better.
  2. Handbags – With handbags, you’re looking for good craftsmanship, sturdy hardware, and durable leather or vegan leather. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on a big designer name to get these long-lasting qualities. But you do have to pay more for quality, most of the time. Spending a little more on a handbag will ensure it survives the wear and tear from lugging it through work, happy hours, shopping, nights out, weekend trips, and kids. It’ll pay itself off.
  3. Shapewear – We all need a little help with this — what you wear underneath your clothes is just as important as what’s on the outside. Without proper shapewear (shorts, bras, bodysuit, etc.), your outfit will lack the smooth lines it needs to fit properly. Don’t splurge on a beautiful dress only to skimp on the proper shapewear to make it look flawless.
  4. Skincare – What you put on your face every morning and night should be made from the best ingredients. Don’t skimp on skincare that will irritate your skin and cost you more in the long run. Find a solution that you’ll wear every day and make sure it’s something you feel good in, whether under makeup or fresh-faced.
  5. Hair Treatments – A bargain haircut may seem like a good idea at the time but you’ll most likely end up having to pay more money to fix the mistakes someone else makes. Same goes for hair color. If you treat your hair to any processing, make sure it’s not going to cost you in split ends and frayed locks.
  6. Earrings – A good pair of stud earrings is something you’ll wear day in and day out. A classic pair will last you a long time and outlast all kinds of trends. Spend a little money on something that won’t tarnish or break easily. You’ll find yourself living in these
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Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014


Style has always been a matter of personal preference, no matter what anyone tells you. Fads have come and gone but only the truly classic staples have remained. Lately we’ve seen a lot of fuss over the new trend: wearing socks with heels. Is this really much different than someone wearing socks and sandals?

How lovely is it to mix and match multiple trends in one outfit! If you’re new to socks and heels, try pairing a closely related shade of socks to your heels so they blend together without drawing too much attention. This is an easy way to tweak your outfit without changing too much of what you’re used to.

Flirting with a little texture in a meshed lace sock can give your outfit a romantic feel. Try a cream colored sock in striped mesh with neutral or pastel shoes and a little white dress for the perfect springtime ensemble!
You decide! Are you going to stick around and play with this fun new trend or are you running for the hills in your sockless soles not ready to slide into fashion faux pas history?  Let us know below in a comment! XO
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Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014


This season you can’t go wrong with a black and white monochromatic look, it’s minimalistic and super easy to throw together! Take stock of the classic black and white separates you have in your closet and recreate these inspiration outfits. Here are my favorite ways to wear black and white with a little help of Pinterest.

One of the chicest pieces that every woman should own is a perfectly fitted pair of black  or white skinny jeans. They’re both casual and dressy. When you need to step it up a notch, throw on your favorite black skinny jeans with a blouse and blazer and you’re all set! Play with this versatile garment for a variety of styles including suit inspired, casual bohemian with a flowing top or totally preppy with a sweater!

Feel pretty as a princess. This color palette is simply divine for full-skirted looks. Take inspiration from classic ballerinas and slip into a tulle skirt. This trend is one to try this season! Try pairing a full tutu skirt and a striped crop top for a modern-urban take on this girlish look (very Carrie from SATC). Perhaps you’re looking to more casual look – go for a modest sweater and tights duo.

What’s your favorite way to wear this classic palette? xo

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Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

Honeymoon for any budget

So your big day is coming up; the ceremony is all planned, the flowers and décor are picked out and your dress is simply breathtaking. But have you put equally as much thought into the vacation post the wedding? Now is the time to focus on what could be considered as the best part of the wedding, the honeymoon. While weddings are an exciting time all on their own, the vacation that follows is meant to give you the time to relax and enjoy one another. For most, this is the vacation of a lifetime and one that is both romantic and fun. So don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your honeymoon and regardless of you budget find the designation that right is for you. Here are my favorites, happy planning! If you’re thinking of visiting Greece for your honeymoon, you will not be disappointed. With gorgeous stylish resorts, stunning hillside architecture, incredible food and absolutely beautiful beaches, Greece is an obvious choice and one that can be done on many different budgets. 

Are you planning your honeymoon right now? Have any of these swayed your decision? I am here !!! xo

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Im a fan of pink, but not every woman likes to rock the absolute girliest side of this pretty shade. While pink has long been the color of femininity, true femininity doesn’t always have to be overtly ‘girly.’ Color itself shouldn’t dictate how dainty an item is. After all, there are plenty of mens clothes that come in this most delicate of hues. Fashion has long been known to portray pink in lace, flowers and granny knit cardigans and has very often forgotten how strong, bold and edgy it could be. Thinking slightly outside the box, here are my favorite ways to wear pink without looking too girly:

How do you like to wear pink? Share your thoughts in the comments! xo

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Dienstag, 13. Mai 2014


Wie heisst es so schön ..... nur Bares ist Wahres ....das haben sich auch die Designer gedacht und trendige Geldstücke entworfen, bei deren Anblick wir mit den Augen klimpern.

Besonders großzügig: Dolce & Gabbana, die riesige Münzen-Prints mit ebenso gewaltigen Münzen-Accessoires kombinieren.

Es ist egal , ob Sie bei diesem Trend auf Kopf oder Zahl setzen - jedes Teil ist ein Gewinn! xo

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Der neue Fashion Trend nennt sich : LEOMUDA

Das ist die Abkürzung für die Trendkombi der Saison: Leo plus Bermuda....also Lady´s
Schere in die Hand und Jeans selbst kürzen oder direkt ein Kurzmodell shoppen und natürlich was Geflecktes  dazu kombinieren! ROARRRRR ..xo

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Montag, 12. Mai 2014


Women have the power to dominate in the corporate world and dressing the part is one of the perks. There’s no use in getting caught up in the pants game when there are so many beautiful skirt options available. As with most things, you just have to think outside the box. So, this season it is all about the polished and professional pencil skirt! A simple, yet sophisticated piece every woman should own; the power of a pencil skirt lies in the tailored fit that showcases our natural feminine silhouette.
  • Make sure it is tailored to your body type. This piece is built around the fact that it highlights your waist – take your pencil skirt to a local tailor to ensure a proper fit in your hips and waist every time.
  • Before purchasing, check to see that the length is appropriate for work by sitting down and checking the rise. Also note that these skirts commonly come with a slit either in the center back or near the side – be sure it’s not too revealing. There’s nothing worse than having to readjust yourself every time you stand up or sit down.
Here some ideas how to wear this piece to the office:

 In a field often monopolized by men, this corporate workday look brings an edge to your feminine presence and will make you stand out as a key player. Don’t blend into a room full of grey slacks – exercise your womanhood using this elegant garment. xo

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Diesen Frühling lassen sich die Gefühle ganz leicht von den Lippen ablesen....egal ob als Kleid, Schuhe, Shirt, Pullover oder Accessoires ... ohne Kussmund Prints geht diese Saison gar nichts!!

Alice & Olivia

Stella McCartney

Lynn Ban

Styling-Tipp: Diese Looks sind ein Statement für sich, deshalb den Rest des Outfits immer klassisch wählen. Und das Beauty - Styling ? Rote Lippen - was sonst ? xo

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Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014


While finding new and fun ideas for hairstyles is one of my favorite pastimes, who can really resist a fabulous braid? In fact, I could spend hours checking out all the great  braid ideas  out there! Adding some unexpected glam and a touch of whimsy, a great braid can be dressed up or remain totally casual, while also working well with many different hair lengths. Here are a few of my favorite braid ideas that I am digging right now:

For a way to get the hair out of your face try braiding your bangs as seen on Heidi Klum in French Elle.

A little more complex, but so cool! Check out the heart braid, great for a night out or a picnic in the park.

Loving this messy, side sweep braid from Blake Lively.

So, has this inspired you to try out a new braid? xo

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Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014


Pop star Rihanna joined actresses Marion Cotillard, Anna Wintour ... at the Dior Cruise 2015 presentation held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard!

Some impressions :

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When the wedding reception ends and the last guests have gathered their favors, it's time for the honeymoon! For most brides and grooms, this is when the stress of  wedding planning  truly pays off — whether they're jetting off to a sandy island in the Caribbean , a romantic Italian city steeped in history, or .......

No matter where you're going, how do you pick and plan the most romantic trip of your life? 




St. Barth

Style up by Angel is  ready to assist you with all of your travel needs.

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Swim Suit For Your Body Type

Summer, in so many ways, is the best time of the year. Beach days and bbq’s, boating and long days with friends are all things we can look forward to. But finding a swim suit that is both flattering and stylish is not easy feat. From not feeling totally comfortable to wearing a suit that simply doesn’t fit well, securing the perfect suit for your body type this summer is absolutely essential! Take a look at these tips for putting the fun back into summer with a swimsuit you can feel good about. 

  • If a big bust  prevents you from finding the swimsuit of your dreams, keep this in mind: halter tops and racer backs are your best friends. They offer lift and coverage without giving you too much coverage. If you are top-heavy, wear prints on your smallest body part of your body to draw visual attention away from where you are bigger and wear sold colors where you are bigger.
  • For anyone out there who’s blessed with a bigger bottom, find suits that bring the eyes up and take attention away from your problem area. Choose suits with a nice balance which may mean less coverage up top or by going with a brighter, more busy top.
  • If you’re more of a full-figured gal, go ahead and show off your favorite assets with a plunging neckline. Go modest on other areas with a one-piece suit that hugs your frame and complements your shape. A bold print and ruching can help draw attention away from problem areas. But dark solids are also very slimming.
  • If you’re petite, you own it to yourself to go bold. Choose a bright color suit that helps your small frame stand out. Look for solid, sophisticated colors like deep reds or vibrant blues.
  • If you’re round in the middle, there’s a whole selection of slimming suit options out there for you. Try camouflaging your belly with bold bright prints or one piece suits with perfectly placed ruching to disguise your middle. This also works well when you are expecting.
  • For those of you who are tall, thin and boy-shaped, choose swimsuits that accentuate your body. Go for angled stripes, soft colors and prints to show off your slim figure. xo

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Montag, 5. Mai 2014


Martha Ward may channel a pensioner, but her skill in mixing designer fashion with high street is very modern. "I like mixing because it makes an outfit much more interesting. I will wear an H&M blouse with a Prada skirt or Chloé pants with a River Island T-shirt," she says. "Never all one thing, head to toe." Skirts are a perennial - voluminous and shapely for day, and pencil for night - as are blouses, which are usually vintage and cream-coloured. She espouses the benefits of a lace collar or a chunky necklace, demonstrating the sprucing up effect by clipping lace discs to a blouse over her buttons. "Look at the difference. I know I look a bit like Krusty the Clown, but it can work." Also crucial is a good tailor. "I spend my life in the tailor down the road, I must go about twice a week. I bought a vintage Chanel jacket and he took the shoulders off and refitted them. Pretty impressive," she says.

Her Favourite London designers?
I am crazy for Michael Van Der Ham,  Erdem and Jonathan Saunders. But the UK has the most incredible high street too. xo

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Samstag, 3. Mai 2014


It-Girls , wie Miroslvava Duma, haben eine neue Freundin...

Wer ? Wir stellen vor:

Paula Cademartori, der heisseste Italo-Bag-Import des Jahres. Definitiv ein Promi-Trend, den wir nicht nur neidisch bewundern - sondern gleich nach shoppen können...dieser Hype hat den Fashion-Kosmos erreicht! xo

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Freitag, 2. Mai 2014


Ein Outfit , zwei Varianten und die Frage aller Fragen !!!!

" The Boy Does Nothing" Sängerin Alesha Dixon kombiniert ihre Piece von Mary Katrantzou für Topshop mit weißen Pumps und offenem Haar. Perfekt!

Doch Poppy Delevingne setzt aber noch einen drauf: Trends Schnür - Heels uns sleeker Pferdeschwanz bringen das Must-have erst so richtig zur Geltung.

Was lernen wir daraus ? It-Girls do it better :-) xo

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Is there any relationship more special than that between a mother and daughter? Few things compare to the kind of bond these two will share. I’m so blessed to be a mom and to have such an amazing daughter – and one of the most important things about cultivating that relationship has always been spending time together, just the two of us. With Mother’s Day coming up, I’d love to share some date ideas for moms and daughters of any age. Get all dolled up and enjoy your day! 

The Spa Day – Few things are as fun and relaxing as having ‘mani/pedis’ and a glass of wine (or chocolate milk, depending on her age!). Book a spa day, put on a fluffy robe and catch up over a relaxing treatment.
The Movie Date – Chick flick preferred. Make it an afternoon with lunch and talk about what you liked about the movie.
The Hobby Date – Take a class together – crafting, pottery, painting, photography, cooking… Even if your daughter is very young, she will enjoy learning something new with you.
The Shopping Date with Style up by Angel  – Go shopping and pick an item out for each other, or pick out gifts for the family. Try on lavish gowns and sparkly shoes. Every girl loves to play dress-up regardless of her age.
The Theatre Date – Go catch a show (the ballet, a musical) and follow it up with a fancy dinner, just the two of you. Keep the playbill and tickets as a memory. You can even  have them framed.
Do you have any special mother-daughter date ideas? What do you do to spend time together? xo

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