Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

Fallfashion: Blanket Dressing

Since  Burberry announces a poncho monogramming service, it’s time to layer up and (warmly) embrace the biggest outerwear trend…

The cashmere sweater poncho is your best friend when hanging out in a relaxed environment. Besides the fact that it is oversized, soft, and luxurious to touch, your appearance is further want worthy because of the poncho’s natural elegance.

 high High: look for a poncho that hits your thigh. A poncho with length adds sophistication to your look. Bluntly said, a short poncho can make you look short and fat (Sorry! It’s true!!).

Open Neck: a poncho with a deep V-neck or large round neckline makes for a relaxed look. A turtleneck poncho can look restrictive, especially so when it is warmer out and you don’t need the extra warmth.

Winter Tip: if it is chilly out and you need to wear a coat, you cannot put on a puffer, pea coat, or anything fitted because of the poncho’s dropped arms and excess fabric that will make the fit too snug. The solution is a cape! A cape is the stylish way to “winterize” and yet still wear bulky clothes underneath because of the extra shoulder room that they have.

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Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Vera Wang Bridal Collection For Fall 2017

A-line dresses featuring fringed silk organza flange at the skirt, corsets bodice with hand-knotted ribbon detailing, and crystal and pearl embellishments on the lattice like neckline.

Check out  some of  Vera Wang Bridal´s  Collection For Fall 2017... and are you already in wedding mood ???

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Super Chic in A Trench Coat

For years, style editors have pointed out that French women, with their very distinct and classic style, have elevated the trench coat to its never-ending chic status. Trench coats have become iconic among French women, rivaling berets and striped boat-neck shirts and a Burberry trench not only speaks to one’s good taste, but signals its wearer’s good sense.

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Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Zac Posen Fall 2017

Fold-over fabric detailing at the bust, sweeping full tulle skirt train and elevated levels of threadwork and embroidery over tulle overlays and all that at a very accessible price point.

See some of the  Truly  Zac Posen Fall 2017 Bridal Collection :

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Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

Beyoncé Lemonade Formation World Tour, DSWardrobe

Besides her slaying on vocals and choreography, Beyoncé’s “Formation World Tour” has kept us looking with the immaculate fashion.

 From the DSquared2’s Victorian-inspired bodysuit she wore for the opening song (“Formation”) and the ruffled Balmain bodysuits to the custom military-inspired sequin look by Roberto Cavalli, Beyoncé has also used her stage as a fashion runway.

For the final stop of the 49-stop “Formation World Tour” she rocked new bodysuits from her favorite fashion collaborators, including her own Ivy Park line. The yellow color palette had us remembering Lemonade, the unforgettable film that inspired the Formation tour.  

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Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

Best Bags For Spring 2017

The easiest way to lift your spirits is to up your bag game. Trust us, try it.

Now that the Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 is over and that marks the official end of Fashion Month, check out an overview of the best handbags for Spring – from micro minis to slouchy hobos, we have searched far and wide for the best bags for the upcoming season. Go on, start shopping now.






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The French-Girl Beauty Essentials

We’ve looked to French women for inspiration in fashion, beauty for as long as we can remember. Gorgeous hair, perfect skin, beautiful figures and killer confidence. They are beautiful in a way that is both effortless and mysterious, we can’t help but wonder: How do they do it?

 From skincare to makeup, these are the products French girls can’t live without.

 Signature perfume – In France, you’re not dressed until you’ve applied your signature fragrance. Perfume is more than a mere step in their beauty routine—it is a signature, an integral part of their identity. Some iconic French perfumeries include Chanel, Dior, Hermès, and of course, Lancôme!

Hair-raising treatments – For french women and specifically Parisian, good shoes and a great haircut go a long way to make you look healthier and more attractive. People notice your hair first, then your eyes and your smile, and then your footwear.

 Red lipstick – Lips are like the accessory, not necessarily. That’s very French. But no lip liner, ever. They never do step-by-step – they don’t have time.

 Smokey Eyes – The perfect way for adding a bit of drama and Parisian flair at night is effortless French smokey look. If you do smokey look, though, go for completely nude lips.

Demande encore ??

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Over the Knee Boots To Live In This Winter

When it comes to over-the-knee footwear, Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” deserves all the glory. Who could forget her star-making turn as hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold Vivian Ward, who meets the man of her dreams while rocking patent leather thigh-high boots?

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about today’s take on the thigh-high trend, which offers a little less flash, a lot less trash, and some major style points for those who dare.


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Louis Vuitton Spring 2017 Ready To Wear

Louis Vuitton Spring 2017 collection was loaded with print, and beachily body-baring styles. There were asymmetric draped jerseys with the hip and midriff cut-outs, skinny lace pants with matching pelmet skirts and long, sheer and at the same time discreet dresses.

Check out some looks if  Louis Vuitton Spring 2017 Ready To Wear collection ...

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Montag, 3. Oktober 2016

The Stuart Weitzman Boots

Get ready for boot season, that’s no doubt that there is always a place for Stuart Weitzman’s boot, rock the season with sultry scene-stealers that demand a double-take. The designer chimes in on his fall icons, and why over-the-knee boots have never been more critical to your wardrobe.

 We all knew that Gigi Hadid  kills it in the gym, but at the shoe brand’s latest campaign shoot, she showed off her kickboxing skills and a whole lot of leg ..

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Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

The Shoe Style ... Replacing Your Mules

For over a year now, the ever-beloved mule has reigned supreme as one of the top shoe trends, season after season. Its unwavering popularity has been welcomed with open arms, as there’s a lot to love about the fashion girl–approved shoe. Mules tend to be comfortable, versatile, and can work in any climate with the right style and styling—just to name a few positive attributes.

So, where is the classic mule headed next? Our bet is on one shoe style that’s been picking up steam both in the fashion crowd and among our favorite brands and retailers. While it doesn’t have an official name, we’re dubbing it the heeled slipper, for reasons that will be obvious in just a few moments.

WE  think it’s the next big thing!  

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Dior’s Lipsticks for Fall/Winter 2016/17

Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, has reinterpreted four cult colors from Dior’s history. The House’s first crimson red is revisited in a matte version in 999 Matte. The soft coral red of 080 Red Smile references 080 Red, a fresh and bright lipstick created by Christian Dior in 1959.

With its intense fuchsia, 047 Miss evokes the rose present in the Miss Dior fragrance, conceived by the couturier-perfumer in 1947. Lastly, natural and light 060 Première is an homage to the bois de rose created by Monsieur Dior who gave it the number 60.

 "I designed this Rouge Dior collection so that every woman could express herself by choosing and changing shades as she desired,” explains Peter Philips, who has created a new palette inspired by the House’s couture universe. For the first time, the iconic lipstick appears in a matte version, saturated with glowing pigment. Satin-effect lipsticks are also reinvented to appeal to a woman who’s fearless, fun and unpredictable. Over a sixteen-hour stretch its comfort is unequaled: Rouge Dior acts as a soothing, moisturizing skincare thanks to its base of mango butter and hyaluronic acid spheres.

With a focus on the art of color at the core of his creations, Peter Philips has also created exclusive it shades, four essential hues or extreme matte shades, in intense and striking colors: magnetic blue, purple, reddish-black and gray.

The new Rouge Dior campaign reveals a liberated, assured and radiant Natalie Portman, photographed by David Sims, seductive in her modernity and vitality.

Her feel-good mood proves contagious, and recalls Christian Dior’s desire to “dress a woman’s smile”. Today, Peter Philips, as Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup,  has designed a new palette of striking colors inspired by the House’s couture universe.

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Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

Find your own sense of style

ne of the quotes that defined style the best for me was this one from Gore Vidal: “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

Style is personal. There is no herd to follow. There are no rules. There are no seasons.

 Your wardrobe should contain only amazing choices – it is much easier to be inspired when you see five remarkable pieces than when you see 25 pieces and 20 of those are unremarkable. Pick key items and get rid of the rest, even if it is the “must-have” item of the season, or you spent a week’s salary on it in 1999, or you wore it every day of your teenage years and “can’t bear to part with it”. If it doesn’t look good on you now, it shouldn’t be there. Start by throwing out anything you no longer wear or that doesn’t look good on you. Be ruthless. It’s easier said than done, so make yourself a deal: for every 20 items you chuck, you can buy one killer piece.

1. Understand your body
Knowledge is power. So the first thing you need to understand is what kind of body you have and what works for you. If you have a good understanding of your body shape and your strengths and weaknesses, you can buy the right clothes to either accentuate or camouflage them.

2. Keep a note book or diary or take pictures

If you felt great on any particular day wearing a certain outfit, write it down. Or better even, take a picture. I have found that taking pictures of myself is a great help in recognizing which outfits worked and looked good and which ones didn’t.

3. Understand your personality and colours

Colours can also have a huge effect on your style and how you feel. Understand how certain colours make you feel. You can consider doing a color analysis with an image consultant or you can do a style course. You can also do exercises like the style statement to understand your style personality.

4. Keep a scrapbook or pin the styles that inspire you

Whenever you see others wearing clothes you admire or like, try to get a picture and paste it in a note or scrapbook or pin it on Pinterest. After a while, you will see a pattern developing of the kind of styles that you like. Take note of that and remind yourself about this style before going for the latest fashionable trend.

5. Be critical of your current wardrobe

Be honest. Which garments in your closet do you REALLY like. How many of the garments have you not worn for a long time. How many were ‘mistakes’. Again, write down what didn’t work. Which clothes make you HAPPY? Then throw away or swap any items that you know don’t really look good on you. They may be great pieces, but if they don’t suit YOU or your body type, you will not look stylish in them.  Have a look at my wardrobe editing series and create a wardrobe that you love!

6. Make sure that every item you buy FITS you

I’m sure this happened to you. You see an absolutely wonderful piece of clothing at a rock bottom price. You try it on, but it’s just a little bit too short or too tight. You buy it anyway because the piece is so lovely and it’s cheap. This is a big mistake. Any clothing that does not fit you properly will never look good on you. So please beware of sales and only buy new clothes when you really adore them and they fit you properly (or that you can easily alter to fit you).

7. Only follow the latest trends when they fit your style or your body type

True style defies fashion trends. Although it is nice to add some trendy pieces each season, you should only go for the trends that suit you. Try to wait for a trend that suits you and then buy several pieces.

8. Make sure your wardrobe contains all the necessary basics for your style

If through all of the above you got a clearer sense of what you like and what suits you, you need to determine if you have the basic essentials necessary for your particular style.

9. Add your own special statement pieces

Once you have covered the basics of your style, look for some wonderful statement pieces that are truly unique for you. Try to be creative and mix both high and low end brands together. Create something unique!

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