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People around you can sense your attitude without even talking to you – from a simple handshake to the body language you display – your tone can make or break a deal. Spreading your positive vibes and confident attitude can go a long way when it comes to giving a great impression. Check out my 3 easy tips for putting your best foot forward – simply through body language.

1.     Stand up straight. I know, I know – your mom’s been telling you this one for years. Well – she’s right! Showing off your strong self will give those around you a solid impression from the start.
2.     Shaking hands. This is a time-tested tradition goes so far back in the business world – we shake hands subconsciously when we are introduced. Keep your handshake strong and confident – showing off just how ready you are to tackle the next project or make a deal.
3.     Make eye contact. This one is huge. When you’re presenting or even just introducing yourself, be sure to make eye contact with the different people in the room. This will help you connect and show your confidence.
How about you? Got any additional tips for using body language to show off your confidence and positive vibes?

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Montag, 24. März 2014

TRENDGUIDE: Bullets4Peace

Bullets 4 Peace is a handmade designer fashion jewellery line, made from recycled bullet casings. Pendants, necklace, silver jewellery, decorated with gold, silver and swarovski crystal. Supporting charities and spreading the word of peace.

A fashion statement becomes a political statement when a spent bullet casings is turned into designer jewellery. Bullets are generally symbols of chaos and destruction, but Rafi Anteby transforms war bullets into beautiful and unique designer hand made jewellery as a way of spreading consciousness of peace.

The Bullets4Peace jewellery is made of recycled bullet casings taken from reload centers, streets, and war zones. When a bullet is fired the tip flies towards the target and the casing falls to the ground. Manufacturers reload these casings with live ammunition. The Bullets4Peace jewellery intercepts this vicious cycle by transforming the casings into unique and stylish fashion jewellery pendants insuring that these bullets will never find their way back to war zones, thus promoting harmony and peace.

The Bullets4Peace jewellery began when designer Rafi Anteby's close childhood friend was killed in a hail of gunfire. Each handmade necklace recycles a real bullet casing decorated with pewter and silver casts. Some of the jewellery pieces include crystals or even LED lights. Peace signs, dolphins, microphones, and crosses are among the nearly 100 different pendants styles available. Many of these can be found right here in our online jewellery shop. Each year Bullets 4 Peace donates a portion of the sales of the jewellery to several charities.

Bullets4Peace supports AUSTISM IRELAND and many other charities around the world.

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(credit: Rafi Anteby)

Freitag, 21. März 2014

A Denim Story: Inspirations from Bellbottoms to Boyfriends

The new book by the duo behind jeans brand Current/ Elliott has shots of everyone from Patti Smith to Marylyn Monroe, along with styling tips.

Want more denim? Turns to page 102. A denim Story: Inspirations from Bellbottoms to Boyfriends ...

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Sometimes I get in a rut and forget that ponytails do work for other places other than the gym! Especially since I have long hair, I’m really trying to branch out and give a more “dress up ponytail” ...
Of all the ways to wear a ponytail,  I turned to Kim Kardashian for some hair advice. No one rocks a pony like Kim so if you’re also wanting to try a glam ‘tail, check out her pics below.

  • Finish off your pony by adding a quick braid to the mix
  • A sleek, low ponytail will take you from the office to a night out
  • Who doesn’t love a fab hair chain? It’s all about the accessories!
  • My personal favorite – a flirty high pony with lots of volume
Tell me YOUR favorite way to wear a ponytail in the comments!
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Donnerstag, 20. März 2014


I think it’s a completely worth-it purchase to invest in a pair of skinny jeans you love that fit perfectly and can be worn for years to come. I’m currently eyeing this distressed option  that look cute with sweaters now but can carry into next season with all the spring trends. When dressing up skinny jeans, think pretty layers! A floral tank, light blazer and feminine shoe are exactly the right accessories to make your skinny jeans wearable for warmer weather. 

! Would you wear this look? xo

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 Kurz, kürzer, ultramini lautet die Rock-Devise....Hauptsache viel Bein teigt man dieses Frühjahr!!

Dafür darf es obenrum ruhig etwas zugeknöpfter sein. So wirkt der Mini-Look nicht
"preisgünstig", sondern sophisticated und cool...

Jennifer Connelly in Stella McCartney

Wir sind frisch verliebt und Ihr ? xo

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Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Crazy for LUPITA

It´s impossible to find bad picture of our new style crush ...
Whether clad in a prom dress, a gothic cape or tangerine bodycon, Ms Nyongo never looks
anything less than amazing.

Ralph Lauren



Miu Miu

Lupita, you do it well!!xo

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JA ...wir wollen eine vor´n Latz!!

Endlich müssen Denim Latzhosen nicht mehr Schicht an Tankstellen schieben!

Der "Working Class Hero" - Style erobert den Laufsteg un dist jetzt auch in Büros, Flughäfen und auf den Straßen von Los Angeles zu sehen....


Wie kombiniert man die Latzhose: Komplett wird der baggy Overall mit einem eng geschnittenen, bauchfreien Top. Was die Schuhe angeht: hier scheiden sich die Geister. Während die einen die Hose mit Latz bequem mit Römersandalen, Brogues oder Plateau-Turnschuhen stylen, setzen die anderen auf High Heels und Sandaletten. Sie sind meist die einzig auffälligen Accessoires – neben Sonnenbrillen und Schmuck .

Habt Ihr noch Stylingtipps? xo

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Skirts & Jumpers

Forget the LBD . it´s jumpers with skirts the chicest stars are turning to as their fall-back evening outfit.

Top marks got to Keira Knightley and Laura Bailey; very 2003.....



...and we like it!! xo

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We love that celebs are getting on board with novelty prints they´re such an antidote to the sparkle and silver of awards season. From Poppy´s pianos to Solange´s creepy crawlies - the more bonkers the better.

Emilia Wickstead

House of Holland

Azede Jean-Pierre

Are you IN ? xo

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Dienstag, 18. März 2014


What is old is new again! Proven by the love affair we have with 1960′s inspired outfits, shows like Mad Men have brought the sheath dress, cinched waists and polka dots back to the forefront of fashion. Dresses inspired by the 1960′s and I’m sharing my insprations -  Check out my picks + I’d love to hear how you’re styling retro pieces for spring in the comments.

Are you going to add any of these vintage beauties to your wardrobe for spring? xo
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My hair is getting really long and I’m ready to change things up :) I’m usually a ponytail/top knot type of girl but am determined to shake this go-to hairstyle with some gorgeous princess braids!  Those romantic braided looks we always see on celebrities like are super versatile. Pair these princess braids with everything from a bikini at the beach to your date night dresses.

Let me know if you try any of these! xo
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Montag, 17. März 2014


I’m happy to see that this feminine neckline is making a comeback! Off the shoulder tops and dresses were spotted on the runways and they were all styled completely differently.....
But what I love most about this trend, though, is that we can start wearing them now for the fall season! What’s sexier than a soft, off-the-shoulder sweater?



Will you wear the off-the-shoulder trend? XO
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Donnerstag, 13. März 2014


Fashion-Victims , aufgepasst! 

Eine unserer Pariser Lieblingsdesignerin , Isabel Marant , hat mit dem kalifornischen Trendlabel Oliver Peoples Sonnenbrillen kreiert, die trübe Schlechtwetterstimmung im Handumdrehen verschwinden lassen und uns zum Strahlen bringen.

Zwei unterschiedliche Modelle mit einem Hauch von Vintage aus den 70ern wurden in je fünf Farben entworfen..Hype-Faktor-Garantie!! xo

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(credit: Anastasia Velminski)

40 - So what ?

40 is the new 30 ! By the time you have reached 40, you are a confident, successful and strong woman. At this point, you’ve had a whole bunch of practice with life and people around you know it. Looking your best in your 40’s means you can leave the nonsense behind and show off your alpha status at work and at home. Getting older isn’t about getting rid of gray hairs (hm.. maybe), it’s actually theperfect time to shine! Here are my  tips for looking your best after hitting 
the 4-0.

  • Looking your best at 40 is all about your attitude and using clothing to subtly show off your figure. Try wearing pieces that elongates your body like a gorgeous v-neck blouse and dark wash jeans.  Streamlined, sheath dresses are appropriate at the office and comfy, fluid tops for the weekend will leave everyone jealous of your sexy, refined look.
  • Remember that your skin is different now than it was two decades ago and change your  skincare routine accordingly. Being diligent about wearing SPF and applying anti-aging serums are your best resource. Also, make sure you are hydrated enough because dry skin = older looking skin.
  • When it comes to makeup , keeping it simple will actually help your skin look more youthful. Filling in the eyebrows , keeping the lips  moisturized and whitening the teeth (one of my best kept secrets!) can help brighten the face.
  • Exercise  is key for a long and healthy life! You don’t have to go crazy at the gym but joining a pilates class or walking group will not only boost your confidence but keep your waistline in check as you get older.
Growing older doesn’t mean it’s time to give up; it’s time to have confidence in your own beauty. Ladies, how do you feel about looking your best at 40? Do you have any tricks to share? xo
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Best fashion magazine covers: April 2014

Look at the gallery to see best magazine covers of April 2014 ...

What´s your opinion?

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Mittwoch, 12. März 2014

TREND GUIDE 2014: XXXL - Ausschnitt

Trendbewusste Stars gewähren gerade extratiefe Einblicke...

Die Ausschnitte wandern Richtung Bauchnabel und sorgen so für die schönsten Aussichten der Saison. Dunkle Gewitterwolken ziehen nur auf, wenn der BH zu sehen ist.

Achtung: Wenn Sie auf XXXL setzen, bitte nicht zuviel Haut an Armen und Beinen hervorblicken lassen. Besonders heiß wirkt der Trend in Kombi mit Blazer und Smoking-Pants. xo

Cara Delevingne in Mulberry

Rihanna in Altuzarra

Gwyneth Paltrow in DVF

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The cropped top and pencil skirt combo has really been making its rounds with celebrities lately (namely  Kim Kardashian, Beyonce  and Katy Perry). If you’re feeling brave and want to give this sexy trend a try for spring, I’ve put together an affordable look to help you out. It’s one of those rare outfits that not only create curves but seriously flatter them, making it wearable for a lot of different body types. Let me know what you think below! xo

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90s Supermodel Reunion

Naomi Campbell also discussed the close bond between her fellow '90s supermodels, sharing that Kate Moss,  Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour, and Claudia Schiffer have been some of her closest friends throughout her career. "You'll never get a group of us together like that again. You'll get one here, one there, one there—but as a whole you'll never get it again." Campbell did reveal that they'll be reuniting for a special project in a few weeks but refused to discuss details.

We can not wait and you? xo

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Freitag, 7. März 2014


Matching sets no longer apply to just your underwear or bikini – tops and bottoms that have the same color or print are a huge trend for spring and summer. I selected some options to shop from below but if you’re not sold on investing in this trend just yet, try a monochrome look or same colored separates instead. I personally love the idea of wearing the same pattern head to toe so I am definitely diving into the look next season........xo

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Dienstag, 4. März 2014


The jumpsuit is essentially a glorified adult onsie (on a chic level), and that's why I love it. The trend had a major moment in the '70s, faded, came back in the late 2000s, and has been spotted on celebrities ever since. It would seem, though, that within the past two weeks the piece has had a major resurgence on the red carpet.

Ein Jumpsuit eignet sich für jeden Anlass, ist eine wunderschöne, außergewöhnliche Alternative zum Abendkleid und gleichzeitig sehr bequem. Es lässt jede Frau selbstbewusst und sicher erstrahlen. Probiert es selbst aus!! xo

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