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Hairstyling Tips to Beat the Humidity

Keeping your hair in place while there’s humidity in the air is not easy. In fact, it’s nearly impossible some days. When it’s super humid, I don’t even bother styling my hair sometimes because the second I step outside, it’ll curl and frizz right up. Humidity is the bane of my existence in the summertime, but there are plenty of ways to fight it. Believe it or not, you can control your hair when it’s humid or raining. You can avoid frizz and puffiness and all that bad jazz. Just make sure you’re not making the following mistakes:

#1. Washing Your Hair Too Much

Over-washing your hair strips the natural oils from your hair. And when your oils are stripped from your hair, it gets dehydrated. That leads to more frizz and makes your locks more susceptible to humidity.

#2. Not Rinsing Your Hair with Cool Water

Rinsing your conditioner out with cool water instead of warm water is crucial in combating humidity. This helps smooth your hair and keep it under control in gross weather. It also keeps your hair frizz-free when you’re styling.

#3. Not Hydrating Your Hair

One of the key factors that makes hair freak out in humid weather is dehydration. If you want your hair to stay calm, it needs to be well hydrated. And that means it needs to be well conditioned. Make sure you’re regularly conditioning your hair and do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to keep it healthy.

#4. Not Using the Right Products

A lot of people don’t realize that anti-frizz products are great for treating the other issues that come along with humidity. Hair doesn’t always get frizzy. It’ll often just get sort of puffy or won’t hold a style. Anti-frizz products help keep your hair smooth so it doesn’t frizz or reject your styling attempts.

#5. Towel-Drying Your Hair

Towel-drying your hair with a regular towel is basically like sticking your finger in an electrical socket. It creates massive amounts of friction, which leads to frizz. Opt for a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt instead.

#6. Brushing with Metal or Plastic Bristles

Brushes with plastic and metal bristles create friction, which creates frizz. To save your hair from humidity, use a brush with boar hair bristles or a wide-toothed comb.
How do you beat frizz?

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Pants for Your Everyday Wardrobe

Cropped wide leg pants have been everywhere this spring and summer. I’ve seen them all over style blogs and in magazines. They’re the newest “it” trend that’ll help make your outfit all the more fashion forward.

Check out these different styles below:

These pants are so chic and can be worn with almost anything. My favorite pairing? Some strappy heels. Or you could go for some oxford shoes like Gigi Hadid below. I love the way she added a simple black belt to her wide leg pants. It definitely makes for a unique style!

Noisy May Wrap Front Wide Crop Pant, ASOS, $45.29- Be your own trendsetter in these black cropped wide leg pants. They’re chic, and look super comfortable. Make them your own by clicking on the picture below!


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Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

Emma Roberts At the Lady Dior Event - Copy the Look

Dior Cruise 2017 made its debut to London last week. Did you see my best dressed post? Fashion’s elite came out to celebrate the occasion, including Emma Roberts in a chic yet simple outfit. Check her out below ..

Gorgeous. I love this look for it’s simplicity. To create this look all you need is a white dress, a red clutch and a leather jacket. Easy, no? Add on some lace-up heels and you’ve got yourself the perfect dress for a night out. If your fashion is missing some pieces to create this look, read on.

Wayf Blouson Midi Dress, Nordstrom, $68.00- I love flowy, relaxed midi dresses. This one is definitely perfect for lazy summer afternoons. Plus, it matches Emma’s dress perfectly. Add a jacket over this dress for a night out or keep it simple and rock it on it’s own. It’s definitely an easy dress that you can slip into any day of the week.

Guess Colorblocked Faux-Leather Moto Jacket, Macy’s, $94.99-  This jacket comes in black and white so you can rock a classic biker look or one that makes for a perfect summer outfit. Throw this jacket over your shoulders with the midi dress above and you’re sure to look fabulous

Kalala, Aldo, $48.99– The lace up heels below are so on-trend. They give the classic pump a chic upgrade. They’re sure to look fabulous with this look. It’s all about choosing unique separates for this look.

Street Leve Faux Leather Convertible Crossbody, Nordstrom, $21.60– Sure, a Dior purse like Emma’s would be great, but it’s not exactly fit for everyone’s budget. Go for the red purse below instead. Not only is it perfect for this look, but the price fits every budget.

What do you think of Emma Roberts’ look? 

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Get the Gigi Hadid Look:

Gigi Hadid stepped out last week wearing a seriously stylish and edgy outfit while in New York. Check it out below!

She wore a muscle tee, visible bra and some high waist, wide leg pants. I love this look because it’s so simple you can rock it at home. It’s perfect for a summer day where you’re looking to explore or a simple weekend with friends. I’d wear this comfortable outfit any day where I’m in the mood for something casual, yet trendy. What do you think of this look? Love it as much as I do? I don’t blame you. Below are some pieces to help you get this look for yourself. Check them out below and be sure to let me know what you think!

Asos Linen Culotte with Tie Waist, $40.44- Go for Gigi’s wide leg pant with these culottes. They’ve got just the right style to take your look over the top and fashion forward. Love this style. Would you wear these pants?

Chaser Band Graphic Muscle Tank, $59.00-  Add a muscle tee to your look. Tuck this shirt into your culottes and don’t be afraid to let your bra show a bit. Gigi’s look is all about being edgy yet trendy, so be sure to play it up a bit. Fashion is all about having fun.

Add some model attitude to your look and you’re Gigi Hadid- inspired look is all set. Love this post? Let me know in the comments section! Would you rock this yourself ??

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New H&M Designer Collaboration

Fashionistas from all over the world freak out every time H&M announces a new designer collaboration, and with good reason. Getting designer duds at adorable prices is exactly what we fashion girls are after. No wonder these collaborations sell out so quickly! Well, ladies. Get ready to freak out again because H&M has recently announced their newest collaboration. Are you ready? Except to see KenzoXH&M looks coming your way this fall! Yup, the collaboration is set to hit stores and on online on November 3rd. Mark your calendars and let the countdown begin!

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Hair: Air Drying Tips for Spring and Summer

Summer’s coming and you know what that means…..perfect timing for air-drying your hair and getting those gorgeous beachy waves all our favorite celebs are sporting. No matter what type of hair you have, short, long, thick, fine…no one wants to spend all summer long with the blow dryer and a flat iron – it’s much too hot for that! Plus – there’s many more important things – like spending the day by the pool or meeting your favorite gal pals for happy hour al fresco. Not sure you have the whole air-drying thing under control? Here are a few tips to get it just right:

Get those perfect beachy waves. Wash hair before you head to bed. Towel and air dry for just a bit until it’s no longer dripping and is just damp. Use a good amount of volumizing mousse throughout and put hair in a loose braid. Head to bed and let it dry overnight like that. When you wake up, shake out the braid for perfect beachy waves.

To control puffiness and frizziness (even with thick and curly hair). Add your favorite styling crème to damp hair, tousle it around to be sure the product is even distributed. Tie hair in a loose bun and leave it twisted until it dries. When it’s dry, undo the bun and scrunch the hair with your hands – you can even add a bit more product at this point. Once it’s all scrunched – you’re good to go!

For that ideal loose and little bend midway down, tuck damp hair behind your ears and use clips to hold it in place. Keep the clips there until hair thoroughly air dries. When it’s all dry, remove the clips, shake it out and mist with a light hair spray. You’ll love this easy style.

For textured and defined waves that stay all day. Spray hair down with your favorite sea salt spray and then braid damp hair into multiple (maybe 4-6) loose braids. Let hair dry completely and remove braids. Shake and tousle and you’re good to go!

What do you think? Will air-drying be your go-to hair solution this summer?

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How to Rock Work-Appropriate Summer Outfits

It’s getting hot out there, but you already know this. At this point in the summer, the last thing you want to do is get dressed up every day for work, and you’d love nothing more than to throw on some flip-flops and shorts. Yeah, that’s probably not going to fly. Luckily, there are definitely ways to keep cool and office-appropriate in sweltering temperatures. Keep reading to see how you can make a stylish statement without sweating up a storm. Here are some tried and true tips on how to stay cool in work-appropriate summer outfits.

If You’re Headed to an Interview

See your trusty black pantsuit? In this heat, skip right over that baby. Instead, you’ll want to layer like a pro. Start with a sleek pencil skirt, then add a sophisticated top: short sleeved, sleeveless, 3/4 sleeved, or even a tank if it’s appropriate for your office. Then, right before you head out the door, simply throw on a blazer to look interview-ready. My favorite look always includes a patterned top! Unless you’re interviewing in an extremely conservative environment, patterns are perfectly appropriate and will inject personality into a potentially blah ensemble.

If You’re Headed to Happy Hour After Work


While a night out after work might inspire you to pull out something fun and fitted, loose-fitting garb is the only way to go. Remember, you want your sweat to evaporate, and tight clothing will only retain moisture.
Look for tunics and shift dresses, which go effortlessly from day to night. You can also keep a cute clutch and pair of heels in your car or bottom desk drawer and trade them in quickly for a more fun look. And if humidity has taken a toll on your hair over the course of the day, add a quick topknot to complete your transformation.

If Your Office Has Casual Friday



In the cooler months, casual Friday is so easy—throw on your favorite dark jeans with a great top, and you’re good to go! But the summer is a bit tougher: It’s too hot to wear jeans, but shorts and sundresses aren’t HR-approved at most offices.
My summertime go-to is casual-yet-covered dresses in cotton, rayon, and silk-linen blends, which will stay wrinkle free and “breathe” efficiently. (Synthetic materials, like polyester, actually retain both moisture and heat.) I picked this dress because it’s a more fun look than I’d wear Monday to Thursday, but it’s still perfectly professional if I get pulled into a meeting.

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