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Da werden Kinderheitserinnerungen wach !!

Früher haben wir in diesen Einteilern im Sandkasten rumgebuddelt, heute machen wir damit die City unsicher !! Das Beste: Dieser Trend ist absolut bezahlbar !!

Styling Tip: den Kleinen-Mädchen-Look bitte nicht überreizen. Ein sweetes Teil darf gerne noch dazu, aber für den Rest des Looks Leiber auf rockige Teile setzten!!

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Who wore it better ?

Girls Star Allison mixt zum weissen Piece von Valentino schwarze Pumps und dezentes Make-up.. ist OK !

Victoria Secret Angel Lily Aldridge setzt hingegen hübsche leuchtende Highlights und liegt somit ganz klar vorne ?? oder ? xo

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Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is all about warm weather, sunshine, and making time to play outdoors. If you’re hitting the beach this summer, here’s a list of absolute essentials to pack. Living in sunny South Florida, I like to keep a bag stocked and ready to go. The key is to protect your skin and hair, stay hydrated and just relax. xo

Beach Bag – Choose a stylish bag to carry it all in

Sunscreen – First and foremost, protect your skin

Towel – Lie back on a stylish beach towel

Lip Balm – Pack one with some color

Straw Hat – Keep the sun out of your face while making a statement in a wide-brimmed sun hat 

Hair Ties, Brush & Conditioner – Protect your hair from water and sun damage 

Water – Stay hydrated, ladies. It’s the secret to beautiful skin and soft lips 

Entertainment – Pack some headphones and load up your favorite playlist

Sunglasses – Protect the delicate skin around your eyes with a pair of oversized sunglasses 

Sandals – Choose a comfortable pair 

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Investing in key pieces to build a wardrobe can be scary because you’re dishing out a lot of your hard earned cash. Fear not! This is a list of items that you should be investing in that have the potential to last you a lifetime!
A good coat is a great investment, since winter is long and it’s key to the impression make. If you can’t afford an expensive coat, you can find great trendy coats in the chain stores at very reasonable prices. Then try to personalize them by changing the buttons, so you don’t meet other people wearing the same exact coat.
Fabulous shoes can make any outfit look fantastic. Shoes can last years since generally when you become an adult your feet stop growing. Also be sure to care for these and have them resoled or polished when needed by a professional

Accessories should either be very cheap very expensive don’t waste money on the middle ground. A note about buying gold jewelry: gold holds value and has proven to been a steady commodity. It’s worth the investing.

The classic little black dress is worth spending money on since it will work for any season – all you have to do is update with some accessories. Find one in a classic fit and if need be, have it tailored to fit your body just right.

A good blow dry, manicure, and pedicure are absolutely priceless. They will give you the confidence to carry on any style. Additionally they will make all of your looks, casual or dressed up, like they’re on the same playing field because your grooming is on par.

A pair of Spanx are essential under tightfitting dresses, giving you a flat stomach without the work out. Girls who have a naturally curvy body shape should most definitely invest in this piece!
Try to plan your outfit the night before if you’re busy workingwoman to avoid the last-minute panic and possible fashion disasters when you’re in a hurry in the morning. While this doesn’t require a monetary investment, it does require a small bit of your time. Your morning self will surely thank you!
Now you have the essentials laid out before you about what’s worth splurging on. Start saving and investing in key pieces for your wardrobe to get a life long closet full of items you truly love and will actually wear!
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As an avid vintage-lover, at times I find it challenging to confidently wear fashions from past decades and ushering them into the modern era. Some of my favorite fashion trends can be found in the Vogue archives of the 1930s and 40s. Maybe it’s the elegance of a perfectly draped day dress, or the chicness of a cloche hat.
Still, it’s always fun to bring back these styles in fresh and new ways—breathing new life to fashion history. Seriously, has anyone seen The Notebook? Rachel McAdams singlehandedly proved that the sometimes drab cuts and colors of 40s fashions don’t actually have to be boring by today’s standards. Here tip that I found helpful in incorporating vintage into my wardrobe.

Though the 1920s might be deemed the most popular vintage era as of now, there is a lot to be appreciated about the 1930s and 40s. While some women may feel drab in a head-to-toe 30s or 40s look. There are ways to spin your vintage inspired clothing so that you’ll always feel and look fresh and fashionable.
  1. Always mix vintage pieces with modern ones.
The most important part of appearing like you just stepped out of a 30s catalog or a theme party is to mix in pieces from you everyday wardrobe. Instead of pairing a 40s inspired dress with laced and heeled oxfords, why not opt for a sleek pair of strappy stilettos for an unexpected twist. Or, say you have a soft spot for cloche hats but don’t want to overdo it. Pair the hat with a simple side braid and a sophisticated all-black ensemble for an intriguing yet sweet look.

You could be wearing something as simple as a blouse and denim shorts, but throw in glossy retro hair waves and a red lip and you just might be mistaken for a woman from the past. There is something so nostalgic and iconic about soft yet perfectly shaped waves that truly speak to the fashion of that time.

As mentioned before, fluttering butterfly sleeves were a signature of the 1930s, along with wrapped necklines and matching belts with dresses. Next time you’re shopping, keep these little details in mind and you’ll start to see them pop up in the clothing store’s racks. These new styles will likely be reinventions of their original forms, but you can definitely get that 1930s and 40s feel from inspired clothing. It doesn’t always have to be true vintage, but just has to be vintage inspired with a bit of a twist to keep things fresh.
These are just a few ideas that’ll help you master the art of wearing vintage. Overall, the key is to mix in modern trends to your wardrobe, which will keep even a decades old garment feeling fun and new.
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There’s no doubt about it. Life is hectic – and the calendar only seems to get fuller with each passing day. Between work, school, kids and just general responsibilities, squeezing in time for volunteering can be a real challenge. Even when we have the best intentions, volunteer projects always seem to be pushed to the back burner, but we know in our hearts, working on projects that help others is an important part of giving back. Despite busy schedules and being pressed for time, making room for volunteer work feels great. Take a look at these ways to volunteer – and get started as soon as you can! 

Get your kids involved. There’s nothing more important than teaching our children about giving back to the community, and believe it or not – they can be a great help. Turning volunteer work into a fun project is easy when you get kids involved, especially when they get the chance to help other kids. Try simple projects like having your kids organize a school supply drive or help gather up their slightly used toys for donations. An outdoor clean-up at a beach or park is another excellent way to involve children as volunteers – keeping the projects simple and accessible is a great solution.
Have a soft spot in your heart for military families? Volunteering  for a family whose loved one has been deployed can go a long way in helping them feel supported. Some military families can use nothing more than a good friend. Moving around regularly means making new friends everywhere they go – and a listening ear may be just what they need. If you’re feeling like you can do a bit more – offer to make an easy meal one night a week and drop off a lasagna or even just a batch of brownies. You’d be surprised how a little love goes a long way for families who are having a tough time.
Spend time with seniors.  Not exactly sure how you spend your volunteer hours? Working with seniors is a truly fulfilling way to spend your time and can be as simple as helping an elderly neighbor with yard work or a project around the house. If projects aren’t really your thing offer to play a round of cards or take your neighbor to do his or her groceries. Just spending time together can mean the world to someone who’s feeling a little lonely.
Help a furry friend in need. Have a love for animals, but just can’t have a pet of your own? Get in your puppy and kitty time by volunteering at a local animal shelter. Spending even just an hour a week giving some love to some pets in need will make you and Fido feel loved and special. Offer to take dogs for a walk or play fetch outside the shelter – these animals will love you unconditionally for even just a few minutes of one-on-one attention. Got a little more time to offer? Consider becoming a foster owner for a pet who needs a home.
Try a quick seasonal clothing drive. Each season when you switch over your clothes, sort through the items that are no longer your faves or just don’t fit quite right anymore. Do the same with shoes, bags and even office-appropriate looks. Make a big pile perfect for donating directly to a local family or drop it off at your local clothing donation station. It’s a simple act, but one that goes a long way.
How do you find ways to volunteer with your busy schedule?
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Who doesn’t know the name Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen these days? These 20 something year old twins have long been in the spotlight for their beauty, acting skills, and their brilliant fashion empire. With a career that started at the age of 2, these girls have been working their whole lives and it’s certainly paying off!
Affectionately known as the the ‘billion dollar babies’, they have created an empire that began with a tween clothing line sold in Wal*Mart and now have their designs prominently featured in Barneys sold next to the likes of the most famous designers of our time.
The Row was established in 2006 by the Olsen twins and since its launch, the brand has expanded to include a range of ready-to-wear, eyewear, and handbags. Their brand reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance, focusing on fine fabrics and the perfect fit. In 2012, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) proudly named Ashley and Mary-Kate as Womenswear Designers of The Year. Part of The Row’s mission is to support high-end fashion manufacturing in the US.

Focusing on perfecting the basics, Mary Kate and Ashley set out to create a line of clothing that encompassed the needs of every woman’s wardrobe. From the perfect pea coat to brilliantly tailored white button ups, they don’t work around the trends but rather enhance the basics. It’s true that no matter what the runways say, there will always be a need for a comfortable tee, proper fitting trousers, and of course a never ending selection of classic little black dresses.

While their price range may soar up into the $$$$ mark on many items, it is not without good reason that the price tag be above the average. Their pieces are crafted with the finest materials, which if cared for properly, can last a lifetime and then some. You really do get what you pay for when you purchase from their highest line of fashion.

Recently, the twins announced they opened up their first flagship store in Los Angeles, which is a delight to classic fashionistas at last! With a minimalistic approach, much like their garment designs, the girls have begun to cultivate their in store presence as a learning experiment with hopes to open more brick-and-mortar shops for their other brands as well.

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Gift Ideas - Bridesmaids

One of the best parts of getting married is getting to choose the special ladies in your life to walk down the aisle with you. Your bridal party consists of lifelong friends, sisters, sisters-in-laws, cousins, college roommates…you name it. All your favorite women who have touched your life in some way will now stand by your side as you say “I do.” Once everything is settled – flowers, dresses, shoes and showers, it’s your chance to show your wedding party how much you love and appreciate all they have done. Choosing bridesmaids gifts should be lots of fun with individualized attention that leaves no one out. Check out these ideas for the best bridesmaids gifts around and give your girls something they’ll cherish forever...

Elegant and classic : monogrammed notecards  

A soft and stunning  cashmere wrap

Perfect Pearl earrings 

A time-tested  tote-bag  – excellent for lugging around all their wedding gear
A gorgeous and ultra-feminine robe  

Have you ever received a bridesmaid gift that you just loved and have cherished for years? What made it so special? xo

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Even though my wardrobe has a distinctly feminine style, sometimes I love to venture outside of my comfort zone and thrown in the unpredictable pieces–like a bit of pleather mixed with my favorite lace top or classic pleats paired with a chambray shirt. Combining textures within one outfit is an easy way to maximize your wardrobe and add a little spice to your personal style, but if you haven’t yet experimented with it ....


A closet staple for every woman should be a denim jacket or a denim jeans. While you may be tempted to pair your jacket with a classic flannel or white jeans, combining denim with lace is another option for dressing up an all-American must-have. The dusty pink of the lace skirt perfectly complements the rustic appearance of this jacket style and, ultimately, boosts this look to another level of sophistication.


As a self-proclaimed girly-girl, I never understood the attraction of leather looks until recently. A couple of months ago I purchased my first pleather-accented top and it has become one of my absolute favorites! Realistically, you won’t find me wearing studs, biker boots, or a full-on leather jacket anytime soon, but I’ve grown accustomed to the look of leather mixed with my feminine pieces. This rose jacquard full skirt paired with a chic leather top will strike the perfect balance of femininity and edge.

What are some of your favorite texture combinations? Sound off in the comment section, I can’t wait to get more ideas!! xo

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Shades of Grey

Stella Tennant in Pigeon and who could forget Chanel Iman in SkimmingStone ?

No, these aren´t new designers, but the Farrow & Ball paint colors we reckon inspired these gowns.

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Vitamin B? Sie brauchen nur Vitamin M ( Multivitamin) ...

Wenn Sie eines der neuen Obst-Pieces tragen, verhindert es zwar keine Erkältung Aber mit den Connections klappt es von alleine!! Natürlich alles ganz frisch importiert! xo

Nicole Warner

Edie Parker

Charlotte Olympia

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BLOOM BOOM - Pollenallergiker müssen sich keine Sorgen machen, denn diese zarten Blüten kitzeln garantiert nicht in der Nase!

Passend zur Jahreszeit lassen es Alexa und Co wieder spriessen - auf sommerlich floralen Kleidchen ... ist zwar kein neuer Trend aber immer wider hübsch anzusehen. xo

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Happy Birthday NAVABI

Beim coolen Online Shop NAVABI knallen diesen Monat die Korken!

Der Plus-Size-Store Navabi ( zelebriert sein fünfjähriges Bestehen mit einer limitierten Kollektion aus sexy Kleidern. Wir gratulieren!!

Must haves !! xo

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Jean shopping has never been too fun for me. The waist is too large, the ankles are too tight, or the fabric simply isn’t stretchy enough! Always such nightmares to try on a million different pairs and sometimes walk away without any. Over the years I’ve perfected a way to jean shopping without getting stressed out. The following tips have really helped me overcome my jean shopping experiences and I hope that they help you too!
Try on as many different brands and pairs as possible. Go to the stores that have a lot of different brands, grab a bunch of different pairs in your size, and try everything. Come prepared to spend some time shopping; you want to get this right – don’t rush it. Don’t look at the brand name, just focus on finding the perfect fit.

Try different sizes. Measurement differences can be very subtle and vary according to the different types of denim and washes used by the brands. If you think you’re size 28, also give size 27 and 29 a try. Also trying on three pairs of the same size can be helpful, as there’s probably a little bit of a difference between each of the pants. One of the size 28s may fit better then another – you never know!

Always think about comfort. Sure you want trendy jeans, but what you don’t want is a pair jeans that will make you want to change out of them the minute you get home into something more comfortable. A great pair of jeans should not only look awesome but also be as comfortable as your favorite pair of sweatpants. Look for stretch and the softness of the denim – are these pants comfortable to wear?

Be sure to buy the right style for your body type. As a general rule, boot cut (a slightly wider cut from the knee down) is universally the most flattering style. The boot cut balances out your hips and makes your legs look longer and leaner. And then there are fitted jeans a.k.a. skinny jeans – you don’t need to be really skinny to wear these, especially if you team them with a long top or sweater.
Don’t get stressed out next time you have to go jean shopping; take these tips and apply them so that you can find the right fit and size for what you’re looking for. Good luck and let me know how these tips help you! xo

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Designers i like : ISABEL MARANT

Isabel Marant is effortless, chic, and the ultimate trendsetter. This French designer not only has one of the most coveted design lines in the world, but pulls it all off with an attitude of nonchalant sophistication.

Reflected in most of her designs is a mix of bohemia and tomboy influence. Very Parisian street chic. Growing up, Marant would constantly be found donning her father’s wardrobe because she identified as a tomboy and despised anything girly. Her bohemian influences stem from inspiration gathered as a child, touring Asian, African, and Indian destinations with her parents.

Marant’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection was fresh and true to her signature “tomboy meets bohemian” style. This new collection debuted with just a bit more tomboy edge as silver rivets adorned leather pants and boots. Soft florals paired with sharp edged sandals and boots were also distinct elements in this line. The footwear also subtly resembled a man’s tie or bowtie, which again is so fitting to Marant’s true style.

What I think we’ll begin to see in the summer street fashion (with influences from this collection) is monochromatic black and white and edgy textures paired with soft chiffon florals. Femininity at its boldest! So, are you ready to pair that stark blazer with your summer chiffon dress? Let me know your opinions of Marant’s line in the comments and how you’d personally interpret these looks into your everyday wardrobe. xo

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Workout Apps

Whatever did we do before smartphones? With workout apps to help you track your fitness goals, nutritional plans and even compete with your friends, it’s easier than ever to stay on track. But with so many awesome workout apps out there, how do you know which ones are the best and which ones fit the bill for what you’re actually trying to accomplish? Whether you’re simply trying to get motivated, lose weight or even squeeze in 10,000 walking steps each day – there’s a fitness app out there just for you. Here’s a look at the best workout apps on the market today!

Fitocracy – using gaming technology, this app helps motivate by creating a little healthy competition out of your fitness goals – sort of like a social network for tracking fitness. –Free
Gain Fitness – this workout app is perfect for creating personalized workouts you can use at the gym, at home or even if you’re on the road. –Free
Endomondo – this app lets you track your workouts, challenge your friends and analyze your training. It’s social and motivating. –Free up to $4.99 for the upgraded version.
JetFit Workout – want to keep track of all your moves and reps at the gym? This app is perfect for weightlifters looking to track their workouts. –Free to $4.99 for upgrades.
Runtastic Six Pack Abs – Yep! This one is that specific. Targeted at helping you feel the burn in those abs, this app is loaded with moves to help you achieve that six pack of your dreams. –Free to $4.99 for upgrades.
FitStar – this is a lot like having a personal trainer inside your phone. It designs personalized workouts based on how you’re progressing with each move and your fitness goals. –Free to $49 per year for an upgraded version.
My Fitness Pal – if counting calories alongside tracking your workouts is more your thing, this app will help keep you  motivated by tracking it all. -Free
Map My Fitness – Do most of your workouts take place outside? Want to track your mileage and calories? This app uses GPS to track and log your outdoor workouts. –Free to $5.99 monthly membership for add on’s.
Cyclemeter –  for cycling, mountain biking, running, and more. This app is complete with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more. -$4.99
ARGUS – Pedometer, Calorie, Nutrition, Activity Tracker by Azumio – this one kind of does it all  and is a great alternative to spending hundreds on a FitBit or pedometer.  –Free
How about you? Got any favorite workout apps to share? xo

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