Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

Habits That May be Aging You

Has this been happening to anyone else lately? You’re scrolling through Facebook and suddenly one of those “Facebook Memories” from three or four years ago pops up….and your first thought: “Wow, I look SO young.” You’re wondering what happened. It’s only been a few years, but when you look in the mirror you feel like you’ve aged more like ten? You look tired, you feel tired and that glow you seemed to have in that memory photo is nowhere to be found. What were you doing differently back then? How did age creep up so fast? Believe it or not, you probably don’t look that different. But your self-critical habits can’t help but sneak up on you – and if you think about it, maybe you have been a little stressed, spending less time with friends and feeling generally overworked. If any of those things feel like issues you’ve been dealing with, you just may be creating a few bad habits that may be aging you. Let’s take a closer look and see.

1 – You’re working around the clock. This happens to so many of us at one point or another in our careers. You feel like you can’t get it all done and just when you think you’re catching up, more projects appears. It becomes a vicious cycle. And, when you’re trying to get ahead, advance your career and make moves – it’s very tough to walk away. But, here’s the thing. No one performs their best when they are stretch beyond capacity…no one. And, what you really need is to deliver your best for the duration of the working day – not around the clock and into the wee hours of the night. So stick to a schedule. Get done what you can during your set hours and at the end of that day, pack up and go relax. You’ll be more rejuvenated and on point in the morning. You’ll also give your body that much needed time to unwind and keep you looking (and feeling) young and fresh.

2 – You aren’t getting enough sleep. This is one of the worst things you can do for your poor body. Sleep is the thing that keeps us going – all living beings need sleep to let their whole body take a break and recharge in order to operate at peak performance. No matter if you’re working too much, partying too much or your kiddos are keeping you up all night, you have to find a way to get on a regular sleep schedule. Not only will that keep you looking and feeling younger, but you’ll stay nice and healthy too. Pretty much a win win.

3 – You aren’t drinking enough water. Guilty as charged on this one! (It’s so hard sometimes) You have to make hydration a priority in your life – it’s essential for keeping your body functioning at top performing levels and keeping your skin and complexion looking renewed, young and glow-y. Try investing in a fun water bottle you really like or use an app to track your water consumption each day if you have trouble remembering. You’ll have more energy, you’ll look amazing and your body will thank you for it.

4 – You aren’t getting enough exercise. This is a tough one when you’re super busy and trying to juggle and balance it all. You want to exercise, but sometimes finding that motivation is a real challenge – you just have to get out there. Once you make exercise a regular habit in your life, you’ll find yourself craving that awesome high that comes from working your body and working up a sweat. Next time you want to exercise, don’t just think about it – make a move.

What do you think? Can you break these bad habits by exchanging them for good ones and get your youthful glow back?

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Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Drink Water

It often seems that our solution to everything when it comes to health and beauty is to drink more water – and you know why? Because believe it or not, it actually works. Your body is made up of nearly 80% water and when it comes to taking care of that body, helping to replace that water content is essential. No matter if you’re exercising more than the average person or even not exercising at all, adding a routine of drinking a ½ an ounce of water for each pound of your body weight (example: if you weigh 150lbs, drink 75 ounces of water) every day is essential for keeping your body in tip top shape and your skin looking bright and clear. So how about it? Have you ever tried drinking that much water in a day?

If you’re not sure about all this, how about thinking of it in the form of a challenge? Sort of a resolution where the prize at the end is clearer skin and other great bonuses like more energy. Here’s what to do… Take a look at your body weight (like we did above) and drink a ½ ounce of water for every pound. Challenge yourself to take on this task every day for 10 whole days. Here’s what you can probably expect:
  • First of all, you’re going to be in the bathroom, a lot. More than you’d expect because the water is flowing. It may be tough to get used to that at first – but you can do it!
  • You’ll probably want to eat less snacky stuff. Drinking all this water will help keep you full throughout the day and will be an excellent meter for knowing when you actually are hungry.
  • You may experience some initial bloating and headaches because you’re body isn’t used to all this water – don’t worry, you aren’t drinking too much, it will go away.
  • Your skin will start to look clear and glowy.
  • More than likely you’ll lose a few pounds – some people even lose up to 10!
  • And, as an added bonus, you’ll probably lose a couple of inches off your waist.
  • You may notice you have less joint pain and you aren’t sweating as much as you normally do – incredible, right?
  • You’ll have increased energy and start to feel pretty great from the inside out

So, what do you think? Are these incredible after effects enough to help you jumpstart your own water challenge? Take before and after photos to get the full effect – look at your skin, your weight, your waist size – anything you’re interested in changing to track your water challenge results and go for it for 10 days. Can you do it?

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ValentinesDay - Single ? Who cares !!

So there’s two ways things can go if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. You can wallow in self-pity eating a carton of ice cream and crying your eyes out while watching early 90’s “rom-coms” or you can pick yourself up and enjoy every moment of this special holiday – and make it all about you. No matter what, there’s loads of ways to pamper yourself – and what better day of the year than the one that offers any excuse to luxuriate in the finer things? Of course this day is all about you! Especially if you’re embracing the single life and loving all it has to offer.  You ready to celebrate? Here are a few ideas for how you can enjoy every moment.

Bubble bath. When do you have time to take a mid-week bubble bath? Pretty much never, right? So how about filling up that tub, grabbing a glass of your favorite red wine, turning on some tunes and just letting yourself relax? Amazing, right?

Head straight to yoga. There’s nothing like starting or ending your day on the right foot and bringing yoga into the mix is the perfect way to do that. Whether it’s part of your weekly routine or something totally new to you – make it a priority on Valentine’s Day to give yourself that extra time perfect for calm reflection.

Go Dancing. Gather up all your single friends and head out on the town looking your best, with your dancing shoes on. Shake it all night long until you’re so tired you have to head home. Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?

Make your bestie your Valentine. Still want to send a card and chocolates? You can, of course! Make your best friends day by sending them straight to her (even if she’s not single). She’ll really feel the love and you will too when she knows you took a few minutes to remind her just how much you appreciate having her in your life.

Have a single ladies party. Why not, right? Gather up all your single friends, make a great dinner and just have fun hanging out.

Get a mani-pedi. Of course! What better day of the year than to treat yourself to a time-honored tradition of total luxury? After work head straight to the salon, you’ll appreciate every moment of it.

Cook something healthy and delicious and have a super low key night at home. Let yourself relax and unwind – put the smartphone away and close your laptop. Just chill out with a good book or let yourself totally veg and watch some t.v.
Are you single? 
What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

Add Luxury to You Everyday

Living a life a luxury takes work, right? It’s common knowledge that you have to work hard in order to enjoy the finer things in life. What if I told you that a luxurious everyday lifestyle was possible on the budget you’re living on now? Would you believe me? Well, it’s possible! It’s all about enjoying life’s most exquisite pleasures at home, without a millionaire’s paycheck. Below I’ve listed some ways to add luxury to your everyday. Are you interested? Check it out and be sure to leave a message for me in the comments section.

Wear Lingerie Everyday- Wear your most luxurious lingerie. Knowing you’re wearing deliciously comfortable and beautiful lingerie helps to make a woman feels special. It’s a secret confidence booster that makes you fee like a million bucks.

Cook at Home- No need to invest in a personal chef to create meals that are worthwhile. Cook at home and on your own schedule. You can focus on your dietary needs and use recipes that you want. It’s all about the pleasure of cooking for yourself.

Find Leisure Time- Make time to enjoy a book at a café while sipping on some delicious coffee. Buy yourself a pastry while you’re at it. It’s something that the French would approve of. 

Invest In Some Quality Skincare Products- When a woman gets ready in the morning, it’s her time to focus on herself. To feel fabulous during that special routine,  invest in some quality skincare products. A great moisturizer might make your day just a bit more luxurious.

Shop Local!- Shop from local vendors and boutiques. When you shop local, you get quality one-of-a-kind products without having to blow your budget. Find cute gifts, or unique high quality products for yourself. Not only are you quenching your thirst for luxury but you’re also supporting a local business!

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Living a life a luxury takes work, right? It’s common knowledge that you have to work hard in order to enjoy the finer things in life. What if I told you that a luxurious everyday lifestyle was possible on the budget you’re living on now? Would you believe me? Well, it’s possible! It’s all about enjoying life’s most exquisite pleasures at home, without a millionaire’s paycheck. Below I’ve listed some ways to add luxury to your everyday. Are you interested? Check it out and be sure to leave a message for me in the comments section. - See more at: http://www.lorensworld.com/life-work/how-to-add-luxury-to-your-everyday/#sthash.IeLYqfY0.dpuf

A Balmain Children’s Line is Launching Soon

Balmain creative director and French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing has done so much for Balmain to make the elite fashion house accessible to as many people as possible. The line was at H&M stores back in November (albeit for what felt like only a few short minutes) and is now expanding its reach to kids.

Yep! One of my absolute favorites just announced they will be launching a Balmain children’s line in June, with 55 pieces made in-house for boys and girls ages 6 to 14, comprised of mini versions of designs that have been created in previous years’ collections for its loyal adult clientele. However, this should really come as no surprise – Rousteing is Kim Kardashian’s bestie and often sends North one-of-a-kind handmade pieces, making her the chic-est tot on the block. Soon, parents who want to don their mini fashionistas in couture will be able to do the same.

The #BalmainKids collection will be sold in Balmain boutiques and online at Balmain.com. Prices will range from approximately $205 to over $5,000. And if the H&M collaboration is any indication, these styles won’t last long so be sure to follow Balmain  for updates.

“I think I first thought about designing kidswear when I dressed North,” Rousteing tells Vogue.
 “I had a conversation with Kim, and that was the beginning of how I really understood that the Balmain universe can also belong to kids.”

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Dresses we like at the SAG Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards aired this weekend and we got a last glance at all the gowns and glamour before the Oscars. The stars showed up dressed to the nines in designer duds, leaving me ready and excited for all the looks we’ll be seeing at the Oscars. Needless to say, there were definitely some gowns and dresses that stood out to me. Check them out below, and be sure to leave me a message in the comments section. Which looks from the SAG red carpet stood out to you? Let me know!

Naomi Watts – Naomi Watts wore a simple, yet form fitted Burberry gown that featured some cap sleeves. This dress stood out to me for its simplicity. It’s a gorgeous gown and, on Watts, it’s absolutely stunning.

Rachel McAdams- Rachel McAdams is definitely making every best-dressed list with this Elie Saab number. It’s a breath-taking gown. I love the black on nude detailing. Gergeous.

Kristen Wiig- Kristen Wiig wore this Roland Mouret jumpsuit to the SAG Awards and I have to give her props for trying something that’s definitely outside the box for awards season. We’re used to seeing dress after dress, but it’s refreshing to see Wiig change things up.


Eva Longoria -Eva Longoria wore this drop waist green Julien Mcdonald gown. It’s a risk that paid off. Eva isn’t afraid to show off her gorgeous body and this mesh dress proves it.

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Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

February is Heart Month: How to Support

If heart health hits close to home in your family or with your friends, you’ll be excited to know February is “Heart Month,” and there’s a whole bunch of great ways you can support the cause and help bring heart health awareness to the table. If you’re ready to get started and learn a little bit more, here’s some info on this year’s “Heart Month..

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure often shows no signs or symptoms, which is why having your blood pressure checked regularly is important. It’s easy to get your blood pressure checked. You can get screened at your doctor’s office and drugstores or even check it yourself at home, using a home blood pressure monitor.

Once you’re sure you’ve got your blood pressure under control, it’s time to help spread the word to family and friends. Think about offering a ride to older relatives and neighbors to visit their doc or a local pharmacy for an annual blood pressure screening.

  Wear red on National Wear Red Day (February 6th) to help remember and raise awareness for all those who have been affected by heart disease. Share your Wear Red efforts on social media with selfies, pet picks and anything else you’re doing to raise awareness. Join thousands of others who will use #HeartHealth to raise awareness.

There are so many ways you can support Heart Health and help raise awareness during Heart Month. For more information about all of the ways you can help, check out The American Heart Association @ heart.org.

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Get the Paris Street Style Look

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week took place last week bringing fashion’s most stylish folks to The City of Light. Gorgeous street style looks were everywhere last week, and one truly stood out to me, which is why I wanted to create a “Get the Look” post this week.

Check out the fashionista below. I love the way she paired her leather pants with a tweed jacket. It creates some interesting texture. It’s simple yet ultra trendy and flattering. Find out how you can get the look below!

Faux Leather Contrast Pants– These pants make for a perfect staple in anyone’s closet. They can look great with any look, especially this one!

Handi Leather-Trim Tweed Jacket, Black/Red– Pick up the perfect tweed jacket to make this look complete. This Handi tweed jacket definitely makes the cut. I loved the cropped style. It’ll look perfect with anything you’re wearing this winter.

  The Lady & The Sailor Boy Tee– Add a white t-shirt to this look in order to keep it casual and cool. Check out the one below by The Lady and The Sailor Boy.

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Beyonce to Perform with Coldplay at Super Bowl 50

Did anyone happen to catch the recent news that Beyonce will join Coldplay for Super Bowl 50 halftime show? Pretty exciting, right? In recent news from Entertainment Tonight, it was confirmed that “Coldplay will have a very high-profile guest star at the Super Bowl.” Turns out that the “Queen Bey herself, Beyonce, will join the band on-stage during their performance at the Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show on Feb. 7. Presumably, the group will deliver a live rendition of “Hymn for the Weekend,” which is featured on their seventh studio album, A Head Full of Dreams, and features vocals from Bey.”

If you weren’t excited for Super Bowl 50, I bet you are now! Who could be better to put on show stopping performance bound to knock our socks off? The joint performance of Beyonce and Cold Play sounds pretty incredible. According to Entertainment Tonight, it sounds like Beyonce will “join the group for a rendition of its single “Hymn for the Weekend,” which features her vocals.” 

Is anyone else getting excited for SuperBowl 50? Even if football isn’t your sport, this halftime show will have something for everyone! 

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