Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Hair Color Trends 2016

When you get your hair done, you feel refreshed and renewed. Even the smallest of changes make the biggest difference, so why not change your hair color? A fun and exciting change early on in the year could really make your 2016. Want to find out what’s trending before you bite the bullet and change your hair color? Read on because I’ve listed some of the biggest hair color trends of 2016.

Rose Quartz– Pantone’s color of the year has made its way into hair color. Try a light pink rose quartz shade for your hair to fit this trend. You’ll stand out and look totally unique. 

Grey Hair- The grey and silver hair trend was huge in 2015 and I predict that it’ll be an even bigger trend for 2016. I love this look. It’s so futuristic and fantastical. Check it out below. 

Platinum Blonde- For a trend that’s fun and will help you stand out, ask your hairstylist to take you to a platinum shade. You know what they say: blondes have more fun! Find out for yourself. 

Pastel Hair- 2015 was a huge year for pastel hair shades. This is another trend that I see becoming really big in 2016. What’s your favorite color? Find the pastel equivalent of it and try it out on your hair. It could make for an interesting hair look

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Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016

Simple Styling Tricks for Your Blanket Scarf

Big, cuddly, and comfortable. Three words to describe the newest most fun flowing trend this season, the blanket scarf. A blanket scarf, just as the name implies are scarves that are so large they can basically be used as a blanket. This versatile winter trend is by far one of my favorites this year! But how do you wear this oversized scarf without looking like you’re being swallowed by loads of plaid fabric. Listen up ladies, it’s time to embrace the blanket scarf trend with these versatile ways to wear a blanket scarf!

Take your blanket scarf to the next fashion level by just draping the fabric over your shoulders and belt at the waist. You now have a makeshift coat and an outfit that will draw a crowd of looks. Add a fun floppy hat to top it off. Simple as that!

This is by far the easiest possible way to wear your blanket scarf. Just drape it right over your shoulders, add a fedora, and a cute accessory and you’re ready for some Rodeo Drive shopping!

For this infinity scarf look, you simply fold your scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your neck. Folding your scarf into a triangle makes the fabric less bulky, and allows you to stop traffic with a fun flirty dress, while being oh so extremely comfortable.

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Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016

How to Ace Effortless Style

Effortless style is meant to be—well, effortless. Yet, why does it feel so impossible to accomplish? Yup, looking effortless is no easy task, which is why I wanted to bring you my own guide on how to ace effortless style. Read on and let me know what you think in the comments section. What does effortless style mean to you?

Find Your Effortless Look Idol- Whose style do you absolutely covet? Is it Emma Watson’s chic yet girly style, or are you more of a fan of Sofia Coppola’s Parisian inspired looks? Whoever it is, look to them for help. Find your favorite outfits that they’ve worn and create a collage. Try to emulate them the best you can.

Think Chic- Aim for classy, chic looks. Simplicity is where it’s at when it comes to effortless style. Just check out Emma Watson in her look below. When you ‘think chic,’ you become chic.

It’s All in The Details- To ace effortless style you need to remember the details. It’s all about the little things. Rock a cuffed jean with a half-tucked in plaid shirt. Drape your sweater over your shoulders and make it seem like you barely thought about it. 

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Dolce & Gabbana Campaign Embraces the Selfie

Dolce & Gabbana adverts have been known for being bright and colorful. The ads display a different side of the fashion world, which is one that celebrates culture (specifically Italian culture), family and fashion. The ads show models of all ages and genders clamored in one ad vying for your attention and it works. 

D&G campaigns are fun, and definitely show consumers something that other major fashion labels don’t.

Last year, the Italian label came out with campaign chalk full of models and bags. In every picture, we saw models shamelessly taking selfies with their Dolce & Gabbana handbags.

If you thought that Dolce & Gabanna couldn’t embrace the selfie any more, you were wrong. This year, the label came out with an even more visually crowed campaign full of bright colors, Italian locals, and tourists, taking—you guessed it, selfies.
It’s a busy ad campaign, but one that fits with D&G’s model. The brand is definitely trying to appeal to Chinese consumers by featuring Chinese “tourists” in the ad. Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think in the comments section. How do you feel about these visually crowded images. Let me know!

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Style Muse: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is officially Hollywood royalty. Not only is she an academy award-winning actress and a seasoned Hollywood superstar, but she’s also spoken out on Hollywood’s disparities. On top of that, she’s got a great sense of style to boot. Every time she steps out on the red carpet, she looks fabulous. She’s has a chic sense of style that’s like no other actress around right now. Check out some of my favorite looks worn by the actress below. Let me know which look is your favorite in the comments section. I would love to know what you think!

Camera Ready- Below, Blanchett wears an effortlessly put together look beside her Carol co-star Rooney Mara. I love how Blanchett isn’t afraid to wear exactly what she wants. Check out her sheer black top. It’s a risky look, but Blanchett pulls it off.

Royal in Ralph Lauren- Blanchett wore this Ralph Lauren one-shouldered number to the Royal Marsden Dinner at Windsor Castle. It’s stunning and breathtaking all the same time. She paired the look with some smoky eye makeup and glossy rose lips. Perfection. 

 Pantsuit Chic- In this photo, Blanchett is wearing an Armani Privé pantsuit. With her statuesque figure and big personality, this look definitely makes her stand out. The belt around the waist helps take this look over the edge.

Airport Styling- Blanchett’s casual looks are just as breathtaking as her red carpet looks. Just check out her airport style below. Those camel pants are trendy yet look so comfortable. 

 Sooo ...

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Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

Beauty Trends to Look Forward To in 2016

Is anyone else as shocked that another year is arriving so quickly? With time flying by, it’s tough to take a moment to simply take it all in – so we’re just going for it and moving along full speed ahead! One of my favorite parts of a New Year? ….the up and coming beauty trends, of course! Whether it’s hair, makeup or nail treatments, beauty trends are always changing and evolving – and, 2016 is no different. Not sure what to expect? Here’s a look at some beauty trends to look forward to in 2016

Next level French manicure - Go ahead and get creative with this. New nails for a new year.

Styled pony tails  will be big in 2016. From twists to braids it’s an easy, effortless look. 

Bobs and bangs ... to try !

Blue eyes only ... Yes, simple streaks of blue shadow and liner are making an appearance in a big way. 

Glitter - Yes, really. An otherwise neutral face with touches of sparkling glitter….does it get any more glam than that?

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Morning Tips to Start in 2016

The New Year is just around the corner. Let’s ring in 2016 with a “bring it on,” attitude. Don’t be afraid to try new things this year. Be open to change. Changing can bring you happiness in ways you never would have expected otherwise. One thing you can change is your morning ritual. Starting your day right is important, which is why I wanted to bring you some daily rituals that’ll help jumpstart your New Year. Start your day right this 2016, and watch the world open up to you! Read on and let me know what you think in the comments section. 

Start With The Inside- Start your day by drinking some hot water with lemon. Doing this, activates your intestines. It’s lubricates your internal system. It helps to jumpstart your body in a natural and healthy way. Water keeps your intestines flowing while the lemon engages your digestive system. Try it and see what happens.

Practice A Stretching Routine- Find a stretching routine that’s right for you. I love doing a sun salutation when I wake up in the morning. It’s a time for myself to breathe and relax. At the same time, it helps to activate my muscles for the day ahead. It’s a time where I listen to what my body wants.

Move!- Start your day by fitting in a cardio exercise. I love a quick jog in the morning. Get your blood flowing by doing the same. Not only will you feel just a bit more energized during your day, but you’ll also get that workout out of the way. Keep moving, people!

Eat Breakfast- Take some time for your breakfast. Enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal. It’s the most important meal of the day and deserves its rightful place.

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New Year - new collaboration: Nasty Gal and Courtney Love

It makes sense. a brand built on vintage nostalgia, recently announced it’s newest collaboration with “one of the baddest bitches of all time,”  Hole singer and rock and roll idol, Courtney Love. 

The company took to their Instagram account to announce the exciting collaboration. 

Here’s what they had to say:
“You guessed it. We’re collaborating with rock icon and muse @courtneylove on an exclusive collection (coming soon)!”

We don’t know much on the specifics, but the Internet is officially buzzing. I cannot wait to see what will be born out of this collaboration. More updates soon to come. 

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