Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Party 2015

Following in the footsteps of amfAR, which has successfully raised research funds to fight HIV and AIDS during the Cannes Film Festival, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, or LDF, is building its own tradition, staging its second annual auction gala in Saint-Tropez yesterday .

The foundation, which the star set up in 1998, is engaged in more than 70 projects across the globe, including the Elephant Crisis Fund and The Solutions Project to accelerate the transition to renewable energies.

Grammy Award winner John Legend is set to hop on stage for entertainment, in addition to special appearances by the likes of Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson and Elton John, who are chairing this year’s event, cosponsored by Chopard, Giorgio Armani and Swiss banking group Julius Baer.

... and her now some  pics of Leonardo DiCaprio attracting A-List friends ....

What are your thoughts on all these sheer designs? 

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Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Trendguide: Taschen für Männer

Die Tage, in denen Taschen in der Herrenmode höchstens ein Nischendasein fristen durften, sind  wohl endgültig gezählt. Denn an den neuen, extra großen Taschen von Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Missoni & Co. kommt in der kommenden Saison niemand mehr vorbei.

Wenn es um Accessoires geht, sind viele Männer nach wie vor recht einfach gestrickt. Praktisch, zeitlos und schlicht soll es vor allem sein. Wirklich schlicht sind die neuen Taschen jedoch nicht – eher das Gegenteil. Und so könnte es sein, dass viele Männer beim Kauf einer neuen Tasche zunächst unter Berührungsängsten leiden.

Noch sieht man diese großen Taschen eher vereinzelt auf den Straßen, doch Fashion-Profis sind sich einig: die geräumigen Beutel sind das nächste große Ding in der Herrenmode. Nur Mut also liebe Männer!

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Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015

Fashion Mistakes That Instantly Age You

Aging ourselves prematurely is not typically something we’re after. But looking youthful and vibrant without looking too young is – right? No matter what your age, your fashion choices can (and should!) elevate your sense of style, complement your features and make you feel great. And, knowing how you can look your best when it comes to fashion selections will help you easily elevate your appearance without dragging you down. While we’re all trying to look our best, sometimes bad fashion choices happen even to the savviest shopper. Anything from the wrong fit, to an ill-timed look or a color or pattern that’s just off can age you when you least expect it. Not sure how to keep it all in check? Here’s a look at fashion mistakes to avoid.

Going overboard with trend-setting pieces. We all want to be part of the latest trends, but sometimes making trendy your main goal can backfire. Don’t forget that classic and timeless pieces have a place in everyone’s closet – and, they’re known for making you look and feel your absolute best. Whether you’re investing in a signature piece for a black tie event or you’re filling your wardrobe with staples, classic lines and simple styles often work in your favor.

Keeping pieces for too long. We all get attached to things – even our clothes. They hold a dear memory from a special time in life or an unforgettable evening – but often they become out of date, worn or the fit is off as your body changes with time. Remember to rotate your closet every six months or so to purge items that haven’t been worn in recent time. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn it in more than a year, it’s got to go.

Going for the wrong fit. Clothing items that are either too small or too loose can throw off your entire look. When a piece is too tight, it typically accentuates your trouble spots and conversely, when a piece is too big, it doesn’t accentuate your best features. Always strive for the perfect fit – not too tight, not too loose – you’ll feel great and look good too.

Wearing your daughter’s clothes. Even if you feel like breaking into your daughter’s closet will make you look and feel younger – it won’t. Age appropriate clothing actually complements your features and helps you present yourself in that classic and timeless way. No matter how much you’re tempted to dress too young – stop yourself and assess the situation. Be proud of your age and your beauty – and embrace it too.

Do you find yourself making fashion selections that seem to age you? Which mistake are you guilty of?

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(credit: L.R.)

US Fashionistas Style

The US of A is full of big beautiful cities that are full of stylish ladies. As I travel, I cannot help but notice all the differences between cities. Each one brings it’s own flavor and it’s own fashion sense. Some of my favorite cities to visit have some of the best style out there. Check out some of the differences in city style below! Did your city make the cut? Let me know in the comments section! I have to know if I got it right.

New York- New York style is a difficult one to peg down. You have your fashionistas, your trend setting babes, and your business casual beauties. Sometimes there is so much style, it’s almost impossible to take it all in. I do think that the city rubs off on people and makes them more stylish. I love it!

Miami- Miami girls know how to dress for the heat! In Miami, expect to see a lot of skin, shorts, and white. The sun is constantly out all year long, so they have no choice but to dress for the weather. There’s a ton of color in this city. Miami ladies are unafraid to match their eclectic city’s surroundings

Los Angeles- Los Angeles style is the picture of trendy. These girls are rarely caught in anything less than fashion forward. They often dress very rock and roll while still incorporating lots of color into their wardrobe. The close to perfect weather just adds to their ability to trend set.

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(credit: L.R.)