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Trendguide: How To Pull Off Suede

Suede isn’t something that’s very easy to wear but if you know how to wear it and what to wear it with, you can pull it off. These past few months, suede has been on trend and if you’re looking for something new to add to your wardrobe and change things up a little, why not try adding something suede? Not sure how? Check out these chic ways to wear suede.

MIX AND MATCH – one really easy way to sneak some suede into your look is to mix and match it with other pieces that have other textures. This is a great styling trick to do when you’re doing a monochromatic look to keep the outfit from being boring or just when you want something more interesting and detailed for the day.

SUEDE SHOES – suede has always been a popular fabric for shoes, especially boots, so if you don’t already have one, go ahead and get a pair. Suede shoes are great for keeping your feet dry and warm during a cold winter day. If you already have enough boots in your wardrobe, you can always get suede shoes in other styles. Suede is great on loafers and a bunch of other styles, too. 

SUEDE SKIRT – we all love a good skirt on days when we want to look extra girly and ultra chic but have you ever considered wearing a suede one? It’s a great alternative to your usual skirt as it adds more interesting texture to the outfit. Suede also makes great material if you’re looking for a little more structure in your skirt as it tends to hold its shape better than softer fabric like cotton.

SUEDE OUTERWEAR – if you’re looking for an alternative to your everyday denim jacket, why not try a suede one? It gives the same casual look and feel to your look but still looks really stylish and feels amply warm, too. You can also go for a suede jacket if you want something a little less casual. 

SUEDE ACCESSORIES – you know what else suede is great for? Accessories. And, if you’re a crafty gal, you can even make your own accessories with a yard or two of the thing. Tassel earrings, bracelets, statement bib necklaces – these are just some of the things you can do with a little bit of suede and some crafting supplies. Of course, you can also try perusing the racks at your favorite boutique for other pretty accessories made of suede.

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Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Copy the Look: Kate Moss

Kate Moss has become a force to reckon with in the world of modeling. Because of her waifish figure, she has become the muse of many high-fashion houses, from Gucci and Chanel to Dolce and Gabbana.
Despite her notorious party girl lifestyle, Kate remains to be one of the most stylish models in the world. Get this muse’s look with her signature pieces and outfits.

While others have veered away from turtlenecks, Kate Moss wore them with open arms. Whether chunky or fine-knit, she did not have any problems rocking them. Look as timeless as Kate by pairing this warming top with rugged skinny jeans.

Bomber jackets

For the longest time, Kate Moss has been the epitome of ‘grunge.’ This perhaps, paved the way for her penchant for bomber jackets. She is often seen in this outerwear, sometimes in a shocking neon pink color. Because of its edgy design, you can easily copy Kate’s look. That’s because a bomber jacket can be worn with basically anything!

Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans look is perhaps the easiest thing to borrow from Kate’s closet. However, if you like to channel her look, you have to keep her ‘grunge’ mantra in mind. Of course, the best way to do so is to wear your skinny jeans with any of Kate’s aforementioned signature pieces.

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Perfect Color Couple

Black is a timeless and elegant color, yet it can be boring at times. So if you want to say goodbye to your usual black attire, then you ought to try brown. Classic and sophisticated, this hue is a lovely replacement for the usual neutral colors. Create a unique style with brown pieces by wearing them with these complementing colors:


Brown and light blue is a match made in fashion heaven. The contrast between the shades makes it a lovely combo for casual cahoots.


A great way to show your love for nature – erstwhile channeling the military or safari chic look – is to pair your brown pieces with army green items.


If you are looking for a unique dark color to pair with brown, then try burgundy. With its brownish undertones, these colors will surely jive with each other.

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How to wear Stylish Flats

Ballet flats will always have a special place in my heart. They’re my go-to choice when my feet are begging for a break from wearing heels all week-long and wedges are just too casual for the look that I have in mind. They’re really simple and, well, basic if you don’t know how to wear them and what to wear them with but you see, even without the sexy 6-inch heels, ballet flats can look very dressy – given, of course, that you wear them with the right stuff. Here are some tips and ideas on anything but basic ways to wear ballet flats.
WITH MENSWEAR INSPIRED LOOKS – menswear inspired looks are great and all but sometimes they can be a bit too masculine and can overpower your true style which is dainty and feminine so to keep things at the right balance, why not wear something girly and subtle like ballet flats along with a menswear inspired look? The touch of girliness from ballet flats is sure to give your look just the right amount of femininity it deserves.

INSPIRED BY THE REAL THING – most of the ballet flats you’ll see out there aren’t really what legit ballet shoes look like. If you’re looking for a unique pair of ballet flats to get you out of that basic rut, why not go for a pair that’s truly inspired by the real thing? Have you seen Jessica Simpson’s Mandalaye flats? They’re gorgeous and they look like real ballet shoes, too, especially with the square-toe detail the design features.
WITH SOCKS – just like sandals, ballet flats aren’t usually the kind of shoes you’d wear with socks but if you’re looking for non-basic ways to wear your ballet flats then this is one of your best bets. This combo will give your outfit a lot of that school girl / retro kind of vibe so make sure to pick out clothes that will go well with these look. Knee high or over the knee socks are best for this look but shorter socks will work just as well, too. Want to get longer-looking legs? Wear the same color for your socks and shoes. This will create and elongating effect on your legs.

SHOW SOME SKIN – the usual basic combo would be skinny jeans and ballet flats or leggings and ballet flats and while these combos work pretty well, they’re really quite common and basic. Step up your style game and show some skin by pairing your ballet flats with cropped pants instead. They’re less mainstream but they work well and look chic. Capri pants work, too.

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How To Wear A White Button Down

If there’s one thing that no girl should be without, no matter how basic and simple her style is and no matter how limited her closet space is, it’s a white button down shirt. It’s a timeless piece that you’re sure to get a lot of use out of. Aside from pairing it with jeans for the ultimate lazy day go-to look, there are a thousand and one more looks you can do with it. Here are 5 gorgeous ways to style a white button down shirt that you can try the next time you run out of outfit ideas.

THE HALF TUCK – another easy way to give your white button down shirt a more street style look and feel is to do the half tuck. Now, there are two ways you can do the half tuck. One way would be to leave one flap / side tucked in and the other out and the other one would be to have the front of your button down tucked loosely and the sides and back out.

LAYERED WITH A CROP TOP – you know how crop tops are so hot and on trend right now? Well, all that skin-baring could get your tummy real cold now that it’s winter so why not layer it up with a white button down? White button down shirts are ideal for layering because they’re versatile so it’s pretty much like a blank canvass waiting for colors, prints and patterns.

UNDER A DRESS – want to give your dress the slightest bit of that pretty preppy touch? Wear it with a white button down shirt underneath and make sure to leave the collar out. This look should be done with a dress that hugs the body like a shift dress or a mini dress so you can get the best effect.

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Montag, 16. Februar 2015

Fashion faux pas

Fashion is such a fickle industry and trying to keep up with the most recent trends can be really challenging for a lot of us but if you’re someone who wants to make sure she doesn’t get caught in a fashion faux pas, keeping up is a must. Now that we’re starting another year, though, wouldn’t it be fun to include broadening your sense of style in your list of New Years resolution? Here are fun and fabulous style risks to take now to help you get started on that goal.
PILE ON THE BRIGHTS – so they said go easy on the brights, eh? Well, sometimes, being a rebel and going against the rule can prove to be a worthwhile thing to do so why not try it and do a bright on bright on bright combo. This will definitely liven up your look and give you that fun, cheerful vibe which can be a really refreshing sight during the winter months.

WEAR DRESSES OVER PANTS – you’ve seen your favorite style stars sport them before which means they can be done but how exactly do you pull off this combo? Well, one important thing to keep in mind is that you want to go for a dress with a simple and straight cut silhouette to wear over your pants so that you don’t end up with too much going on. You’ll also want your dress ideally exposing at least a third of your pants to get that intentional but chic look.

PLAY WITH SHAPES AND SILHOUETTES – going out of your comfort zone and trying out new shapes and silhouettes can be fun and doing this will let you discover new styles that will flatter your figure. On days when you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try going for unusual ones? A boxy jacket, a structured top, loosely oversized palazzo pants – these are just some of the many interesting shapes and silhouettes you can play with. For once, forget about proportions and just go crazy with mixing and matching whatever you like!

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Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

Workout Inspiration: Kate vs. Beyonce

Staying fit and healthy is a great reason to start hitting the gym and working out but wouldn’t it motivate you even more to get moving if you knew you had cute clothes to wear to the gym? Sure, they’re not that important but just knowing that you have fab clothes to wear can really give you that last push you need to ditch the couch and go to the gym. If you’re looking for stylish clothes that you can wear while keeping fit, check out these fab fitness brands that have the best workout gear.

FABLETICS – just the first three words on the name of this brand is enough to tell us what we can expect from them: clothes that are both fab and athletic. And if that’s not enough to convince you to browse this line, perhaps the fact that the ever so fit and fab Kate Hudson is co-founder and wears these clothes herself is. They even have a “Kate’s Picks” section in case you’re wondering which ones are Kate-approved. Shop at

BEYONCE x TOPSHOP – okay, so this one has not been launched yet which means you can’t get your hands on these goodies just yet BUT it will be launched anytime this year so keep your eyes peeled! And, even without seeing the line yet, you just know it’s going to be good. I mean, have you seen Beyonce and her sporty looks? Come on! 

Check them out! xo

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TRENDGUIDE: 50 Shades of Grey Inspired Outfits

50 Shades of Grey – an erotic novel created by E.L. James – is about to hit the silver screen! Due for showing this love month, it features the steamy love story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. If you are a fan of the novels – and the highly-anticipated movie adaptation – then make sure to try these 50 Shades of Grey fashion ideas.


Another way to embody the 50 Shades of Grey fashion – without baring your entire body – is to wear a lacy outfit. This material creates an element of curiosity – with the patches of skin that show through the sheer lace.


50 Shades of Grey fashion is all about sexiness – and you can channel that vibe (without showing much skin) in a fringy outfit. A fringed crop top or skirt will make any guy’s blood flowing.


Satin is a shiny fabric reminiscent of bedtime and sweet dreams. In fact, these connotations make satin a great piece for a 50 Shades of Grey fashion-inspired outfit. Since satin comes with much sheen, tone down the sparkle in your bottoms, footwear, and accessories.


Look sexy and enticing in a beautiful bralette. This simple yet lightweight top can add an element of sexiness to your outfit. Since it shows an ample amount of skin, make sure to wear it with ‘longer’ bottoms, such as pants or a maxi skirt. If you don’t want to wear it alone, wear a sheer topper so you can still make you look sexy – while partially covered.


Like the bralette, a corset is a shapely topper that can make you look sleek and sexy. You don’t necessarily have to skimp your waist to achieve 50 Shades of Grey fashion. With this on, you’ll look sexy, no matter what bottoms you might wear.

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What To Wear To Coachella 2015

The Coachella Festival is a music and arts celebration held yearly at Indio, California. Started in 1999, this annual festivity is known for its wide range of musicians – and the unique fashion styles channeled by its performers and spectators. Prepare yourself for this year’s Coachella Festival by dressing up in looks inspired by the hip and edgy fete.

MAGNIFICENT IN A MAXIIf you want a fuss-free outfit that will let you do what you want, whenever you want – then go for a maxi dress. This flowy attire is sure to make you look ethereal, so wear it hardware! Good examples include statement accessories and thick bangles.

NICE IN NEONSimilar to Coachella’s luminescent displays are the neon wears of its performers, as well as the watchers. After all, you will want to stand out in a sea of music/art fanatics. While neon pieces are perfect options, you don’t necessarily have to be in a highlighter-like outfit. Neon accessories, such as funky jewelries or a bright bag, will keep you true to the Coachella tradition as well.


The Californian sun can be unforgiving, so make sure to wear a floppy hat. This boho chic accessory gives you the license to wear your hair in a sexy yet unkempt, bedhead manner.


The Coachella festival style is reminiscent of the 70’s and boho chic. Of course, the best way to channel these styles – and unleash the inner wild child in you – is to wear a floral headband.

At it has been said, you can expect the California sun to shine down on you this coming Coachella festival. Keep your eyes protected – and amazing – with a unique pair of sunglasses.


If your boots are made for walking, then make sure to wear them at the 2015 Coachella festival. With its versatile look, you can wear it with basically everything. Whether it’s a short shorts or an elegant maxi dress, it’s sure to look great with your summer booties. 

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Wardrobe Staples You Should Own

Not everyone can shop for a brand new wardrobe every season but that shouldn’t be a reason to look drab and un-fab. When it comes to looking stylish on a budget, I think the wisest thing to do is to stock up on the staples. Get your wardrobe basics in every color you can, if you can, because those are the pieces that: a) will never go out of style and b) you will be able to use all-year long. With the addition of just one or two pieces that are on trend, in season or new, your basics can turn into something really fabulous. Here are some wardrobe staples worth stocking up on.
JEANS – jeans have been around for as long as we can all remember and if that doesn’t prove their timelessness to you, I don’t know what will. Skinny jeans may be dominating the fashion scene right now but don’t forget to add a pair of two of the classic cuts in your wardrobe as well. These will serve as great alternatives to your skinnies when you want to play with shapes and silhouettes.

TANK TOP – whether you’re wearing them on their own in the summer or using them as your base for a beautifully layered outfit in the winter, there’s just no denying that a tank top is one of the things you’ll never never get use out of. Get it in every color, not necessarily all at once, and see how convenient putting together outfits will be.
BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS – white button down shirts are known for being the ultimate must have in every closet but having them in other colors can prove to be a great investment for your wardrobe as well. When you’re in no mood to put together an outfit for the office, just grab one of these and tuck it underneath your pencil skirt and you’re good to go. You can also throw on a blazer to get an extra polished look .

T-SHIRT – another wardrobe staple that you should never be without is a plain t-shirt, especially a white one. These are great on warm summer days with shorts or cute little skirts or underneath, with jeans and heels on a lazy day or underneath a statement jacket during fall / winter. Once you have your plain tee collection completed, you can venture into graphic shirts which, by the way, are fantastic for packing on some personality in any look. 

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