Dienstag, 28. April 2015

Closet Detox for Fashion Lovers

Spring is finally here and while everyone is excited for warmer weather and blooming flowers, there’s one more really fun part: spring cleaning! Sounds like a blast, right? Going through your home each year to purge everything you rarely use and give the whole place a good scrub is completely invigorating. You feel lighter, more organized and ready to tackle anything. So how about some spring cleaning tips for fashion lovers? When that closet and dresser have become totally out of control and your shoe collection has grown to epic proportions, it’s time to take a good hard look at what you love vs. what you’re simply holding onto. Feel like this is a daunting (or scary) task? You can do it! Keep reading for a few tips (and some pics from my closet!) to get started.

Put on your favorite music – something energizing to help you get excited….and open the closet door to take it all in. The fun music will help keep you motivated and your spirits up when you feel like the job is just too much.

Pull absolutely everything out of your closet or dresser (or anywhere else you have clothes and shoes hidden away) and dump it all on the floor or on your bed. This will give you perspective of exactly what you’re dealing with and this way you can’t avoid a single piece.

Make a keep, donate (and/or sell) and trash pile and start going through each item one by one.

If you’re just not sure – some items are sentimental or you think you might wear them again…someday, think about the last time you actually did wear it. Was it more than a year ago? Then it’s probably time to donate it for someone who will love it just like you did. Are you holding onto a pair of skinny jeans that you know are totally out of reach? Don’t do that to yourself – stick to the reality of what you’ll actually wear, now.

Get a friend to weigh in. Just not sure if you even should be wearing that dress anymore? Have a friend give you her honest opinion. If she says toss it – listen to her!

This same process goes for accessories too. Once you make it through clothes and shoes, dump all your costume jewelry, scarves, bags – you name it – onto the bed and follow the exact same process.

Remember – this will feel incredible once you are finished. And, the best part? Now you have room (and an excuse) to load up on all those fresh and new spring styles you’ve been coveting!

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Natural S.O.S Solutions for EYES

Winter has finally passed and spring has blown in full force, leaving many of us battling the first allergies of the season – and, you know what that means? Tired and puffy eyes. Whether you have itchy, allergy eyes, you’ve had a bit of a cry or you’re just super tired, puffy eyes can be totally frustrating. There are many causes for tired and puffy eyes including: drinking a bit too much the night before, sinus issues, seasonal allergies, struggles with diet, stress, genetics, hormonal changes – you name it – but don’t worry! Here’s a look at some natural treatments for combatting tired and puffy eyes.

Chilled cucumbers. Oldest trick in the book, but you know what? It works! Simply place slices of chilled cumbers over each eye, lay back and relax for a few minutes allowing the enzymes in the cucumbers to do their magic and leave those eyes looking totally refreshed.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. It seems water is a solution for so many things, and – truth be told – it is! Staying hydrated is the name of the game when it comes to being in tip top shape, but especially when dealing with puffy eyes. Water flushes the system, moving any sort of fluid retention through and out of the body.

Cold spoons. Sounds like such a simple trick, right? It absolutely is – and it works. Simply chill some metal spoons in the freezer (about 15 mins) and place the rounded part of the chilled spoon against your closed eye. This will relax the blood vessels and tighten the skin around the eye, reducing any signs of puffiness.

Green or black tea. While drinking this tea might also have healing properties, placing warm, soaked tea bags over your closed eyes will help reduce swelling. Be sure to let them cool just a bit before placing them on your eyes!

What’s your secret for tired and puffy eyes? xo

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Sonntag, 26. April 2015

Fashionistas Style Inspiration: Skirts & Boots

Although winter has already bid goodbye, it does not mean that you should completely forget about your boots. You can still wear them this spring with your favorite skirt. Look charming wherever you might be with these celebrity-inspired skirt & boots outfit ideas for spring.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

With her pretty face and sexy structure, Rosie has no hard time pulling off a skirt and boots outfit. Get the model’s high-class look by pairing a leather mini skirt with a sexy, velveteen boots. Cover yourself with a structured tuxedo for a tasteful, sophisticated look.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively sure knows how to wear a proper skirt and boots outfit. Her all-white ensemble – terminated with a stiletto-heel, low-cut boot – is more than a memorable fashion statement. In fact, this is one of the easiest styles to copy, as all it takes is choosing a skirt that goes against the color palette of your boots.

Jamie Chung

If you still like to keep your legs under wraps, then emulate Jamie Chung’s skirt and boots outfit. She wears a tuxedo coat and a slitted midi skirt with a sleek velvet knee-high boots. What’s great about this look is that you can still show some leg – and still skip on the parts that need much cosmetic attention. Most importantly, this outfit can keep you warm during unpredictably cold spring days.

Victoria Beckham

Wine goes better with age, just like Victoria Beckham. This former Spice Girl shows that she’s a celeb to reckon with, especially when it comes to her skirt and boots outfits. The way she manages to harmonize a simple knit skirt with red velvet boots is more than divine! Get her look by matching simple pieces (such as a plain sweater and a knit skirt) with over-the-top boots.

Olivia Palermo

Truly a fashion icon, Olivia manages to make the tackiest of things classy with her unique sense of style. Her midi skirt and boots outfit – which comes in contrasting designs and textures – are blended in high-profile fashion. Since this is very tricky to pull off, make sure to create a homogenized look that links your skirt seamlessly with your boots.

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Donnerstag, 16. April 2015


Spring is such wonderful season. The sun is finally out and flowers are blooming everywhere you turn, while shorts and skirts are getting shorter. I’m all for wearing what you want, but sometimes it’s more flattering to plan your outfits around your body shape. When you look good you feel good, so why not accentuate the good that your body has to offer this spring? Here’s my guide to dressing for your body type: spring trends edition.
Rectangle- If you find that you’re a little less curvy and a bit straighter edge, you’re going to want to accentuate the smallest points of your body. So think skater skirts and dresses. Stylish floral jumpsuits are a big spring trend and they also work well with your body type. Maybe go all out and pick up a floppy hat and 70s style accessories. Why not show off that newly accentuated waist?

Pear- Maybe you’re a little curvier below the hips. I say, shake those hips and be sure flatter them the best you can by going bare shouldered in a strapless dress, that flares out a bit to draw attention up to your body rather than just down. Another vintage spring trend, flared pants, can also help draw attention down rather than just around your hip areas.

Apple- If you’re top heavy, meaning that you gain weight around your top section, then you want to again flatter that waist and bring the eye down. A fitted jacket or sleeveless loose top might work best for you. Flowy dresses also help show off your legs.

Hourglass- If you have an hourglass shape then any formfitting style would be best. You might want to consider dresses that show off your curves or something with has straight lines to draw the eye all over. I think an off the shoulder romper might be the best spring trend for you.

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Spring is upon us, and as much as I love the warmer weather, the humidity that comes with it is another story. The sticky climate and frizzy hair that accompanies the higher temperatures is something that I could do without. Even though you’ll often see me with my hair down, sometimes it’s nice to find easy cute hairstyles to keep that uncomfortable spring and summer time sweat in check. Here are some spring friendly looks that will help you beat that untamable frizz.
Turbans and scarves- Turbans and scarves are a helpful tool to keep your hair out of your face. They can also help add color, texture, and patterns to some of your favorite outfits.

A Top Knot- Top knots don’t just add an elegant touch to your look, they also keep all your hair in one place, so you don’t have to worry about what the hot humid air is going to do to your hair.

The Half Up Knot- I’ve talked about this new hair trend before, but it’s definitely a look that will help keep your hair away from your face. It’s also supposed to look a little bit messy and rugged so it can actually work with the humidity in order make your hairstyle complete.

Have a great beach season!! xo

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Fashion Tips over 50

When you reach a milestone like turning 50, it’s both time to celebrate and time to take good, hard look at your wardrobe. Most likely, many aspects of your life have changed. You’ve probably made great strides at your career, your children are getting older – giving you a little more free time – your body has changed and so has your style. Clearing the clutter of your closet to make room for the pieces that make you feel good at this stage in your life is essential. So what’s stopping you? Keep reading for some wardrobe essentials for women over 50.

A midrise pair of bootcut jeans 

A simple black blazer

Classic pencil skirt  

A timeless wrap dress 

Plain cardigans in a variety of colors

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Mittwoch, 15. April 2015

Classic Styles for classy women

Fact: some fashion items have an expiration date. While they might look good on you during your 20’s, they can make you look dated in your 30’s. Get the most out of your closet by choosing these classic style staples that will make you look good at every age, no matter the season.

The Classic Trench Coat

A classic trench coat, hands down, can make you look good at every age. This stylish outerwear looks great with everything – be it a dress or a blouse-and-pants ensemble. In order to make this a timeless piece, choose a neutral color that blends seamlessly with most styles and designs. By doing so, you will not have to buy a trench coat every so often (although nobody’s stopping you from shopping!)

A Simple Black Dress

If you want to look good at every age, then it is essential that you get a simple black dress. Whether you choose an LBD or a midi dress, the color black can make you look impeccably chic. Of course, upgrading your look is a matter of styling your dress accordingly. Fancy, statement accessories are great while you are young, but make a switch towards pearls and precious gold when you get older.

A Tweed Dress

While a tweed dress is favored by older women, this timeless piece can make you look good at every age. Because of its interesting surface and texture, it is best for ladies who want to make a mark – be it at school or at the office. Most importantly, it can help hide your wrinkles – something you cannot stop from appearing when you age.

A Printed Dress

If you want a more playful look, then invest in a bevy of lovely printed dresses. However, avoid prints that only look good at a certain age (i.e. cartoon characters, unless you have the capacity to not grow older.) Just make sure to choose a print or style that transcends the years, especially if you want to look good at every age.

Leather Accessories

For a sophisticated and effortless style, then make sure to invest in leather accessories. These items, after all, can make you look good at every age. Whether it’s a voluminous bag or a cute clutch, leather accessories can add a dash of elegance to your look.

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Model and British Vogue editor – these are just some of the merits that Alexa Chung has under her belt. An undoubted ‘it’ girl, this English-Chinese vixen is a force to reckon with when it comes to style. Be just as glamorous as she by following these Alexa Chung fashion tips:


These five simple words pretty much sum up Alexa Chung fashion style. Red makes her ladylike – and it can do the same thing to you. This seductive color is very powerful, and even one red-shaded item can make your beauty pop out. Take the case of Alexa’s red oxfords, which made her simple style look very trendy.


You might think of Alexa Chung fashion as expensive and couture, but it’s actually the opposite. The model loves simple clothes, especially sweatshirts. Why? Alexa says that it is “light enough for summer, and warm for winter.” More importantly, it can be paired with most kinds of bottoms. If she can rock a simple sweatshirt and jeans without any trouble, then you can surely do it, too!


Alexa Chung looks up to a number of people, but rock star Mick Jagger is her hands-down favorite. The original bad boy is not only Alexa’s crush, he is her style icon as well. Alexa Chung fashion style is often embellished with velvet and printed blazers, just some of the many things Mick Jagger is well-known for.


With her undying devotion for Mick Jagger, it comes as no surprise why Alexa Chung fashion is hardcore rock and roll. She thoroughly loves rock fashion elements, and the moto jacket is one of her favorite style staples. Leather garments are some of the other pieces that help make Alexa look like the rock fashion goddess that she is.


Even if Alexa Chung fashion is leaned towards rock and vintage, the model adores ‘pretty’ clothes too. This is obvious in most of her looks – where she manages to fuse rock/vintage with elegant and luxurious pieces. Lacy dresses,and Emilia Wickstead’s pink kimono coat are just some of the many things that Alexa would like to wear.

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A statement accessory or a few bangles here and there can greatly influence your look. Jewelry, whether real or fancy, can transform your casual outfit to a blog-worthy attire. Make the most out of the power of accessories with these styling tips:


Accessories don’t only go with simple outfits, they go well with printed attires as well. Should you decide to wear printed garb, you can look better with a bold statement accessory. Whether it’s a bangle, necklace or big earrings, what is important is that it bears a color that is found in your get-up.


A bangle stack is one of the hottest accessorizing trends of today. Should you decide to try this, make sure that the bangles are color-coordinated. They need not necessarily be in the same color field, but they should have elements that tie them together with your outfit.


If you want your people to notice your #ootd, then throw in a pretty long necklace. It streamlines your look, as it draws attention to your enticing outfit. Most importantly, it has no clasps, so you can wear it without fuss. Talk about accessorizing even when you are on the go. xo

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Montag, 13. April 2015

Healthy Friendship

When it comes down to it, your friends are often just as important as family. In many cases, your friends become your family – while the relationships may not be exactly the same, they’re often the closest people in your life. Your friends are your utmost confidants – you have conversations spanning everything from work and daily life to your most intimate thoughts on love. Despite all the good times, just like any relationship – friendships take work. From your besties to your newest friends, keep reading for the must-have qualities of any healthy friendship.

  1. You challenge one-another. While it is pretty nice when your best gal-pal showers you in compliments, it’s best when there’s a healthy balance of telling you how wonderful you are and challenging you to be even better.
  2. Neither friend in the relationship is afraid to speak up when someone is wrong. Giving one another constructive feedback is a healthy, good practice – it keeps you honest after all! The best policy is openness, always.
  3. You’re both great listeners and great talkers. Sharing is one of the best parts of a solid friendship and that means listening when you’re needed and speaking up when you need a listening ear.
  4. You’re able to help keep one another’s stress under control. A good friend knows when someone isn’t acting like him or herself – and all too often that’s a sign of stress. Helping to stop that stress before it gets out of hand is the sign of a truly committed friend.
  5. They are your biggest fan and always have your back. Sometimes you just really need that person in your corner and that means standing up for you when you need it – even if it’s not the easiest situation.
  6. You’re both able to forgive. Friends are going to have their moments of tension – just like any loving relationship – and being able to forgive and move forward is absolutely essential for growing together.
  7. Your friendship means the world to both of you. Whether or not you’re able to see one another all the time or just once-in-a-while, when a friendship takes priority, it feels good.
  8. You’re accepting of one another even when you don’t have the same opinions. Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you have to agree 100% of the time, but you do have to understand and support where the other person is coming from.
  9. Above all else: you love each other and have a blast together.
What are the best parts of your most cherished friendships? xo
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It seems like the return of the Mad Men’s final season is bringing that American Hustle 70’s flair back onto our radar with plenty of luxury looks. As some of our favorite characters are starting to make big money with new business ventures, the fictional ad company is also adding a newer line up of lux companies to represent as we watch Don Draper, classic and clean cut as ever, cast models wearing chinchilla and mink coats.

Characters like Roger Sterling and Ted Chaough, who last season seemed to be holding out on shaggy 60s look, have finally grown some 70’s mustaches and sideburns.

As working girls, Peggy and Joan, move up in the ad world, so does their style. This season, Peggy seems to be going for lapels, patterned cuffs, lady ties, and plain colored patterned suits. Joan opts for brighter suits, and lapels along with bold gold jewelry to represent her higher income and her businesswoman attitude.

After Joan and Peggy get finished with a business meeting where sexist comments are made toward Joan, Peggy suggests to Joan that maybe her style is to blame. Peggy’s comment obviously upsets Joan as we see her shopping for an upscale classic black Oscar De La Renta dress, which might be an indicator of a style change for Joan.
The unnamed women that seem to constantly surround Don and Roger are seen in shorter skirts, sheer long sleeves, and plenty of empire waist mini dresses and boots.
As much as I love watching the drama on this show, this season, I’m finding the era’s style so much more rewarding. I’ll be on the look out as the season continues and we get a chance to see how some of our other favorite characters, like Megan, Betty, and Sally Draper, are dealing with the 70s shift.
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Samstag, 11. April 2015


Power dressing never fails to give women the confident boost that they need on days when they aren’t feeling like their best. Pulling off the GIRLBOSS look may be a little challenging but it sure is worth it. Whether or not you actually go to an office, power dressing is certainly something that you should do every once in a while. Here are some power-dressing tips and tricks to help you pull off the Girl Boss look easily and stylishly.
COLOR CHOICE – The choice of colors you go for and wear when you power dress is important. Achieving that posh, sleek and edgy Girl Boss look becomes a lot easier when you use neutral, subdued colors like black, gray, white, navy and tan. Stark and highly contrasting color combinations like black and white are ideal as well.

STAY SIMPLE – Simplicity and minimalism is key to nailing the Girl Boss look to a tee. Keep your outfits simple and your layers down to a minimum. You’ll want a clean and streamlined silhouette when power dressing and having too much layers on might make it difficult for you to achieve that.

PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS – Paying attention to even the smallest of details will help you achieve a look that’s cohesive and well-put together. Sometimes, all you really need to tie your whole outfit together is one little detail like an accessory, a styling trick or maybe even just your hair and makeup look.

ACCESSORIZE – As with any look, accessorizing is an important part of power dressing. As said earlier, you have to keep your look simple and minimalistic so go easy on the accessories and avoid the cheap-looking ones, especially those made of plastic. You don’t have to wear genuine gems and stones but at least make sure they look fan enough to pass as real.

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There’s something so romantic and magical about weddings, and the fashion always tends to follow suit with the mood of the occasion. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to get inspiration for fashion and, you may have already noticed, many of the more recent sartorial trends have been inspired by these romantic events. If you’re feeling swept away by wedding trends, here are some of my favorite looks that were totally stolen from the brides.
VEILS – Remember bonnets with veils from last winter? Where do you think people got that look from? Being a bride used to be one of the few reasons women could wear veils but last winter, bonnets with veils were everywhere and, to be honest, it was quite an interesting look that I think added lots of edge and character to the outfit of anyone who wore it. Another way that veils are being incorporated into everyday looks is through fascinators.

GLOVES – Amal Clooney may have nailed the trend in one of her red carpet looks but it’s actually the brides who used to get all the first when it came to wearing gloves. Gloves never fail to add a hint of sophistication to any look, especially the long ones that go up beyond the elbow. These look really pretty with formal / evening looks though you can also make it work for daytime looks as well.

CAPES – Fall and winter last year were all about capes – from blanket style capes to superhero-worthy ones – and they weren’t just big, they were bold too! Everyone – from your celebrity style icon to your favorite fashion blogger and even down to the average fashion-obsessed teen in your street — sported one at least once in the past seasons and I’m pretty sure the pictures all over the internet and on magazines made you want on at some point as well.

DAYTIME SPARKLES – Sequins and glitters used to be something you would only wear for a nighttime outfit (party looks, most of the time) unless you were a bride then you could wear as much sparkle in your outfit as you like no matter what time of the day it is. Recently, though, fashionistas decided to do as the brides do and rock their sequins and glitters during the day and we couldn’t be happier.

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