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With spring officially here and spring weather just around the corner (let’s hope!), I’m sure you already have most of your floral printed pieces out and ready to be worn. Florals have always been a staple print for spring. They’re cute, they’re pretty and they’re great for giving any look a more feminine touch. If you’re excited for winter weather to end like I am, check out these awesome ways to wear floral prints for spring.
FLORAL WITH A TROPICAL VIBE – Can’t wait to hit the beach? While waiting for that trip to sun, sand and sea paradise, why not wear your excitement with a floral printed outfit that features tropical flowers? This is a great alternative to your usual florals and it’s a perfect way to have a little bit of a summery vibe to your spring look (you know, best of both worlds).

TOP TO BOTTOM FLORALS – Go all out and let the world know how excite you are for spring by rocking a floral look from top to bottom. There are two ways to pull off this look. The first one would be to mix and match two (or more, if you’re feeling bolder and more adventurous) different floral print designs and the second one is to stick to one floral design from top to bottom as in a dress or a matching set.

PASTEL FLORALS – Florals never fail to exude a feminine vibe but if you want to get a more girly, dainty look out of them, you can wear your florals in pastel colors for a softer look. This is a great way to wear florals if you want to look ultra girly and feminine for the day and you don’t mind looking a little too sweet.

MIXED AND MATCHED – Lastly, if you’re looking for a fun, bold way to wear your floral prints for spring, why not spice things up and mix and match your florals with other prints? Have fun and play around a little bit with the combos to see what you like best together. If you’re looking for safe go-to pairings, you can wear your florals with the basics like stripes, polka dots or even plaid.

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Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

Insomnia - How to Get Better Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? While experts agree that the amount of sleep each person needs is based on individual characteristics, the quality of that rest is certainly still deemed essential.  Insomnia has become a common ailment considering the amount of hours we are all putting into our work days. And even if insomnia isn’t the problem, many individuals are suffering from poor quality of sleep simply because they aren’t aware of the many seemingly innocent culprits that are cutting into proper rest and relaxation. The choices you make throughout the day will affect the kind of rest you get at night. Read ahead for 8 tips to getting the sweet sleep you really need.

How to Get Better Sleep
Turn off the TV and stash your electronics at least one hour before bedtime – Allowing blue light emitting objects to run while you’re in bed will make it even more difficult for your brain to relax and get to sleep.
Don’t do anything but rest and sleep on your bed – In other words, don’t also work in bed, take care of bills, watch TV, etc. You should only associate your bedroom with rest and relaxation. Bringing in your other tasks will change your state of mind and make it difficult to shut your mind off when you enter the bedroom.
Don’t take naps – Busy schedules mean the need for more rest. But including naps in your day can make it more difficult to get to sleep at night. If you absolutely must nap, keep it under 20 minutes and not so late in the day.
Limit your caffeine intake – Keep your coffee or other caffeinated products in the earlier part of your day, such as before lunch. Any caffeine consumed in the latter part of the day will still be in your system by bedtime, even if it’s a small amount. Consider any pain relievers and weight loss supplements, as well.
Exercise regularly and well before bedtime – Regularly exercising has been shown to improve quality of sleep, but only if it’s done 3 to 4 hours before going to bed since a post-workout burst of energy will likely last for a while.
Don’t eat too late – Limit your snacking to at least one hour before going to bed. If your digestive system is still active as you’re trying to sleep, chances are you won’t be resting as you should.
Turn your clock around – Or block it. The idea is to not keep looking at the time, creating anxiety about going to sleep and getting enough rest. If your clock has an LED or emits a blue light similar to that of a tablet or smart phone, it will make it harder to get to sleep.
Establish a bedtime ritual – Take a warm bath, read a book, meditate – whatever gets you to relax is fine. just be consistent and wind down to ensure you are in the right state of mind before going to sleep.
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Beautiful, sexy, and stylish – these are just some of the words that describe the lovely Kate Bosworth. Her style is so unique that it would be unwise of you not to emulate her! If you want to achieve a flawless Kate Bosworth fashion style, then make sure to have these items in your closet:


An LBD is a must-have for every girl, and it is apparent in Kate Bosworth fashion style for the evening. However, she manages to take it up a notch with her flowy and sheer-paneled LBDs. Do it like her and you’re sure to be the belle of ball every single time.


Apart from mysterious LBDs, the actress also loves boho cocktail dresses. The “who cares?” attitude is the cornerstone of Kate Bosworth fashion style, and a boho cocktail dress surely nails it.


Pencil skirts and midi skirts are good ones, and so is the wrap skirt. A staple of Kate Bosworth fashion style, this draped bottom makes her look stunning (and sexier too!) If it has that effect on her, it will surely have the same effect on you too!


Whilst most stars favor high heels, Kate is a staunch believer of ankle booties. Whatever the situation might be, Kate Bosworth fashion style always has an ankle bootie in the equation.

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A shirt dress is one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your closet. Personally, I consider shirt dresses to be a wardrobe must-have all year round just because they’re great on their own but they’re perfect for creating layers as well. Here are some of the ways to wear a shirt dress.
PLAIN AND SIMPLE – Sometimes, a crisp white shirt dress is really all you need to get on with a lazy day and still look polished. Plain shirt dresses are perfect if you want to achieve that chic minimalistic look without it being too boring. If it’s long enough, you can keep it as it is and wear it on its own and add some accessories like a belt or a hat to it but if your shirt dress is rather short, you can pair it up with a pair of plain leggings or maybe even a pair of shorts.

WITH PRINTS AND PATTERNS – If minimalism isn’t your thing, though, and you want a little bit more detail in your shirt dress, how about going for a piece that has fun and cute prints and patterns all over? Stripes are always the safest choice when it comes to prints and patterns but you can always turn it up and have more fun with mixed prints or something a little more artistic like an abstract design, perhaps.

COOL AND CASUAL – Want a more relaxed and laidback way to wear your shirt dress? Chambray can give you that easy look without having you look or feel too lounge-y. Choose a lighter chambray ‘wash’ for summer and a darker one in the winter. You can also add accessories to a chambray shirt dress if the look ends up being too plain and simple for you.

LAYERED UP – Creating layers is one of the easiest ways to add depth and dimension to your look and if you think a shirt dress on its own is too plain for you, you build layers to spruce it up. Wear tights or leggings underneath or throw on a posh coat or jacket on top – it depends on the kind of look that you’re going for.

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Wardrobe Staples for Woman over 30

Something happens when a woman hit’s the big 3-0. Her self esteem, confidence and self-assuredness begin to bloom in ways no one can really put into words but can certainly detect. And while these changes begin to take over every aspect of life, the way a women dresses is one of those details that shouldn’t be overlooked in the wake of personal progression. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to express who you are. So if your age begins with the number 3 (or even 4!), you should probably consider revamping your closet. After all, it’s the time to look more refined – it’s time to look the way you feel.  Let me help you look stylish with a touch of sass with these essential clothes for every 30-year-old’s wardrobe.
1. Cashmere Sweater – Sweaters are essential clothes for 30 year olds. But instead of the usual knits, go for finer styles, such as that of cashmere. Although simple, these stylish essentials look impeccable with the garments we will discuss next.

2. White Blaze - A black blazer is a must for all ages. But if you want unique clothes for 30 year olds, then make it a point to capitalize on a timeless white blazer. Not only is it suitable for work, it is a great addition for casual attires as well.

3. Sophisticated Trench Coat – If you want to look sophisticated, then make sure to invest in a stylish trench coat. This is one of the must-have clothes for 30-year-olds, as it can keep you warm and chic all at the same time.

4. Pencil Skirt – Clothes for 30-year-olds usually revolve around office wear. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to style boringly while at work. Look like a total office babe by sporting pencil skirts that accentuate your figure. While black is still best, a graphic one will work well for your age too!

5. Tailored Trousers – There’s no stopping you from showing your legs, but you have got to retire pencil skirts for a few days too. And when it’s time to do so, make sure to wear tailored trousers. It doesn’t matter how much the cost is, what’s important is the pants fit you nicely.

6. Printed Pants – While denim jeans are good clothes for 30-year-olds, you need to upgrade your look a little with printed pants. Such trousers are fashionably versatile, as you can wear them at work – and at weekend hangouts as well.

7. Sheath Dress – Super-short mini dresses might have looked fine when you were 20, but you need to look ‘more’ formal now that you are 30-something. Shine bright – even at your age – by growing your collection of sheath dresses. Indeed, these are very fashionable and versatile. You can wear one at work – and style it up for late-night drinks with friends.

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Maybe it’s your first date, or maybe it’s the 10th one. No matter how long you’ve been together, wanting to make an impression on your date is always a sweet gesture – even if he’s been your boyfriend for 10 years. If you are wondering about what to wear on date night, then do consider any (or all) of these stylish date night outfit suggestions.


If you want to look stylishly sophisticated, then what to wear on date night is a little black dress. The LBD is a true fashion essential, as it is perfect for date nights, movie dates, and other occasions. Make sure to look your best by wearing it with a unique blazer, statement accessories, or eye-catching shoes.


Showing your legs is a great thing, as it makes you look taller and sexier. But if it’s just too cold for your gams, then over the knee boots are what to wear on date night. These shoes are true fashion chameleons – you can wear them with a cute dress or a sleek pair of leather pants.


If you want to look sexy without showing too much skin, then what to wear on date night is a backless top. Try to look modest – especially if it’s your first date – by wearing it with ‘conservative’ bottoms, such as pants or a maxi skirt.


Look sexy without even trying by wearing a leopard-inspired outfit. An animalistic top, skirt or pants are good ideas for what to wear on date night. Don’t forget to upgrade the look by wearing ‘sophisticating’ elements, such as an elegant top or a structured blazer or coat.

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Is there anything more classic than a great pair of jeans? I feel like I could add a blazer and wear that as a uniform anywhere. Jeans go well with just about anything and work for weekends, date nights, and even the office if you know how to style them. But, as always, if you’re going for a certain look, you’ll want to wear the right shoes to go with them. Deciding on the right pair is actually rather easy  as long as you know what vibe you’re looking for. To help you get started, here are some tips to help narrow down your choices for jeans & shoes combos to rock season after season.
BLACK PUMPS – Going for the classic ‘model off duty’ look? A pair of black pumps is sure to look great with any pair of jeans you’re planning to wear – be it skinny ones, bootleg, straight cut or even cropped. Not sure what shoes would look great with that outfit you’re wearing? Black pumps can surely do the trick for you, too.

NUDE HEELS – If you don’t have very long legs and you want to pull off cropped jeans, a pair of nude heels can help you achieve the illusion of longer legs to make it work. Make sure your nude heels match or at least come close to your skin tone to maximize the elongating effect. You can also wear nude heels with jeans that have a rather short hemline.

PRINTED PUMPS – If you’re going for as simpler look and you want your shoes to be the main focus of your outfit, go for printed pumps. These will look fab with basic jeans and a simple top because they will really stand out.

FLIP FLOPS AND FLAT SANDALS – Jeans and flip flops or flat sandals make the perfect combo for an easy summer outfit. Flip flops and flat sandals with jeans are great for when you want to pop by the beach for a walk, for a quick trip to the mall or for running everyday errands.

SNEAKERS – Whether you’re going for a slightly sporty look or a tomboy-ish kind of vibe, a pair of sneakers is definitely your best bet. With regular jeans, your sneakers can lend your outfit just the right hint of that sporty vibe but with full on ripped and distressed pants, you can achieve a really cool tomboy look and ....

BOOTS – You can’t go wrong with a boots-and-jeans combo. Ankle boots are great for summer while taller boots are perfect to pair up with your jeans in winter. Going for that ‘Ride or Die chick’ look? Pair up your jeans with a beat up pair of moto boots. You can also wear cowboy boots with your jeans to get that country princess look. xo

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Far be it from me to be one for convention when it comes to fashion. After all, what’s the point of dressing up if you can’t break the rules now and then? Take, for example, party outfits. If the go-to is always a dress or skirt, the whole effort can truly become stale. So maybe it’s time to shake it up. If you want to wear something different to your next event, then take inspiration from these 5 pants looks for perfect party outfit alternatives.


If you want to look crisp and sophisticated, then wear your white pants for party. Because of its immaculate color, you can wear it with basically everything. Of course, if you plan on attending more formal events, make sure to wear dressier tops.

Shoes to wear with white pants: Pencil-thin pumps or strappy sandals
Best for: Gala dinners, weddings, christenings


While tuxedo pants are made for tuxedo tops, they can be dressed up for meaningful occasions as well. Pair your tuxedo pants for party with a classy top and you’ll surely look marvelous.

Best for: Formal or gala dinners
Shoes to wear with tuxedo pants: Sky-high stilettos or sexy sandals


If you literally want to pop out at the next celebration, then make sure to wear colorful pants for party. There are many vibrant shades out there, and it’s up to you to choose the shade that you love the most. Of course, be careful when pairing colorful pants with tops, as you might end up looking like a clown if you don’t choose wisely.
Best for: Casual birthday parties, garden weddings, and after-office drinks
Shoes to wear with colorful pants: Neutral-colored pumps or sandals


If you want to make a statement, then what you need are printed pants for party. These graphic trousers can breathe life into your otherwise boring top. While printed pants are best worn with plain tops, you can wear them with printed garments as well. It’s just a matter of picking prints that complement each other.
Best for: After-work dinner at a simple restaurant, casual birthday parties, and simple get together with friends
Shoes to wear with printed pants: Neutral-colored pumps, stilettos, or sandals

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