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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016

Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year to all our families, followers, friends, clients and
"Fashionistas" from !!!

Thanks for the amazing support  and we look forward to serving you in the New  Year!!! xx

Daaanke ! Grazie!! Merci !!

Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

Our Top 3 Celebrity Weddings of 2015

We still cannot stop talking about Nicky Hilton’s luxe Kensginton Palace glamorous wedding. Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi’s religious ceremony in Italy . Sofia Vergara, in a custom-made Zuhair Murad gown, said “I do” to Joe Manganiello this November, updating all of us on Instagram with every step of the ceremony and after party.

 We take a look back on the most beautiful nuptials of the year.

 Who would get your vote?

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Samstag, 19. Dezember 2015

Last minute present ideas

There’s just no way to avoid it. No matter how much planning you do, no matter how early you hit the shops and start checking items off your list, you’re always going to have those few lingering last-minute gifts. Whether it’s that one last gift for a loved one or that person on your list who is tough to shop for, finding the perfect last-minute gift can feel rushed and pretty stressful! Want to be sure you have a backup plan? Here’s the scoop on some last-minute gift ideas that just might turn out to be the season’s favorites.

Gift certificate to a local restaurant. What could be better than I night out that’s all paid for? Stop by your favorite local restaurant and pick up a gift card – that’s bound to make someone very happy.

A ride in a hot air balloon…yes, seriously! Check out for a listing of local hot air balloon rides and purchase your tickets right there. What a cool gift!

A pre-paid spa experience. When it comes to the ladies in your life, is there anything better or more fun than getting a chance to hit the spa? From massages to facials to mani/pedis – you cannot go wrong with a trip to the spa.

Pre-paid movie tickets. No matter if you’re talking movie buff or just your BFF, having some movie tickets in your back pocket is an awesome and special treat! Make it extra fun by filling a bag or basket with movie candy ..

What do you think? Can you find the perfect last-minute gift with some of these ideas? 

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Montag, 14. Dezember 2015


Celebrating your winter wedding abroad can be a great and unique experience especially if you come from a region where you do not see snow flakes falling during the winter time and would have wished to benefit from snow settling on the slopes where you could slide down carried away in a sleigh. Now, with the occasion of your wedding festivity your wish can come true and have your special day organized in on e of those regions that snow is present in its full rights for more than 3 months a year.

 Set in the gorgeous Arctic town of Jukkasjarvi, the extraordinary Ice Hotel is made entirely from ice and contains a glacial church of almost impossible beauty, perfect for tying the knot. Year-round snow adds to this unforgettable venue’s appeal, and the hotel is re-built from scratch every year – so you know your wedding will be truly unique!

Known as the ‘Pearl of the Dolomites’, Cortina offers a truly sensational backdrop for your wedding day – in fact, it’s Italy’s most popular winter wedding location! Cortina promises snow during the winter months and is home to a number of churches, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing your venue – and this thriving town has plenty in the way of activities too!

Home to Father Christmas, it should be no surprise that Lapland enjoys plenty of snow – but did you know it is home to a hotel made entirely of the white stuff? We recommend the Lainio Snow Hotel (Lapland )for your wedding – this astonishing building is made up of 20 million kilograms of snow and is one of the most wondrous spectacles the world has to offer, making it the perfect place to hold your reception!

If you’re planning a winter wedding,  I find out how to save tons of money :-)

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Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Sweden- The Swedes celebrate the Feast of Santa Lucia at the beginning of the Christmas season. Santa Lucia was a martyred Catholic saint who wore a wreath of candles on her head to light her way as she brought food for the Christians hiding underground. On this day, the eldest daughter of the family dresses in a white gown with a wreath similar to Lucia’s famous one and takes breakfast to her parents in bed.

Ireland- On New Year’s Eve, at the last stroke of midnight, the Irish open their doors to welcome in the New Year. Their hope is that a dark haired man will be the first to open the door, as a dark haired man is considered a good omen.

Spain- Spain, along with people from some other Latin countries, eat twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight to symbolize the twelve months of the year. Eating all the grapes is a symbol of fortune and good luck for the New Year.

Puerto Rico- During the Christmas season Puerto Rico celebrates Asalto. In this tradition, friends show up at your doorstep unannounced singing and playing instruments. They’re invited in to drink dance and— well, be merry. Sounds like my kind of tradition.

Poland- The Polish enjoy Wigilia on Christmas Eve. Wigilia is essentially a dinner celebrated on Christmas Eve where guests enjoy different types of fish and starts when the first star of the night appears. Everyone gets a piece of oplatek, a paper-thin wafer. The oplatek is broken into pieces and offered as wishes to each guest. There is always an empty seat left at the dinner table for Jesus on his birthday celebration.

Check them out and be sure to leave a message in the comments section. What are your favorite holiday traditions? 

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Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2015

Musthave Fashion Accessories for the Tech Woman

In the last few years we have become so reliant on our tech devices, that making them wearable accessories has become nearly essential. Whether it’s fitness trackers or essentials for our tunes, having the right accessories to give your tech a little flare means you’re looking good and you’ve got everything you need to get through the day. 
No matter where you’re headed – out for a run, to the office or for a day of shopping with the girls, here’s a look at the best fashion accessories for the tech-savvy woman. 

USB cable 

A touch of Glam for your Phone

 Bling Bling Earbuds

Selfie stick ...

Stylish IPAD case

Tassel key chain 

Which tech devices do you not leave home without? 

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Which tech devices do you not leave home without? Which fashion forward tech accessories are on your holiday wish list? - See more at:

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Trend SS2016 : Size Zero Bag

In diese Handtaschen lässt sich nicht mehr als Smartphone, Kleingeld und der Reisepass quetschen. Das tut ihrer Beliebtheit keinen Abbruch ..

Ob Louis Vuitton, Dior, und ... die Luxusunternehmen schwören gerade alle auf Handtaschen in Mini-, Mikro-, Puppengröße. Motto: Ein zierliches Einstiegsmodell ist oft erst der Anfang!

  Ob Mulberry, Chloé, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu oder Dior, die Luxusunternehmen schwören gerade alle auf Handtaschen in Mini-, Mikro-, Puppengröße. Motto: Ein zierliches Einstiegsmodell ist oft erst der Anfang. -
Wer sich für eine wie sie entscheidet, muss ihre Eigenheiten zu schätzen wissen. Mikrohandtaschen biedern sich ihren Trägerinnen nicht an, denn sie geben sich keine Mühe, ihre Alltagstauglichkeit zu unterstreichen. Unterkriegen lassen sie sich aber noch lange nicht. Ganz im Gegenteil: 

Sie verlängern den Size-Zero-Trend auf den Laufstegen bis in die Armbeuge. Und verleihen jedem Outfit einen Touch Exzentrik. Längst sind sie deshalb nicht mehr nur als Abendbegleitung gedacht, sondern im Tagesgeschäft angekommen.

Und auch schon im Size-Zero-Bag Fieber ?

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Shopping Rules to make the most of Christmas Sales

Is anyone else feeling like the holidays arrived faster than ever this year?
Nothing is more fun than finding the perfect gift, especially when there are so many amazing deals out there – but knowing where to look and having a strategy will help ensure you get everything on your list and for the right price. From gifts for the kiddos to something for that special someone ...

Make a list. No matter if you plan to do all your shopping from the couch curled up in your pj’s or if you’re putting on the walking shoes and hitting the brick-and-mortar shops, having a list is essential. Include everyone you’ll be shopping for in order of priority so that you can easily keep track of what you’ve purchased and what’s left to buy.

Brainstorm ideas. After you make your list, try to jot down a few gift ideas for each person. That will help guide the process and give you a bit of direction. Rather than standing in the middle of a shop, feeling completely overwhelmed, coming up with a few ideas ahead of time will help you narrow down and find the perfect gift.

Outline and stick to a budget. This is essential so that you don’t absolutely break the bank and get tempted by spontaneous purchases just because of a sale. Think about your total budget for holiday shopping and then break that down per person. Write down the per person limit for each individual on your list – and keep track of what you spend along the way. Budgeting your holiday shopping will help you feel good about your purchases and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed by what you spent.

Have fun! Buying holiday gifts for friends and family should bring you loads of joy – so enjoy it – even if you are facing crowds and lines. There’s nothing better than getting into the spirit of the season – so get out there and have a blast!

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How to rock Jumpsuits for Christmas

Kate Hudson has always been one of Hollywood’s best-dressed actresses. This year, the Oscar nominee has taken her style up a notch and seems to be doing better than ever. At 36, Kate was chosen for Campari’s 2016 calendar.

To celebrate the red-themed calendar, Hudson showed up to the launch party in a red sequin jumpsuit with a deep-v neckline. The jumpsuit, designed by Naeem Khan, shows off the actresses amazing figure and style. The rest of her outfit included a single Vhernier bangle and matching earrings.

Hudson knows how to rock the jumpsuit.. you too ? xx

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How to stay fit over the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, the parties and festivities have likely already started. And, you know what that means? If you aren’t careful, you could start packing on the pounds. From baking cookies with the kids to the loads of treats floating around the office, having a strategy for navigating all these extra calories is essential. While staying on track with your health during the holidays may sound daunting, you’ll feel better about yourself, be in a better mood and look great at all of those parties if you stick to some simple rules. Already overwhelmed? Don’t be. Here are a few tips for staying fit and healthy over the holidays.

Have a plan. Take a look at the calendar and evaluate the holiday season. How many parties do you have on the schedule? Which days will you need to ramp up your exercise and which days can you scale back a bit? When you know what’s coming, you know how to plan – both from a nutritional and exercise perspective.
Pack healthy snacks and lunches for the office. Despite all the temptations at the office, if you come prepared it’s one of the easiest places to avoid and resist all the snacks and unhealthy items. Pack a lunch every day loaded with leafy greens, lean meats and healthy crunchies – like apple slices and carrot and celery sticks. When you feel the urge, break out your healthy snacks and have a huge glass of water – you’ll be full in an instant.
Before you head to a party, eat a healthy snack. Heading to a party when you’re super hungry is the easiest way to pack on unwanted pounds because your tendency is to head straight to the cheese plate. Rather than mindlessly eating loads of calories, fill up on something healthy first – like almond butter on a slice of sprouted bread or a couple of turkey roll ups. The protein will help keep you feeling full and will help you avoid mindless snacking.
If you want to have dessert, just go for a few small bites. You don’t have to avoid it all entirely, but rather let yourself taste a few of the delicious holiday treats. Just have a bite or two – and then walk away from the desserts. You can do it!
Make exercise a priority. Especially on the days when you’re party bound, finding time to get your daily steps in is essential to staying fit throughout the holiday season. Making that extra bit of effort to get up early will make all the difference when it comes to feeling great no matter how many parties you attend in a week. If you can’t make it to the gym, throw on your sneakers and hit the pavement each morning with a brisk walk or a light run. Just 30-60 minutes of getting that heart pumping each day will leave you feeling great.
Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track – it’s OK, it’s the holiday season after all! If you eat a few extra calories or have a bit too much to drink, get up the next morning and lace up those running shoes – it’s time to head to the gym or head outside to get moving.

Do you have a plan for making health and fitness a priority during the holidays?

Stay healthy
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Sonntag, 29. November 2015

Healthy Foods against Winter Stress

When your plate is full of responsibilities and you’re praying for just one moment of peace, it can be really difficult to put one foot in front of the other; believe us, we know what it’s like. Taking time for yourself can be hard to do, but if you make it a point to take just a few minutes to grab a snack, you might be surprised to find that your stress will start to fade. That is if you know what kind of snack to grab! While “comfort food” might sound like the right choice, these healthy snacks are what you should be reaching for when you want to de-stress:

·      Leafy Greens: While a salad might not exactly ring your “comfort food” bell, there is quite a bit to say about how a bunch of fresh greens can positively affect your body and your mindset! Crazy as it sounds, spinach actually helps you to produce dopamine, the pleasure chemical, with how much folate it contains. If you need to chill, why not make a little salad and you’ll feel great in no time!
·      Oatmeal: Start your day off with a big bowl of steel cut oats and you’ll be setting yourself up for a positive start! Since complex carbs (think no sugar) are known to help the brain create serotonin, a ‘happy’ chemical, you can effectively control your blood sugar levels so your body has a steady supply of serotonin to last you through ‘til lunch.
·      Blueberries: A handful of these little guys is just what you mind needs to relieve your stress! Since blueberries are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients (basically the superheroes of nutrients), the stress hormones in your body won’t stand a chance! Bonus: blueberries have been proven to improve your chances against cancer by boosting your immunity!
·      Salmon: If you’re feeling anxious, your body is probably on overdrive creating adrenaline and cortisol, the main hormones that are associated with stress. Luckily, the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon have been proven to help counteract these stress-inducing hormones. Why not head to the sushi bar and indulge in some delicious stress-fight salmon bites?
·      Pistachios: This delicious snack is an easy way to fight anxiety and enjoy a few moments for yourself. Pack yourself a bag of these nuts and crack a few open when you get hungry. Not only will the repetitive motion with your hands help you to chill out physically, but the phytonutrients found in these nuts will help to calm your brain and offer cardiovascular support as well!
·      Dark Chocolate: Okay, I saved the best for last! While dark chocolate has been proven to aid in heart health, your mind can also benefit from this sweet treat! Not only your morale improve from indulging your sweet-tooth, but the antioxidants in the rich cocoa will help your blood vessels to relax, which in turn leads to lower blood pressure and improved circulation. Treat yourself to a bit of dark chocolate and let the stress just melt off your body!

The phrase, “you are what you eat,” can certainly apply here – when you know what kind of properties are in your food you can pick the right snacks to benefit any situation, even the most stressful moments! Which of these super foods that help fight stress will you be stocking up on?

Stay healthy
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Freitag, 13. November 2015

How to Rock the Maxi Skirt This Season

When the temperatures cool, your skirt style options become limited. You want to stay warm, so you usually just aim for jeans and other pants that cover you up and keep you safe from fall and winter’s cool breezes. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can still wear skirts during cooler seasons. It’s all about layering right to make skirts work for you. Today, I want to focus on maxi skirts because they’re so comfortable and make for great fall staple. Still unconvinced? Below are some ways that you can wear maxi skirts for fall. Read on and let me know what you think in the comments section.

Leather Jacket- Add a leather jacket to your maxi skirt for a rock and roll edge that no one will be expecting this fall. You’ll look edgy and sharp, so go for it!

Denim on Top- I love the idea of un-tucking a shirt from a maxi skirt. It looks so easy to wear. Check out the model below. She’s rocking denim over a maxi skirt with a belt to cinch her waist. This look would look great with some outerwear.

Knit Sweater- For some interesting texture; add a big knit sweater over your maxi skirt outfit like Alexa Chung, below. I love how she added some relaxed sneakers to complete her outfit. Take note, ladies

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Fashion Therapist

There’s a good chance that what you’re wearing right now reflects what your state of mind was when you opened your closet door this morning. Besides practical wardrobe considerations, women often choose clothing based on their feelings.

Did you know that a British survey studied what makes up a woman’s favorite “happy” or “bad mood” outfits? Happy women preferred clothes that are “well-cut, figure-enhancing, and made from bright and beautiful fabrics,” while women in a bad mood gravitate toward baggy tops and jeans. Here are some tips on how to be your own “fashion therapist” and interpret what your clothes are trying to tell you.

(Jeans also made the happy clothes list, but ranked below a favorite dress, jewelry and favorite shoes.) Even when we need to wear a uniform, we often manage to sneak in an expression of our inner self. For example, a teenager in private school can choose to wear a pink cardigan, or a gray hoodie over her requisite pants and shirt, and her choice might indicate if it’s a happy day or a sad day for her. A working-woman may have her wardrobe dictated by her employer, but she may choose a beautiful jacket or a saggy old sweater to keep her warm on the way to work. Selecting the old sweater may be a result of feeling down when she left her house, and she may choose the jacket on better days.

In contrast, spending a day in drab, unflattering clothes may darken a bright mood. Why not try a fashion application of basic behavioral therapy? When you’re feeling bad, try avoiding an impulse toward clothes that reflect that bad feeling. Instead, reach for something that you would usually choose on a happy day. You may feel strange putting it on, but your mood may soon reflect your more positive fashion choice. We all like to seek refuge in our “bad day” clothes sometimes, just like we all need a big hot fudge sundae sometimes, but we can make these times less frequent and less habitual. Making an effort to treat yourself to your happy clothes, regardless of a sad feeling, reminds you that you’re worth the effort, and that you deserve to feel good in your clothes.

So, if you find yourself feeling sad and wearing a baggy top and unflattering jeans, go back to the closet. Put on some happy day clothes and maybe your mood will follow.

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Boots by Body Type

Cool fall weather signals the start of boot season. Chances are, it’s time to give your footwear a serious reboot. With so many twists on the boot—from ankle boots, booties and flats to over-the-knee, wedge and stiletto—there’s a perfect style (or two, or three) for every body shape. Ready boots? Start walkin’.

Pear Shaped Girls: Wedges & Riding Boots

When your lower half is a bit larger, try looking for boot styles with a slight heel to give you a little a lift and help lengthen those stems. Steer clear of anything thigh-high or over-the-knee because they take up too much real estate. You never want to completely cover up a shapely leg – sometimes that only makes them seem bigger. Instead, flaunt them! When you keep legs bare, it maximizes a slim silhouette. All bootie or wedge styles are fair game, but super clunky, chunky heels are your foe. Pair a fun riding boot with an A-line skirt or wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for a shot of equestrian cool.

For Girls Who Are Top Heavy: Rain Boots & Thigh Highs

Since your legs are one of your best assets, inverted triangle shapes can work a variety of boot trends. Try a great flat boot or a motorcycle style for some attitude. Be ambitious! Maximize your leg length with styles that have vertical seams or laces – they draw long lines which, in turn, make legs appear even longer. The slight quarter-inch heel of a sleek pair of thigh high boots will help to make them look a lot less “Pretty Woman” and more “trendy fashionista.”

For The Hourglass Figured Girls: Booties & Knee-High Boots

When you have enviable curves, a bootie or knee-high style is ideal to show off your shape. Anything thigh-high or over-the-knee may compete with your curves and won’t look sleek and polished. Your figure does a lot of the talking and can give a paper bag a sense of sexiness, so choose simple, classic styles that streamline those killer curves. Anything that tapers to your leg will always flatter the most. Looking  for the perfect bootie to show off your hourglass curves? Choose a super chic pair possibly in of-the-moment oxblood; go for some zipper embellishments on a cute ankle-grazing bootie for a fun look this season. xo

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