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Style-Check: Schade, dass Jena Malone ( Die Tribute von Panel) nicht ein bisschen bei Sängerin Melanie Brown abgeschaut hat.

Ihre wilde Frisur lenkt nämlich ziemlich ab. Melanie hingegen stylt ihr Harr zum asymmetrischen Entwurf von Roksanda Ilincic streng nach hinten und rückt so das Designer-Teil in den Mittelpunkt!
We like it!!

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Nude-Pumps: Besser als barfuß... in Kombination mit dem Pointe-Cut verlängert die "Nacktfarbe"
das Bein gleich noch ein wenig mehr.

Für den maximalen Effekt darauf achten, dass die Nuance zum Teint passt - im Sommer also
etwas dunkler als im Winter !

Stilsicher setzt Topmodell Miranda Kerr mit ihrem Victoria Beckham Kleid ein richtiges
Highlight. Da sind die klassischen Nude-Pumps die perfekte Ergänzung!!

Wie sieht es bei Euch aus - freue mich über Eure Anregungen, Stylingtipps ...xo

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TRENDGUIDE: Herren - Schuhnews

Fashionikone und Model Johannes Hubel, ist unter die Designer gegangen.

Er entwarf für das italienische Schuhlabel Scarosso klassische Oxford-Schuhe  "Giuliano Cognac"
für den perfekten Gentleman.

Passend dazu zum Business-Anzug, zur Jeans oder zur Chino ...

Und Männer - was für Euch ? xo

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VIP´s in black

 Wowsers !!

These ladies really know how to vamp up the humble black dress.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Angela Lindvall worked the peekaboo and we adore Angelina´s leather Versace number!!

My favorite dress is Angelina and yours?? xo

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To Heal a Sunburn

Even if you’ve made a conscious effort to protect yourself from the sun, outdoor summer activities can easily lead to sunburns. When SPF, hats, and shelter aren’t enough to protect your sensitive skin, the results can be painful. Here are 10 ways to soothe irritated skin with products you’ll likely already have around the house. 

  • Aloe Vera – 
  • Whether you choose to go with the store-bought gel or extract your own from the leaves of an Aloe plant, Aloe Vera is the classic, tried and true remedy for painful sunburns.
  • Witch Hazel – Known to reduce swelling and repair damaged skin, Witch Hazel is an easy, topical fix for scrapes and burns. Using a soft cotton pad or cloth, gently dab the liquid on the affected area, being careful not to press too hard.
  • Cold Milk Compress – This is an easy and cost-effective way to relieve a sunburn. Simply pour chilled milk into a bowl and dip soft gauzes in to absorb the liquid. Then place the gauzes across the affected area  and leave on until it reaches warmer temperatures; repeat.
  • Corn Starch or Baking Soda Paste – Slowly add water to either baking soda or corn starch until it achieves a pasty consistency. Apply the paste to the affected area and allow to soothe. Wipe off and reapply if desired. Rinse off completely with cool water when done.
  • Hydrate – Sometimes we forget the obvious: A sunburn is actual drying and searing of our skin and therefore a lack of moisture will only make the problem worse. Drink plenty of fluids while you’re healing.
  • Minty Green Tea – Mint’s naturally cooling properties combined with green tea’s power to relieve pain make this an ideal sunburn solution. Boil 5 bags of green tea (strings and tags removed) and 3 cups of fresh mint leaves in 1 quart of water, then allow to steep for approximately one hour. Strain the liquid once it has cooled completely and allow to chill in a refrigerator before applying the mixture topically to the affected area using cotton pads or a soft cotton cloth.
  • Yogurt Compress – With clean hands, directly apply a cup (or more if necessary) of cooled plain yogurt to your burned skin. Gently spread with your fingers or use a soft, rubber spatula to avoid any nails scratching your sensitive skin.
  • Lettuce Water Tonic – Boil lettuce leaves in water, strain, and allow the liquid to cool completely (or place it in the refrigerator for a reviving tonic) before applying to the burned skin with cotton balls.
  • Vinegar Spritz – Vinegar has been a long-time staple in healing burned skin. Use pure, apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle to cool and then apply to the affected area. Lightly dap with a cotton pad or soft cloth.
  • Cucumber Paste – This natural antioxidant is a refreshing way to relieve the burning sensation on your skin. If you need immediate relief, slice up 2-3 cooled cucumbers and apply directly to the affected area. Another option is to create a paste by tossing a few cooled cucumbers in a blender. Add a little cornstarch if you’d like a thicker paste. Apply directly to the affected area.
Do you have any tips for healing sunburned skin? What are your favorite solutions? Let me know!! xo

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Make Your Own Baby Food

Have you ever wondered about making your own baby food? While it’s super convenient to rely on pre-made and packaged baby foods, making your own is actually easier than you think. Homemade baby food is natural, packed with nutritious ingredients and less expensive than pre-packaged items. Not to mention, you know exactly what ingredients you’re feeding your special little loved one. With a little creativity, a food processor and a sauce pan, you’ll be on your way. Take a look at these tips for how to make your own baby food that you can feel good about. 

Start by choosing the right tools.  You’re going to need a few things to get the baby food perfectly soft and pureed – there are a few good options out there.
  • A regular kitchen food processor or blender. You probably already have one of these on hand and each will definitely get the job done, though might be more useful for making large batches of baby food.
  • A food mill. This traditional kitchen tool is actually portable and non-electric; it’s a great option and has been used for years to puree.
  • A hand blender. Pretty convenient and easy to use, this tool requires electricity and works the opposite way of a blender.
  • A baby food maker. These tools steam and puree all in one. You can use this for veggies, fruits and even meat.
  • A fork! Sounds so simple, but steamed veggies and fruits are easy to mash up with a fork (think banana, avocado or sweet potato) and you can typically find one anywhere.
Select the best ingredients for your baby, like fresh organic produce and locally sourced meats. Start out simple with fresh fruits like bananas, apricots, apples, plums, peaches, pears and mangoes. And for veggies, try carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and peas.
Wash and cook the fruits and veggies to be sure they a soft before pureeing. You can easily steam, boil or bake produce and meats and even add a bit of the liquid when pureeing the food. Be sure to peel any skin, remove pits, seeds and any fat or skin on poultry or meat.
Simply add the cooked and softened ingredients to your pureeing device (or use a fork!) and mash to a soft, smooth consistency. The homemade baby food can be frozen in small containers or even ice cube trays and will actually last up to six months (meat and poultry about two months).
What do you think? Now that you know how to make your own baby food, will you give it a try?

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OK – so you’re thinking seriously about becoming a minimalist. Maybe not from a full-scope life perspective, but for sure when it comes to your personal style. As your career and life evolves, so does your style – and finding yourself leaving your over-accessorizing ways behind to adopt a more simple sensibility is completely normal. Sometimes when life starts to get hectic and stressful (like in our work or relationships), reeling in other aspects, like a morning routine or approach to fashion, can provide a sense of calm and reliability. So why not make your daily style the place to start. Whether you’re thinking in terms of essential earrings that go with everything to must-have trousers that transition seamlessly from day to night, the essentials of a minimalist look can build a stunning closet. Keep reading to learn a little bit about what you can do with the basics and how less is often a whole bunch more.
Dark Rinse Jeans. These are your go-to. Perfect with a pair of flip flops or your highest heels, the ultimate pair of jeans is classic, not trendy. Try a simple boot cut or trouser style to dress them up a bit.

One statement Necklace that can be worn with the perfect simple dress or a simple white tee.

Perfect White T-Shirt. Find the one that goes with everything – from jeans to skirts. Dress it up with  a blazer or keep it casual.

An easy black blazer to go with everything from your LBD to your white tee.

A big leather tote that works day or night.

A favorite pair of sunnies – you know the type – you can’t be without them and they go with absolutely everything.

Have you ever tried scaling back your closet to only the essentials of a minimalist look? xo

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Fresh spring turned into a hot summer season faster than we could imagine! Breezy and comfortable is what every woman mainly looks for now! But you don’t want to wear a dress everyday, right? And shorts seem way too casual and perhaps not suitable for every occasion? This is why designers brought back this strong feminine and powerful piece of clothing to the catwalks this season – wide leg trousers!
The trend became fashionable in the 1960′s and 1970′s, but originated from the time between The World Wars when women had to work and focused on wearing more comfortable, easier to make and cheaper clothing. This year the trend is making the grand return to the fashion scene. It’s an excellent summer season style. Loose cut and breathable fabric not only gives a breezy feeling, but is also flattering in the sunlight and summer wind! The key elements to look for when choosing this easy and relaxed style are the cut and the fabric that should follow the curves of your body, the mood of the outfit and latest trends from the catwalks.
Here is a simple guide of how to wear versatile and fabulous wide leg trousers with my best styling tips included:

There is no more simple way to look chic and casual at the same time like when wearing simple black and white colors together! Try wide leg trousers that bring out your feminine side and simple top to add the elegant summer touch to your outfit! And finish with shoes and a bag that add the final mood of the look!

Modern Minimalist

With graphic prints, neon colors, simple black, metallic and leather, you can add a bit of a modern touch to this already trendy style! I personally love this look worn by Margaret Zhang! Metallic tiptoe high heels, wide leg pleated trousers, turtle neck crop top, graphic cardigan and neon colored small bag – this is a fabulous outfit!

Inspired By Men’s Fashion

Wide leg trousers originated from the time between World War I and II when men were away at war and women had to take over all the responsibilities at home. This is also the time when Coco Chanel was young and growing as a designer, already influencing with her love for strong and independent woman! Pick out boyfriend tops and chunky watches to create a menswear inspired outfit.
So how will you rock this flowing trend? Tell me your style ideas below and if you’d wear any of these style inspirations? xo
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One of the most beautiful movies to come from the 1960’s, Audrey Hepburn stars as a dreaming girl who lives life in a frivolous, yet down to earth manner in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Here are the top reasons that her character, Holly Golightly, is easily on the top of my list for most amazing fictional characters ever!
She Eats What She Want

All too often we see women feeling pressured into eating the “diet foods”…not Holly! She eats what she wants when she wants it! Eating donuts and coffee first thing in the morning? OK!
She Dresses in Style

For a woman to be expected to keep up her appearance isn’t as required today as it was back in the 60’s. A woman who chooses to value herself and show that outwardly by taking the time to style herself is a confident forward thinking woman in my mind.
She Decorates in New Ways

There has never been a film with a bathtub couch before Audrey Hepburn debuted this gorgeous piece of furniture in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Why not take a chance – go with what YOU like!

She Never Stops Dreaming

Even while she may not be able to afford the luxury of Tiffany’s, she never gives up on her dream! And when she comes close to fulfilling her dreams, she appreciates every little step along the way.
She Never Underestimates the Power of Red Lipstick

Even when everything around you feels like it’s crumbling down, flip open your mirror, uncap your lipstick, and pucker up because everything is going to be all right. It’s psychologically proven that the color red ignites emotions of confidence and a “make it happen” attitude.
She Rocks the Timeless Monochromatic Trend
While our style calendar may be experiencing a rebirth of this trend, Audrey Hepburn knew how to rock this look long before it graced any catwalk. Take it from the pro – pair your girly separates in black and white for a flawless look.
What do you think – does she win in your mind? Let me know your thoughts on this super classy lady in the comments below! xo
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Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

Mini Pouches

In diesen vier Ecken .. sollen Lippenstift und Co. drin stecken!

Kleine Umhängetaschen treten gegen geräumig Shoppingbags an !


Bei Echtleder: Um Glattleder in Schuss zu halten, kann man hin und wieder eine dünne Schicht reichhaltiger Gesichtspflege auftragen.

Bei Kunstleder: Damit die Farben leuchtend bleiben, einfach ab und zu mit Spüli abseifen. So verschwinden auch Flecken und leichte Verfärbungen.

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( Chanel, Zara)


Model, style-setter an dmom, Elisa Sednaoui has dreamed up a breezy collection of mother and child outfits for the upscale e-tailor Yoox.

The line was inspired by Sednaoui´s Egyptian roots and 100 percent of the proceed will benefit her namesake foundation´s programs for children in Egypt.

Little-a-like ... we like it too!!

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Sporty footwear

The sneaker revolution continues!

And while we´ve never considered ourselves particularly athletic, our inclination for accessories has us stepping up to the plate in decidedly sporty shoes.

Our fav for summer - The lace up and slip on styles from Sperry top sider´s new collection with high end boutique Jeffrey!!

Get in the game!!

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