Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

Sneaker Trend continues 2015

When we think of sneakers, we immediately think of casual cahoots and athletic activities. But do you know that you can transform these shoes into high-fashion pieces as well? Just follow these styling tips for to create some casual cool looks with your favorite sneakers:


Sneakers are casual shoes you can take for long walks and nonstop shopping. But if you want to make them look more sophisticated, do remember to wear them with tailored pieces. A formal blazer and a button-down shirt are just some of the items you need for a classy look.


Another way to inject some elegance to your sneaker-oriented outfit is to wear clothes made from luxurious elements. Pieces made from lace, faux fur and silk are good items to wear with your sneaks. Sequined and bejeweled clothes will look stunning with your sporty shoes as well.

Show some Legs 

If you dislike super short skirts, there is still a way to show your luscious legs. You can do that with a high-slit skirt, a high-fashion item that shows some skin – without baring it all. This gam-revealing skirt is a sexy bottom to wear with your favorite sneakers, as the shoes can add a dash of boyishness to your super girly outfit.
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Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

Marsala - Pantone Color for 2015

Who else is loving Pantone’s color of the year for 2015? Recently revealed, Marsala is a naturally robust and earthy wine red. According to Pantone’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.” Who can’t get on board with a color that enriches your soul? If you can’t get enough of this rich, deep color, here’s a look at how to make Marsala a wardrobe staple in 2015.
Go big like Blake Lively in head-to-toe Marsala for a formal affair.

Go for a pop of Marsala, paired with a bright white for a gorgeous winter look.

How are you wearing Marsala in 2015? xo

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French Chic

French women are known for many things, but they are widely popular for their distinct sense of style. Simple yet elegant, this trend is fondly called ‘Parisian Chic.’ If you want to take this to the streets – or just wow everybody in the office – then here are some tips that can help you achieve Parisian chic right at your own hometown.


A striped top is very basic for most, but it is the fundamental piece for those who want to channel a Parisian chic style. Simple yet stylish, a striped top can keep you modishly warm this cold season.


One of the hallmark pieces of a Parisian chic look is a trench coat. While it stem from the fact that France is generally cold, a trench coat is as fashionable as it is functional.


When you look at Parisian streetwalkers, you will notice one thing: they wear basics, but they make it look so damn good. You can be just like them by wearing your basic items (such as a little black dress) with much flair and confidence.


Whatever the weather might be (although it is most advisable if it is sunny,) sport a pair of Audrey Hepburn-ish sunglasses. Unmistakably glamorous, this fashionable piece is a great accessory. Most importantly, it is a good way to hide the results of unprecedented all-nighters and nasty hangovers.


While artists are often seen in berets, Parisian chic style gives you the freedom to don this headwear as well. A trendy piece to keep your head warm during the winter, a beret can also make you look elegant – even in the summer.

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Samstag, 17. Januar 2015

Boots For Every Body Type

You might like those boots on sale but before you buy them, know this: boots can be specific on body types as well. Avoid the mistake of investing on the wrong footwear by reading this guide.


You might be able to wear any kind of garment available, but when it comes to boots, it is the complete opposite . Round-toe boots with sturdy cone heels – with platforms or none – are best for your body type.


Have an athletic or rectangular-shaped body? Even with your lack of curves, you can create the illusion of shape with stiletto-heel boots. Embellished designs are great for your shape, as long as you steer away from models with chunky buckles. Got long legs? Flatter your stature by going with flat boots.


Fine-tune your rounded shape by wearing wedge boots. They work with slim legs or thick calves. Chunky-heeled boots also work well with apple-shaped girls. Embellished and buckled boots are favorable for curvaceous ladies as well.


Because of your shapely hips and butt, the best boots for you are knee-length ones. The length is ideal for your body type since it makes your legs look longer and leaner. To create a slimmer look, wear a dress that is similar to the color of your knee-length boots.


Worried about your shape? With the right boots, you can look slimmer instantly. Ankle-length boots that go below the knees are the best choices for plus size ladies

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Fashion Rules To Break in 2015

There are many fashion commandments in the world. Some are great to live by, while some are complete bollocks. Here are some foolish fashion rules that you should resolve to break right now.
Two Prints Don’t Go Together

Print on print is one of the hottest trends of today because it adds a bit of spunk into any wardrobe. Get the perfect look by choosing complementing prints – meaning a mix of a vibrant style and a subdued pattern. Master this rule and you will be able to wear two prints seamlessly.
Stripes Can Make You Look Bigger

That’s what most people think, but it’s not true. To be safe though, choose thin stripes. Wear a lined top with a jacket or a blazer to create contrast. 

Sheen is Only for the Nighttime

Sequins, glitter, jewels and studs – they are no longer reserved for formal or nocturnal events. Yes, you can wear them during daytime as well. Just remember not to outshine the sun! Tone down the sheen with dressed-down pieces, such as a plain white shirt or skinny jeans.

Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

White is immaculate – it makes you look clean, polished and sophisticated. Now why would you stop wearing your white pieces after Labor Day? Ditch this old wives’ fashion tale and wear your pristine pieces whenever you want to.

Petite Girls Should Not Wear Long Dresses

If you believe that long dresses can make you look shorter, that’s where you are wrong. Such a flowing dress can create an illusion of height, as long as you choose one with a nice-fitting design. Avoid super loose designs or you will end up eaten by the fabric.

Socks with Sandals are Tacky

Beg to differ and say yes! Socks with sandals are not as tacky as you think they are. This pairing, in fact, is a great solution for the wintertime. With socks, you can wear your favorite sandals without freezing your toes off.
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Pastel Coats to Get You Through The Freeze

Wintertime can get a little bit dreary, so why not spruce up your outfit with a pastel coat? Although the colors are associated with summer and spring, they can be utilized for winter as well. Get a cheery outfit simply by following these tips on how to wear pastel coats.
Go Monochromatic

if you have pieces that complement the color of your pastel coat, then go crazy with it! Do remember to add a pop of color though with the use of your shoes or your purse.

Work it Out

Even with its delicate hue, a pastel coat can be worn to work as well. What’s important is you wear it with office essentials. A silk blouse, skinny trousers and pointy-toe pumps – such as the attire below – will surely make you the office doll.
Go Dark

A pastel coat is at the light side of the color spectrum – so it is best worn with dark-colored pieces. Items in black, brown and navy blue are safe bets, although you can go with dark green and violet as well.

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Shorts in Winter

Denim cutoffs are great for summer but during the wintertime, they get stashed to the back of the closet, never to be seen again until the next summer comes. Wearing shorts in general can be a real challenge during winter. You’re practically exposing your legs to the super cold air (which can be drying on the skin, by the way), leaving them to freeze. If you’re looking to get the most wear out of your denim cutoffs, though, or if winters don’t get as cold where you’re from, there are a few styling tricks that you can do to make these summer staples wearable during the colder season. Here are some tips on how to wear denim cutoffs in winter.
LAYER WITH TIGHTS – the easiest way to make any leg-baring piece in winter, be it a short dress or denim cutoffs, is to create layers and wear it with tights underneath. A really thick, almost leggings-like, pair of tights underneath denim cutoffs will definitely give you more warmth and make your outfit more comfy and cozy compared to if you were to wear your denim cutoffs on their own.
WEAR KNEE KNEE or THIGH-HIGH SOCKS – if you’re not feeling the whole ‘tights under shorts’ kind of thing, you can skip that and keep your legs warm with a pair of socks instead. Of course, you’ll want to wear knee high or thigh high socks so that most of your legs are covered. This will give you a little bit of a hipster-ish touch to your look, too, which is great for mixing up your usual outfits.
 GO FOR KNEE HIGH / OTK BOOTS – over the knee (OTK) boots are on trend right now and they’re super chic, too. If you have a pair of these lying around, wear them with your denim cutoffs. They’re going to have most of your legs covered, making them feel warmer and more comfy when you have to step out and brave a cold winter day (or night).

MAKE IT UP WITH OUTERWEAR – if you really want to wear your denim cutoffs during the winter and you still want to end up with a comfy and warm outfit, you can make up for the lost warm on your lower half by wearing a really cozy outerwear like a jacket or a coat, preferably the same length, if not longer, as your whole outfit from top to shorts.

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Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

How To Wear Loungewear

Loungewear has come a long way, from being something that you just typically wear at home to something that you opt for when you want an outfit that’s both chic and comfy that you can wear outside the house for various things like a quick coffee run with friends to running errands and even a trip to the mall on a lazy day. Lots of brands now make loungewear so stylish that you won’t have any problem sporting it outdoors. It has become a trend that’s well-loved by the practical fashionista who wants the best of both worlds. Check out these loungewear must have for hanging out in style.

SLIM KNIT TOPS – knitwear is a cold weather essential that no one should be without once the temps start to drop. If you’re looking for something easy and comfy, go for slim knit tops. These will look great when paired with jeans of leggings and boots.


 PRETTY PJs – whether you’re going out or staying in, a comfy pair of PJs is sure to keep you comfy. Not too surprisingly, wearing pajamas outdoors has become a huge trend in fashion lately. One thing to remember when wearing pajamas outdoors is to accessorize well and to keep everything else in your outfit posh and polished to make it look intentional.

SWEATER DRESS – a sweater dress is a shirt dress’s counterpart in the winter. It’s the perfect piece to wear when you want a foolproof look that’s cute and stylish but also easy and laidback. Wear it on its own with thigh high or knee high boots or with leggings underneath and you’re done for the day.

SIMPLE SWEATS – jogger pants too athletic for you? Take the comfort of your look to the next level and opt for sweatpants instead. These are often looser than jogger pants so they’re less restricting but they come in fun colors and fab prints as well, just like jogger pants.
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Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

Trendguide: Knee High Socks

Knee-high socks are usually equated to the schoolgirl look. But now, they are considered integral parts of high-fashion attires. Look mod in these knee-high leg warmers by following these smart styling tips.

Team ‘Em with Tights

This winter season, it is essential to be fashionable – while keeping warm. A great and stylish way to do this is to wear your tights underneath your knee-high socks. The tights can cover the bare areas that can freeze in these nippy temperatures. Add to that, this layering can make you look like very sophisticated.As for the color, dark or neutral-colored tights are recommended for dressier occasions. Patterned or bright-colored tights, on the other hand, are perfect for casual occasions and getaways. -

Style ‘Em with Shorts

Your itty-bitty shorts can be worn during the wintertime as well, as long as they are layered and styled comprehensively. Get to wear these leg-baring knickers – without freezing your legs off – by pairing them with your knee-high socks. As it has been said, you can wear them over tights for the ultimate leg warmth.

Sexify ‘Em with Skirts
Look sexy and sultry this holiday season with a skirt and knee-high sock combo. Although this is very reminiscent of the schoolgirl look, you can make it more ‘grown-up’ with the right top. In this look, a simple gray sweater and pencil-cut mini skirt have created a sophisticated yet minimalist style.


Bring Em with boots
Most boots are worn with tights – especially during this winter season. Be a cut above the rest by wearing your favorite boots with a good pair of knee-high socks.  After all, they can be a welcome breather from the usual tights.
For a classy look, wear socks that are the same color as your boots. For a livelier, youthful look, experiment with printed or brightly-colored socks. Whether you choose long boots or ankle booties, they are sure to look impeccable with knee-high socks.

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Looks From Last Night’s People’s Choice Awards 2015

Did you catch the People’s Choice Awards last night? There were some big wins for the ladies as well as a major night for “The Big Bang Theory” (catch the full list of winners here). But the red carpet leading up to the event was also something worth watching. Some of spring’s upcoming trends were in full view along with some more classic pieces. If you missed out on last night’s fashion, read ahead for my roundup on trends from the 2015 People’s Choice Awards


1. Pant suits: These ladies took a cue from the guys wearing polished pant looks in sleek cuts. Some wore more feminine silhouettes, while others wore menswear inspired ensembles. But all looked absolutely fabulous.

2. Dark Romance: These ladies did not miss an opportunity to dazzle in dark romantic lace and ruffles. Black is a classic on the red carpet for any awards show, but each of these was a standout piece.

3. Ladylike: Showing signs of what’s coming up for Spring 2015 were these delicate florals, pastels, and full skirts, all making for very ladylike pieces. Mint in particular will be showing strong in the upcoming season.
Which was your favorite Style ?
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Unsere liebste Fashionista Alexa Chung hat nun eine weitere prestigeträchtige Kooperation an Land gezogen und wird eine eigene Capsule Collection für das kalifornische Label AG Jeans auf den Markt bringen. Da klatscht mein modebegeistertes Herzchen freudig erregt in die Hände und fiebert, trotz gerade erst begonnenem Sommer und größter Winteraversion, doch glatt schon ein bisschen dem kommenden Januar entgegen.

Dann soll die Kollektion nämlich lanciert werden.

Insgesamt 20 Teile wird die Linie umfassen, darunter Jeanshosen, Denimkleider und T-Shirts. Zwar gibt es noch kein Bildmaterial zur Kollektion, doch wie wir Madame und ihren Look kennen, dürfen wir uns ganz sicher auf Alexa-typische Haben-Wollen-Teile freuen. Was die Gute selbst über ihre Denim-Linie zu sagen hat, klingt auf jeden Fall schon einmal vielversprechend. „Die Kollektion besteht natürlich aus Jeansteilen, die ich mir immer schon in meiner Garderobe gewünscht habe und bisher leider noch fehlten und sind – wie so oft – vor allem von den 60er-Jahren inspiriert“, erklärt Fashionsta Chung !


Alos  so viel wie: 60ties Vibe trifft Rocker-Attitüde ....xo

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Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2015

Styling Tricks

Das müssen Sie wissen!

Eine der goldenen Regeln lautet:

Einen Körperteil in den Vordergrund stellen und den Rest dezent verpacken!

Bein-Solo: Angelina Jolie trägt zum hochgeschlitzten Rock ein hoch geschlossenes Shirt! Super-Edel!
Was sind Eure Geheimwaffen?
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(credit: Angelina Jolie)

Hotlist 2015 - The ´70s show

We may be headed into 2015, but designers ar egtting nostalgic for all things ´70s, from the Stevie Nicks - esque lace-up shirts at Givenchy to summer suede at Chloe and Gucci.

And we´dbe remiss not to  mention the flares at Derek Lam and Coach. Rigt on. xo
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Wintertrend: YOGA auf der Skipiste

Wenn Sie im Winter leiber Geist als Muskeln aufbauen wollen, dann sollten Sie diese Schweizerin , Sabrina Nussbaum, kennenlernen!

Seit 2012 bietet die Schweizerin in St. Moritz die Ypga-Skipiste an und hat damit inzwischen schon sehr grosse Erfolge.

Man kann es selbstständig oder in einer Gruppe buchen. Wie das geht?

Man fährt auf einer markierten Piste, mit dern Skiern ab und zwischendruch hält man an und turnt acht Übungen! Belohnt wird das ganze mit einer Traum-Aussicht.
Für wen geeignet?
Für alle die gern auf Skiern stehen!! xo
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(credit: Sabrina Nussbaum)