Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

Fallfashion: Blanket Dressing

Since  Burberry announces a poncho monogramming service, it’s time to layer up and (warmly) embrace the biggest outerwear trend…

The cashmere sweater poncho is your best friend when hanging out in a relaxed environment. Besides the fact that it is oversized, soft, and luxurious to touch, your appearance is further want worthy because of the poncho’s natural elegance.

 high High: look for a poncho that hits your thigh. A poncho with length adds sophistication to your look. Bluntly said, a short poncho can make you look short and fat (Sorry! It’s true!!).

Open Neck: a poncho with a deep V-neck or large round neckline makes for a relaxed look. A turtleneck poncho can look restrictive, especially so when it is warmer out and you don’t need the extra warmth.

Winter Tip: if it is chilly out and you need to wear a coat, you cannot put on a puffer, pea coat, or anything fitted because of the poncho’s dropped arms and excess fabric that will make the fit too snug. The solution is a cape! A cape is the stylish way to “winterize” and yet still wear bulky clothes underneath because of the extra shoulder room that they have.

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