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Soft and Feminine Looks For Spring 2017

Dress yourself for the season by adding color and life back into your wardrobe. Start pulling out breezier materials that can keep you cool as the weather warms up.

 Dress in layers. Spring is characterized by quickly changing temperatures, so be ready for whatever nature throws your way. Always bring a sweater, cardigan, light jacket, or pair of leggings handy — it is always easy to take off layers if you get hot.

 Aim for bright colors and patterns to give your outfit some style. Light colors give a cheerful, happy, and fresh look to spring fashion. Dark colors might feel like winter, but styled right you totally rock them during the warmer season . Pastels are always a go to in spring fashion Sea foam green, lilacs, and pale yellows add pop to any outfit. Imagine wearing the color at a picnic, or out on a walk in the garden, and ask yourself if the colors fit the scenery.

 Stock up on neutral colors. Spring is all about color, but you need a good stock of neutrals to match things with. Neutral tops also carry over well into other seasons, making them a worthwhile investment. Neutral colors include tan, gray, navy, white, and brown. Use white for a classy spring look. It can be dressed up with sweaters and accessories, or you can play it down as a casual piece by keeping it unadorned.

 Know that floral patterns are always in style during the spring. When the flowers come out, people love to see more flowers. Big floral dresses, shirts, and even pants are in style come March no matter where you live.

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