Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Fashion Olympic Games

With the Olympic Games done and dusted, we imagine the stylish exploits that triumphant Team GB could explore now all the hard work is over.

Gucci's horsey heritage made professional show jumper and Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi an obvious choice for brand ambassador. Beautiful, she hasn't won any gold medals - unlike Charlotte Dujardin, who we're sure would be ready and willing to take up the reins. 

Will Liam Gallagher ever  get tired of modelling for his own label Pretty Green??

In an interview on the BBC with Gary Lineker, Stella suggested that she was impressed by Victoria Pendleton's rock-hard abs when she fitted the cyclist for her kit. 

Tom Daley taking part in a Calvin Klein ad would give him the chance to prove to the world that the designer was in fact talking about his tiny trunks and not his, er, "little thing".

What's in a name? We're hoping it might be enough to convince our two favourite Zara's - eventing champion Zara Phillips, and Spanish high street Zara to join forces.

Hot bod? Check. Louis Smith is an obvious choice to step into David Beckham's pants in the next Emporio Armani underwear campaign.

We can imagine gold medal quartet Pete Reed, Andy Triggs Hodge, Tom James and Alex Gregory inviting all their friends aboard Mr Hilfiger's yacht for one big photogenic party. 

Laura Robson and Andy Murray were spotted at a Burberry show last year.....

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