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Fashion Themed Halloween Costumes

If you’re a fashion lover, dressing like your favorite fashion person for Halloween just makes sense. If you liked my first post on fashion themed Halloween costumes, then you’re definitely going to like this post. Read on to see how you can dress like the industries top folks.

Lady Gaga- Lady Gaga has had plenty of high fashion moments. She has looked amazing in all of her performance and music video looks over the years. One of my favorite Lady Gaga fashion moments was when she dressed like the female version of Skeleton Boy for her Born This Way music video. This look is all about the makeup. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to perfect this makeup look. You’ll mostly need matte black  and white  shadow to make this look your own.

Kate Moss- If you want to go for a Kate Moss costume, I suggest aiming for her heroine chic days. Pick up a slip dress and some heels. Make your hair look sleek yet messy, and then be sure to add some matte brown powder below your lash line. Also make sure that you contour your cheeks to take heroine chic over the edge

Cara Delevinge- Cara is known for her straight blonde hair, brows and kooky personality. For her look, don a white tank top, some super skinny jeans along with a pair of converse. Add a beanie or a backwards cap and some eyebrow filler for an uncanny costume..

Iris Apfel- An Iris Apfel costume is all about the big round glasses. Wear a cropped white wig, plenty of costume jewelry and a loose colorful outfit. You’re all set for the perfect fashion costume.

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