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Closet Inventory

Do you find yourself turning to your closet and realizing that you have nothing to wear? None of your separates match, and your dresses seem outdated. If you have this problem, it’s time that you build a better closet with clothes that you can wear for a long time rather than looks that seem like they can only be donned until they’re out of style. Build a closet you can be proud of with looks you’ll love for a long time. Check out my tips for building a better closet.

Do An Inventory- Have a dress that you haven’t worn for a long time? As much as you want to keep it, it might be time to let it go. Send it to a direct-give charity or an organization like Goodwill. You can even sell those pieces you don’t wear anymore on apps like Poshmark or at stores like Beacon’s Closet. Make a profit from those pieces you once loved.

End Fast Fashion- Stop shopping at fast fashion stores. Your Forever21 cotton jersey dress may look good on the rack, but do you really think it’ll last the test of time? Fast fashion is a dangerous road to go down so stay away from those stores and be more willing to pay higher prices for pieces that will actually last.

Staple Pieces- Aim for some staple pieces that you can wear with more than one look. Get some nice button downs and some pencil skirts along with a good pair of jeans. These are pieces that you can build on while sticking to your personal style.

Create A Capsule- Create a uniform so you have go-to pieces. This way, you’ll never look at your closet and decide that you have nothing to wear. There are plenty of ways you can do this. I like to play with a color palette. Then, I buy a certain number of looks to build upon that color palette. Eventually, I have enough items in my closet to make a uniform for any occasion.

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