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Christmas Traditions Around the World

Sweden- The Swedes celebrate the Feast of Santa Lucia at the beginning of the Christmas season. Santa Lucia was a martyred Catholic saint who wore a wreath of candles on her head to light her way as she brought food for the Christians hiding underground. On this day, the eldest daughter of the family dresses in a white gown with a wreath similar to Lucia’s famous one and takes breakfast to her parents in bed.

Ireland- On New Year’s Eve, at the last stroke of midnight, the Irish open their doors to welcome in the New Year. Their hope is that a dark haired man will be the first to open the door, as a dark haired man is considered a good omen.

Spain- Spain, along with people from some other Latin countries, eat twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight to symbolize the twelve months of the year. Eating all the grapes is a symbol of fortune and good luck for the New Year.

Puerto Rico- During the Christmas season Puerto Rico celebrates Asalto. In this tradition, friends show up at your doorstep unannounced singing and playing instruments. They’re invited in to drink dance and— well, be merry. Sounds like my kind of tradition.

Poland- The Polish enjoy Wigilia on Christmas Eve. Wigilia is essentially a dinner celebrated on Christmas Eve where guests enjoy different types of fish and starts when the first star of the night appears. Everyone gets a piece of oplatek, a paper-thin wafer. The oplatek is broken into pieces and offered as wishes to each guest. There is always an empty seat left at the dinner table for Jesus on his birthday celebration.

Check them out and be sure to leave a message in the comments section. What are your favorite holiday traditions? 

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