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Beauty: Fall Couture Runway 2016

Paris Fall Couture 2016 gave fashion designers an opportunity to show off their latest designs, conceptions and creative know-how and nothing was left to the imagination. Details were on full display this fall couture runway—especially when it came to beauty looks. Below I’ve got some top beauty looks from the couture shows held in Paris. A lot of the shows were all about the eyes. Some went for more uniform looks while others were up to interpretation. Check out some of the top looks below and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section.

The models at the Alterier Versace show were given two very different looks. While some models were sent down the runway in wine-red lipstick and barely-there eyes, others donned a blue silvery cat-shaped eye shadow looks with nude lips.

Ralph and Russo went for a more dramatic effect sending models down the runway wearing sharp 80s inspired makeup practically reaching their eyebrows, along with braids that gave their models a futuristic look. Check it out down below.

Makeup artist, Peter Phillips of Dior gave models unique eyeliner looks, creating a different look for each model. They wore a variation on the classic cat liner interpreted in different shades and styles. Check out .

Chanel kept things uniform by giving their models the same doll-like appearance. By keeping the liner and lashes in the center of the eyes, makeup artist, Tom Pecheux managed to give Chanel’s models a wide-eyed appearance.

Alexis Mabile also sent models down the runway in doll-like looks. This time, opting for some Twiggy style lashes while keeping the rest of the face as natural looking as possible. An ode to the sixties, perhaps

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