Samstag, 10. September 2016

Rihanna Channels Marie Antoinette for CR Fashion Book

Rihanna had her dark hair styled in waves and piled into an updo, and she wore smoky eye make-up and cherry red lipstick  – her eye-popping look was finished off with dazzling diamond and ruby jewellery for a photoshoot shot by Terry Richardson for the cover of CR Fashion Book. The entire issue is themed around the infamous monarch, with Rihanna on the cover in a corset and the boning of a hoop skirt.

The magazine’s editor Carine Roitfeld discussed the decision to transform the bombshell into a modern-day version of the extravagant wife of Louis XVI of France, who was 37 when she was executed in 1793.

‘In this issue, I wanted to capture that sense of attraction and repulsion: the fantasy of glamour but also the poison and prison of femininity and society,’ Carine said. The magazine is crafted around key elements of her [Marie Antoinette’s] life—her exuberant sense of fashion, her elaborate hairdos, her intense sexuality—almost like a modern biography through fashion imagery. And on the cover is Rihanna, who shares with Marie Antoinette an air of royalty that I, and the world it seems, find intoxicating.’

 Meanwhile Rihanna somehow always manages to stay in the headlines and last week at the VMAs she and Drake pretty much declared their love for each other, or at least he did, making millions of fans around the world go completely crazy! “She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old,” said Drake while presenting her with the Michael Jackson award at the ceremony.

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