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Sophisticated And Classy

Being classy is all about style, elegance, sophistication, polished etiquette, grace and finesse.
Make your inner sophistication and stylishness stand out by dressing better, following proper etiquette, using sophisticated language and giving right body signals to others.

 Wondering how some women always look so pulled together?  We all have a friend like this. Heads turn as she walks down the street and she leaves a scent of perfume in her wake. Her nails are perfectly manicured, she wears sunglasses on her head and her diamond studs are small enough to be real but large enough to be noticed.

 Develop A Sense Of Style
Being fashionable is a necessity. Try reading more fashion magazines to understand the kinds of clothing that go well together and how to put together a classy outfit. Make sure that you develop your own fashion style and make your own posh statement. Avoid anything which you feel doesn’t compliment you. It is advisable to have a personal style than chasing a ‘fad’ look.

 You don’t need to have a lot of money, or any for that matter to be a classy woman. Simply take pride in what you do own always and put on your best face when you go out into the world. Always wear clean clothes, freshly pressed with no threads, rips, stains or fading. Wear neatly put together outfit that you know looks good and throw on a few natural-looking basics such as a bit of mascara, a neutral shade of lipstick (or gloss), and just a hint of blush.

If her wardrobe is made only of black, it’s not because she’s in mourning, quite the opposite actually – black is the colour of celebration, the colour of nights that never end, of women who pull the blinds to shut out the dawn. A long, dark silhouette, slender and elegant. Even a white can appear like a stain on this darkened tableau. Paris has found a name for this particular style – Yves Saint Laurent used to say : “There’s not one black, but many blacks”. He managed to convinced people that this achromatic style is a subtle art.

 The mingling of sophisticated navy blue with silver or grey is always radiantly beautiful – it instantly reminds me of the sky on a warm summer’s night, as millions of stars pulsate and smile with a twinkle down on the earth. The two make for a magnificent evening wear pairing, especially if you’re in the mood for a LND for a fun change of pace.

 he miniskirt is not supposed to be about wanting to seduce. Instead it’s a symbol of freedom. The miniskirt was born in Paris long before London’s swinging sixties. The first was commissioned from fashion designer Jean Patou in the early 1920s, when french tennis champion Suzanne Lenglen asked him to designed a skirt for her to wear for the Olympics. It set a news standard, of strong women competing in a man’s world, without relinquishing their femininity.

 HE AUTHENTIC FAKE: don’t shy away from costume jewelry. Wear your bargains with pride. The Parisienne wears the Authentic Fake on a night out because she doesn’t care if it’s stolen on the Métro. But she wouldn’t dream of wearing anything “fake authentic.” Knockoff luxury pieces are heresy.

 There is nothing worse than seeing someone with dirty fingernails. It says a lot about their overall health and personal hygiene and how much they care about themselves. Yellowing, chipped and ragged nails at any length are not good. People see your face and hands no matter how much of the rest of you is covered up. Keep your nails at a short to medium neatly-kept length.

Keep styling
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