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Do you think all sunglasses are made for all faces? Definitely not!  Finding the best sunglasses for your face shape can mean the difference between loving your look or feeling totally out of place. One of our best accessories, sunglasses require the perfect fit just like your favorite jeans. Sunglasses can be casual, glam or utilitarian, but most importantly need to look great! 

Oblong: narrow cheeks, chin & a long face 
Best style: wrap styles or oversized glasses. steer clear of frames that are too slender for your face.

  • Square: square jawline & wide forehead Best sunnies: cat eye, round or even oval. skip the geometric styles
  • Round: slim jaw, forehead & full cheekbones Best shape: try wide frames with a rectangular shape. avoid the oversized round frames
  • Oval: jaw, cheeks and forehead are all balanced Best for you: lucky!! Almost any style of sunnies will look great on you ;)
  • Heart shape: narrow chin & wide cheekbones/forehead Best sunnies for you: round or cat’s-eye. avoid lots of embellishments
 Which style works best for you? xox

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