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Styling : Summer to Fall Wardrobe

While there is certainly a definite update to a wardrobe that happens when fall comes around, there’s no need to completely get rid of your warmer weather items. There are some key pieces from summer that can be re-worked to be incorporated into the cooler months. The key is to think about layering, as well as adding tights, jackets, and scarves to existing pieces. If you’re ready to change it up for the transitional months, here’s a list of garments you can keep in the rotation for weeks to come.

White T-Shirt – This is probably the most versatile piece you’ll ever own, and chances are you’ll keep it around throughout all the seasons. Add a scarf, jacket and dark denim for a fall-ready look. And here are some other tips on how to layer and glam it up.
 Bright Colors – Don’t shy away from bright (even neon!) colors for fall. If you pair them with leather (a jacket, pants, or even a circle skirt), it will fit right into the season. Shorts – If you have shorts in a thick fabric, or leather, they will work well with a structured jacket and tights.
Finish off the look with boots and jewel toned accessories.
Summer Dresses – Florals are in for fall in a big way, so if you have dresses with prints, re-purpose them with a jacket, scarf, and tights with boots for a fashion-forward look.
 Open-toed Shoes – More and more, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear open-toed footwear for fall, considering how much warmer the summer-to-fall months are becoming. Keep peep-toe booties and sandals (particularly ones with thicker heels) in your closet for warmer days. Pair them with warmer colors in the rest of your ensemble for a season-appropriate look.
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