Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

LOVE my Converse: Most Fashionable Sneakers

To be honest, if I were given money to spend on a few couple pairs of shoes a few years ago, Converse wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of my list. I just wasn’t the type of girl to wear sneakers or trainers or tennis shoes or whatever you would call them. I always preferred heels, wedges, flats and boots to sneakers because I think it suited my style more and those were the shoes that I was comfortable with wearing. Recently, though, I’ve slipped into a pair of Converse shoes and realized how comfy they were so I tried to wear them as much as I can these past few weeks and I can’t believe how versatile they are as well! They work so well with so many items in my closet and I’m pretty sure they would work great with yours, too! Here are some stylish  styling inspiration  to wear with Converse shoes.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Comment below – I want to hear about your personal style! xo
Keep styling
(credit: L.R.)

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