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Beauty Tips

When you don’t have enough time to do your makeup in the morning, you end up having to beatify yourself on your commute or when you get to your desk. It’s time to simplify your morning routine because your boss doesn’t need to see you applying mascara when you should be working on that report, trust me. Here are some of my favorite time saving beauty and makeup tips ..

Apply Everything With Your Fingers- Skip searching for the right brush to apply your foundation and use your fingers instead. Brushes are useful but when you have to spend an extra couple of seconds searching for the right one, it’s time to nix them out of your morning routine. Apply a cream eye shadow with your fingers, and dab your concealer under your eyes. Add mascara and you’re out the door.

Add Foundation To Your Favorite Moisturizer- Not only does adding a few drops of foundation into your favorite moisturizer create a dewy tinted moisturizer effect, it also save time on application. Try it!
Apply Your Deodorant Before Bed- Did you know that we’re meant to apply deodorant before going to sleep at night? It gives your skin time to let it activate. So apply your deodorant the right way so when you wake up you can skip yet another step to your morning routine.

Use “Two-In-One” Products- Try to use a lip and cheek tint, or a thin brown liner that doubles as an eyebrow brush. You can even use your lip balm through your hair to help tame flyaway hair. These products are handy for when you just need something as your running out the door.

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