Sonntag, 13. September 2015

The other Veil For The Unique Bride

If you’re an alternative bride, a regular veil just won’t cut it. You want your wedding to be just as unique as you are, which means that you’ll be looking for veil alternatives to match the personality your wedding. Below are some options to give you inspiration. Check them out! Which one is your favorite?
The Veil Head Wrap- Instead of wearing your veil the traditional way, go for wearing it like a head wrap. Add some bling or some flowers to it. Get creative.

A Bohemian Headpiece- Go for something really unique like the bride below. This headpiece brings bohemian cool and 1920s vintage together to create something totally different. I absolutely love it.

A Geometric Headband- Wear something bold if you’re a modern bride like this geometric headband. It’s creates a fascinating effect.

A Hooded Cape- Go for something really unique like a hooded cape to match your fun alternative wedding.

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(credit: L.R.)

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