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Swimsuits: Find Your Perfect Look

Suns out, thighs out! Yup, it’s time to rock those swimsuits, ladies. It’s beach season and you deserve to relax and enjoy the sun while looking your best. If you’re in the market for a new suit, I’ve got some pieces that are perfect for your figure and your budget. Check them out below and read my tips to help you find the right bathing suit for you! Do you have a vacation planned this season? Let me know where you’re off to in the comments section!

Pear Shape- If you’re small up top, but have some great hips like Beyoncé and want to give your bust a little love, aim for a full piece with a deep v. This will give your body a curvier shape and an elongated frame. I’m loving this piece by Ted Baker London. It’s got that deep v, plus a bright red color to make you stand out ar the beach
Rope Strap Swimsuit

Large Bust- If you’ve got a larger bust, you’re going to want something with support to keep those girls up! Bra-style sized bikini tops are key. Add some underwire and you’re all set. Loving the bikini top from Asos below. It’s got everything you need to keep those girls in place.

Smaller Bust- If you’ve got a smaller chest, fear not because you have a chance to play with some ruffles and patterns in order to give the illusion of a larger chest. You can also go for something with some padding. Triangle tops give you the illusion of curves so feel free to go for that classic bikini. Check out the bikini top below. It’s perfect for you you! Betsey Johnson

Straight Athletic- If you’re shaped like a ruler, then it’s all about giving you the illusion of some curves. My top tip is to get a full piece that’s got some cut outs in all the right places. The Michael Kors bathing suit below has got some side cut outs to give you what you need. Slip into this suit and you’ll be ruling the waves with some curvaceous appeal. Michael Kors

Full Figured, Curvy- For women with body shapes like my gorgeous friend, Kim K West, you want to accentuate your shape without going overboard. You still want something that covers you up and gives you some support without exaggerating your curves. Retro bikinis are great for your shape because they’re all about the waist. Asymmetrical tops also do the trick for you because they draw the eye up towards your neckline. I’m currently coveting the One Shoulder Bikini Top by ASOS below. Curvy girls, would you go for this bikini? Let me know

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