Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

Beyoncé’s Stunning Lemonade Outfits

Beyoncé’s visial album Lemoade was everything I wanted and more. There’s no question that the singer delivered an incredible album full of gorgeous visuals. One thing that I couldn’t help but notice was the fashion. Every shot of this album was gorgeous, creative and hands down amazing, but the fashion is what truly blew me away. Below I’ve got some of Bey’s best looks. Check them out and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section. Which look is your favorite?

This dress by Roberto Cavalli was definitely a scene-stealer. It was eye-catching and the most notable look from the whole Lemonade experience.

Loving this strong Gucci suit on the singer. It definitely adds to the whole Lemonade experience. 

Here Beyoncé is surrounded by some gorgeous babes in a Rosie Assoulin off-the-shoulder top. It’s definitely got a unique design. 

This look has got a street wear vibe. She’s wearing a Yeezy crop top and high waist pants along with a Hood by Air fur coat. Gorgeous. 

In “Sorry,” Beyoncé rocks a cone bra and an ancient Egyptian inspired hairstyle. This look added some interesting and eye-catching shapes to the scene.

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(credit: L.R.)

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