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Dresses to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Do you cringe at the sight of those wedding invitations stacked up beside your desk? Sure, you want to support your friends and family as they celebrate their love for each other. It’s just that shopping for a dress as a wedding guest can feel like a total nightmare. You go to a crowded shop and end up spending hours looking through dresses that aren’t exactly your style. Trust me, I know the struggle. This wedding dress season leave the shopping to me. Below, I’ve got some beautiful dresses that I think you will love. Check them out below and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section.

Chi Chi Floral Print Midi Dress $93.82- If you’re looking for something classic with a trendy twist, go for a dress with a floral print. It’s the time of the year to rock florals so why not wear them at a wedding? The dress below incorporates a classy style with a floral pattern. Love it!

Lauren Ralph Lauren One-Shoulder Brooch Gown, $190.00- Wear something that’ll stand out this wedding season. The dress below is all about showing off those curves. It’s sure to flatter every figure. 

Keepsake All Talk Halter-Neck High-Low Dress, Ivory, $71.00- Go for something super trendy that’s worthy of this year’s Met Gala. The high-low halter dress below is just the ticket. In my opinion, it’s no longer a faux pas to wear white to a wedding. Wear what you want! What do you think? 

Dress the Population ‘Gwen’ Knit Midi Dress, $194.00- Attend your next wedding in black. It’s a classic color that you can play with by pairing with some classic pumps and fun jewelry. Don’t be afraid to play up this look. 

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