Montag, 28. November 2016

Christmas Party Dress Code

The start of December marks a very special time in my heart — party season!!!
There are holiday invitations rolling in and before you  figure out what to wear, I  suggest you take special note of the holiday dress code. If you’re wondering what all of those little terms mean — casual, cocktail, formal, black-tie — I am here to break it down for you, all with a holiday twist.

 The Cocktail dress code category is one of my favorites. The cocktail dress code etiquette is a way of stating the dress code that is suitable for the evening; more formal than casual clothes and less formal than evening wear i.e. black tie. It’s all about having fun here, so go on and pull out that little red dress you’ve been aching to wear, and if you’re feeling experimental, I love the idea of dressing up a chic black jumpsuit with statement jewels and accessories.

The Black-tie dress code is the highest dressing code in the book -wearing casual or informal wear would be considered an insult to the host. A long gown or super fancy cocktail dress is a MUST, but that’s not all you need. Black Tie Optional dress code doesn’t really affect us ladies, as we have the choice of a wearing a cocktail dress to most Black Tie events. However, it is still a formal occasion and you should ensure your hemline is not too short and the dress is not too risqué.

When you find the right dress, it’s crucial to complete the look with sleek heels, jewelry, and a fancy updo and flawless makeup palette.

 If your invite reads “formal,” that means that  you need  to step up your style game. For this, you must wear either a formal cocktail dress or a long gown.

If the dress code is casual that means that this is your chance to show your personal style in many ways; dark skinny jeans, leather leggings, miniskirts — all will do. Just remember to add a little shine on the top, to show off your holiday spirit.

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