Dienstag, 1. November 2016

Layer Your Sweater

Whether you layer to get a chic polished look or to just stay warm, it’s always nice to have some fresh ideas on hand.

 Choose the Right Sweater – The best layering sweater is one that is slightly thicker. You don’t want the see the underlying buttons poke through the top. It doesn’t need to be too long so that you can see the hem of the button down peek out from underneath.

 Choosing the Right Shirt – You can go with almost any button down underneath a thicker sweater, but for thinner sweaters, you’ll want to choose something light and delicate.

 Roll Your Sleeves – The key steps to getting the perfect chic layered-look is scrunching up your sweater sleeves near your elbow, bringing the cuff up over the sweater, and neatly rolling the shirt up to the cuff. This step highlights the two fabrics without adding bulkiness to your sleeves.

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