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Parisian Weddings

Let's face it–the French know what it means to be effortlessly chic. And weddings in the City of Light (and love) are no different–nuptials en françias opt out of the overdone centerpieces, the far-too-big bridal parties and there is usually no place to plug in a desire for chicken, fish or vegetarian on your reply card. Instead, the bride and groom dine with their guests (yes, there is such a thing as eating at your own wedding) and brides don't stress about an overwrought chignon staying put all night. When it comes to wedding planning, there's a lot to be learned from the French style icons like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot and Carla Bruni, just to name a few. Here are the lessons to glean from Paris' high-style bridal set.

1) Bridesmaids Aren't Required.
Yes, they're optional. In France, couples first have a civil ceremony (which they deem more important than their religious ceremonies or parties) followed by a religious celebration or a festive reception. The most important women or men in your life are witnesses at your civil union and perform all the necessary duties of bridesmaid-hood, like making sure your champagne coupe stays full at your bachelorette party, all without donning the prerequisite chiffon dress in your color of choice. Wearing what they'd like to your celebration means they show up to your special day looking and feeling amazing. You are who you surround yourself with–when your entourage looks good, you look good.

2)  Second Looks Are More Sophisticated Than Sexy.
While we in the States have caught on to the idea of a wedding night costume change, in France two bridal looks are a given. Heading to the courthouse requires a tasteful and typically fashion-forward look, like a sweet lace mini, sharp jumpsuit or a Chanel tweed suit. After French couples make it official,  a more romantic, formal gown for a religious ceremony or reception usually follows. With the civil ceremony kicking off the festivities, sophisticated cocktail dresses are worn before a more dramatic gown, leaving little room for those overly sexy party dresses we've seen on too many American dance floors. 

3) There is no such thing as a Parisian Bridezilla.
Brides in France are more relaxed when it comes to wedding planning. You'll likely never spot a Parisian bride having a tantrum at a hair trial (if they have one), and you certainly won't find a French bride-to-be with rollers in her hair arguing with her mother, maid of honor or florist. Instead, these brides go with the flow. The takeaway: Stress is not photogenic, and a calm mindset on your wedding day makes for radiant skin–and stunning bridal portraits.

4) Wedding Food = Good Food.
Is there such a thing as bad food in Paris? Probably not, so there is certainly no such thing as bad Parisian wedding food. Wedding dinners in the U.S. bring up bad memories of overcooked vegetables and inconsistent filet mignon, but French couples realize the importance of splurging on food and drink no matter how large their party's size. Take a cue and keep dish concepts simple but special for your wedding day, opting for a high-end balance of bright vegetables and decadent proteins. Trust us, your guests are much more likely to rave about a perfectly cooked steak than an attempt at molecular gastronomy. Don't neglect your wine choices or bar options either, your guests will appreciate options that pair well with each of their courses and the ability to order a digestif at dessert.

5) No-fuss beauty.
Say goodbye to Pinterest-inspired updos. The irreverent, bed-headed bobs and lobs of French It-girls paired with a romantic, bridal silhouette is the epitome of effortless style. Rather than overthinking your big day beauty, choose an update on your everyday look with glowing skin for the day-of. Only wear a bold or deep-colored pout if it's something you know how to pull off on the daily.

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