Freitag, 27. September 2013

Fall is coming - Organize your closet

Ok, I have to admit, I am a little bit obsesses with Organizing!
I especially love organizing my closet - seeing all those shoes, bags and clothes lined up and color coded gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Don´t laugh! If it´s about that time for you too - when the sweater and shoe pile ups have gotten totally out of control, think carefully about how to organize your closet:

Take some time do de-clutter. Summer is the perfect time to get on this - clean out your winter gear and donate anything you no longer wear

Use a variety of storage solutions to create the perfect solution for you

Essentially. make your own custom closet

Try color going your wardrobe and shoes - it looks pretty and really works

Push your least use clothing and shoes to the back and bring your faces to the front for easy access

Don´t have any great closets? Turn a small bedroom into your very own dressing room by installing racks for clothes and shoes xo

Keep styling

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