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Do you ever feel like your skin is just taking a beating? Sometimes our hectic lives can lead to skin getting over-washed and products being over-used. When you’re skin isn’t treated with the loving care it deserves, breakouts and dry spots can result. From a little added hydration to some tender loving care, check out these tips for getting your skin back on track, stat.

  • Looking blotchy and red? It may be time to lay off the exfoliators and opt for a creamy, gentle cleanser. Add some cucumber or aloe infused cream to help quiet the redness.
  • Chapped lips that just won’t quit? Above anything else – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Once you’ve had all the H2O you can take, go for a flavorless lip balm (so you aren’t tempted to lick those lips!) with nourishing moisturizers. Skip the matte lipsticks and stains and opt for hydrating solutions.
  • Not getting enough sleep? Well, first of all – catch those Z’s! If you’re trying to undo the damage of flaky, puffy under eyes, try creating a protective barrier for that sensitive skin with a light and fragrance-free moisturizer.
How about you? Got any tricks for finding a little love for your skin? xo
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