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With all the options out there for gorgeous manicures, how do you decide between gel vs. acrylic nails? If you’re considering false nails, the first thing your manicurist will probably ask is gel or acrylic? 

Acrylic nails have been around for a long time and are a staple in the beauty industry. Here are the facts when it comes to acrylics:
  • They can be repaired at home, but the application process requires strong chemicals.
  • When you visit your salon, acrylics can be easily removed.
  • They’re strong and last a long time, but they can have damaging effects on your nail bed.
  • Acrylics are affordable, but may not look as natural as gels.
Gel nails are a little newer to the scene, but can provide a natural look you may not get with acrylics. Here are some of the facts if you decide to go gel.
  • They have a natural, glossy look, but may not be quite as durable as acrylic options.
  • Gels are tough to do at home because they require a UV light.
  • Gel nails don’t require strong fumes like acrylics – they’re safer and eco-friendly.
  • Gel nails have to be filed off, so you may need an appointment to get them removed.
What’s your go-to for false nails – gel or acrylic? xo
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