Dienstag, 5. August 2014


If there’s one thing fashionista love it’s coffee! Well, and red lipstick, sky-high heels, coats as capes, polkadots mixed with stripes, and…. Okay, so we love a lot of different things, but we can’t live without our coffee! Whether you take it iced with lots of milk and sugar (like me!), totally black, or soy, non-fat, 2 pumps, and only one raw sugar, we all can attest to the power of coffee! It is our main source of fuel, well that and the inspiration high we live off after devouring the latest glossies from Vogue! There’s just no doubt about it: coffee and fashion belong together!

Coffee + Fashion = Match Made in Heaven, right? That’s exactly the thought behind the incredible Instagram account
 @ coffeenclothes

Keep styling
(credit: Kate Heimann)

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