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TrendGuide: Cardigan

A cardigan is a piece of knitwear that buttons or ties in the front as opposed to a pullover, which is “pulled over” the head. There is more to this item than the traditional V-neck button-through style that makes the outer layer of a typical ‘mom’ outfit. Embellished, laced, and colorful cardigans can make your outfit complete by adding just one extra layer. This piece is one of my favorites for making the transition from summer to fall. 

Over A Plain Blouse: Pop a cardi over a sleeveless or narrow-sleeved romantic blouse or streamlined shirt. Blouses and shirts with billowing sleeves bunch up underneath the fitted sleeves and look unsightly. If you have a traditional cardi style in your closet, try cinching it in at the waist with a wide belt for an updated look for the office. 

Over A Simple Camisole: Layer just about any cardigan style over a knitted top or camisole, and enjoy the versatility of this extra layer. You can easily dress up a plain camisole by choosing an embellished cardigan with lace detailing – very on trend!

These versatile layering options are the perfect way of adding a new dimension to your everyday look throughout multiple seasons. Plus, since they’re so slimming, you can easily throw an overcoat on during the winter months and still stay cozy underneath.  What’s your favorite way to wear this summer to fall transition piece? Comment below with your style tips!
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