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How to Shop Your Closet

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the amazing pieces of clothing that already reside in our closets. Unless you spend hours going through it on a daily basis, chances are, only the newly acquired pieces stick out in your mind. But the trick to putting together unique and interesting outfits often lies in searching through pieces you already own and putting them together in new ways. This affords you more opportunities to wear pieces nobody else will have because they’ve been procured months or sometimes years in advance of what stores currently have as well as increases your outfit creativity. Read ahead for ways on how to shop your existing closet and make those pieces shine.

1). Create a style book. Take pictures of your most special pieces. Go through your closet and pick out items with prints, stripes, or interesting cuts and textures. You don’t need to categorize your simple basics. But do focus on standout pieces. Then print the images and put them into a binder you can flip through when you’re stumped for outfit ideas. Do this seasonally to make sure your pictures are up to date.
2) Categorize your shoes. Take photos of your shoes and either post them on the outside of the boxes or put them into your style book for easy reference. It’s easier to create a head-to-toe look when you can see what’s available to you.
3) Go digital. If a physical style book isn’t your style, try apps like Stylebook , which will help you organize your wardrobe and suggest combinations based on the pieces you enter.
4) Move things around. Every season, go through your closet, discard what you don’t wear, and reorganize your items in a different way (place them in a different section of the closet) to force your eye into seeing things from a fresher perspective. This will help you pick out and wear pieces you may have been ignoring before.
What are some of your favorite styling ideas? How do you shop your own closet and keep things fresh? xo
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