Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

How to Rock the High-Waisted Trend

he high-waisted look is definitely high fashion–which means it’s a little daunting, too. Trust me when I say it’s not just for a specific body type. Here are some  tips to make this look work for you:

The point of this look is to highlight your waist, so don’t bunch up your shirt or pull it out a small bit to make look half tucked–make sure it’s lying flat across your figure before tucking it into your skirt or pants. Yes, this look will show off all areas, but it also works to flatten your mid section allowing you a bit of a boost to feel great about your figure – no matter what shape you are.

Bottom line is -it’s chic! Black is the ultimate color that makes all figures sexy and alluring, plus it doesn’t show off wrinkles and bulge as much. By using black as a base, it creates a strong platform to work the rest of your outfit around. 
t’s no secret that heels will always make you look taller, duh! But did you know that if you wear pointed heels, your legs actually look longer? Pairing these two styles together will make it look like you have legs for days! Go on and hashtag that one while you rock two trends in one!
How will you wear this trend? Are you the kind of girl who likes to blend the trends by wearing high-waisted pants and pointed heels? Or are you modestly trying out a flared hem skirt with a slightly higher waist? Which ever you choose, I want to hear your style suggestions! xo

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(credit: L.R.)

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