Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Hair Color Trends 2016

When you get your hair done, you feel refreshed and renewed. Even the smallest of changes make the biggest difference, so why not change your hair color? A fun and exciting change early on in the year could really make your 2016. Want to find out what’s trending before you bite the bullet and change your hair color? Read on because I’ve listed some of the biggest hair color trends of 2016.

Rose Quartz– Pantone’s color of the year has made its way into hair color. Try a light pink rose quartz shade for your hair to fit this trend. You’ll stand out and look totally unique. 

Grey Hair- The grey and silver hair trend was huge in 2015 and I predict that it’ll be an even bigger trend for 2016. I love this look. It’s so futuristic and fantastical. Check it out below. 

Platinum Blonde- For a trend that’s fun and will help you stand out, ask your hairstylist to take you to a platinum shade. You know what they say: blondes have more fun! Find out for yourself. 

Pastel Hair- 2015 was a huge year for pastel hair shades. This is another trend that I see becoming really big in 2016. What’s your favorite color? Find the pastel equivalent of it and try it out on your hair. It could make for an interesting hair look

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(credit: L.R.)

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