Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

Beauty Trends to Look Forward To in 2016

Is anyone else as shocked that another year is arriving so quickly? With time flying by, it’s tough to take a moment to simply take it all in – so we’re just going for it and moving along full speed ahead! One of my favorite parts of a New Year? ….the up and coming beauty trends, of course! Whether it’s hair, makeup or nail treatments, beauty trends are always changing and evolving – and, 2016 is no different. Not sure what to expect? Here’s a look at some beauty trends to look forward to in 2016

Next level French manicure - Go ahead and get creative with this. New nails for a new year.

Styled pony tails  will be big in 2016. From twists to braids it’s an easy, effortless look. 

Bobs and bangs ... to try !

Blue eyes only ... Yes, simple streaks of blue shadow and liner are making an appearance in a big way. 

Glitter - Yes, really. An otherwise neutral face with touches of sparkling glitter….does it get any more glam than that?

Keep styling
(credit. L.R.)

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