Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Sydney’s First Instagram Hotel

It seems times really are a-changing with the digital world. It was just a few months back that we heard about the world’s first Twitter resort and now the world’s first Instagram hotel is getting rave reviews! From great photo opps to streaming Instagram photos, the 1888 hotel has recently undergone an unbelievable renovation. Located in Sydney, Australia, hotel goers can expect top-notch service alongside stunning interiors dripping in photos. Even the name of the hotel, 1888 pays homage to the year when Kodak first patented its cameras...

Sydney’s First Instagram Hotel Gets Rave Reviews

Complete with the perfect spot for selfies, the hotel offers Instagram users with more than 10,000 followers a free night! There are photo competitions including an ongoing monthly contest boasting the photo of the month with the hashtag #1888Hotel. (winner gets a free night!) From in-room iPads to a gorgeous renovation, the hotel is a hit with travelers all-around. Although the Instagram features are not the mainstay of the resort – integrating social media seems to be creating a great experience for hotel guests.
Does social media play a role in your vacation planning? How?
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