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Just because you aren’t as tall and thin as a runway model does not mean you can’t look just as chic and fashion forward. We all come in different shapes and sizes and our individual beauty should be celebrated! From the perfect fit to flattering styles, taking into account some plus size fashion tips can help you feel gorgeous, confident and sexy. If you find shopping for curves challenging, check out these plus size fashion tips below....

  • Pay attention to the fit. Buying clothes that are your true size will fit as they should – and will look great.
  • Don’t forget about the undergarments! A good bra is worth every penny and will help shape your body.
  • Get a tailor. Find something you love, but the fit isn’t quite right? Have a tailor make the adjustments. 
  • Definitely accessorize. Adding an accessory or two will make your outfit!
  • Look for trends that are complimentary to your body type – not every trend works for every body.
  • Add some color. The days of all black makes you slimmer are over – add some visual interest with color.
Do you have any plus size fashion tips that work for you? xo

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