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I´s pretty much an age-old question and one we all want the answer to: how to pick the right jeans for your body type. Even though they’re best for hanging around on the weekends, a good pair of jeans – that fit just right – can be the sexiest thing in your closet. From hourglass to tall and thin, picking the right jeans can mean the difference between the pair you can’t take off and the pair you never wear. Check out these tips for how to pick the right jeans for your body type – and find your faces!

  1. Boy build: If you’re straight and lean try a boot cut or flare with a mid-rise – this way you can create some curves.
  2. Plus-size: Be on the lookout for a dark wash in a straight or trouser style. The dark denim and form-fitting looks are slimming.
  3. Pear-shape: Skip the skinny tapered look and go for a trouser style with wide legs. This will help create a nice balance and streamlined look.
  4. Hourglass: Keep your eyes open for a wide-leg trouser style with a flat front and a mid-rise. This style will keep you looking slim, while showing off those perfect curves.
  5. Petite: You have the perfect build for fitted, skinny jeans.
  6. Tall: If you’re super tall and slim try straight, long and lean styles – you can totally pull these off, so go for it!
Have you already found a secret to picking the right jeans? xo

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