Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Ways to Send Off 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, you have probably already started to think about New Year’s resolutions to kick off the upcoming year. It’s pretty easy to get excited about the months ahead, new opportunities and what lies in store for you, but what about finishing off 2013 strong? Before you get too caught up in looking ahead here’s the scoop on 10 ways to finish off 2013 to be ready for whatever may come your way ...

Entrepreneurs: 10 Ways to Send Off 2013

1.     Get to know your team members a little better – end the year by extending that effort.
2.     Set goals.
3.     Reign in your bad habits, now.
4.     Focus on work – and ending the year with your to-do list complete.
5.     Clear your office and desk of unnecessary clutter.
6.     Learn something new that can be improved upon in 2014.
7.     Ramp up your digital footprint (or at least start thinking about it).
8.     Step up your game.
9.     Volunteer for some new projects.
10.     Find a mentor

How about you? Got any big plans for ways to finish off 2013 strong? xo

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